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  1. CaptLouie

    S308 felt recoil

    My 308 is a full tactical conversion. I've got a 74 muzzle brake up fornt and a "special tube" in the T6 stock (from Cobra). Doesn't bother me... and my 13, 14, and 15 year old Grandkids shoot it as well.
  2. CaptLouie

    .45, .40 or 9mm

    If I'm carrying in a holster... then a Glock would be fine... I've handled and fired them at the range and they're very nice... ...but.... If I'm carrying in my pants pocket, close to the jewels... ...I want that added safety Practicing with a safety, and disengaging same, when pulling it out of your pants pocket... ... it becomes your natural movement. WHAT EVER you get... ...Practice your draw..aim..fire... Smooth counts, no fast draw %$#* or you could shoot off a toe! I'm a 45acp fan myself... Both my concealed carry and my holster weapon...
  3. Well... guess I'll add my 2 cents worth... I've read through the varied responses, most the guys have valid points and selections! Just depends on where you are when it hits, and how hard it hits... ... Nothing like but here goes... I've setup my "SHTF Prep" with some basic standardizations... 45ACP For all my handguns and my "quick response" Carbine, Just need some bigger mags for the carbine... 308 For my "kick ass" surburban and long-gun with 1.5-10x30... SAIGA of course... 12GA Shotgun for close in work, not a Saiga but nice, reliable, and damn accurate. We keep it loaded with Low Recoil 00Buck & Slugs for Momma... 22lr Semi Auto, mag feed. Now this is where I agree with several of the other members. 22lr, and a very SHARP machetes (for the big knife)... MOST IMPORTANT is lots of mags and enough ammo to cover your ass... ... and your buddy when he shows up and is "almost out"... ... and don't forget those "spare parts" for each weapon. Some of these might make nice clubs but they all let the zombies get too close!
  4. Thinking of expanding my 308 lineup, and thought I'd look at a good PTR 91. I've reviewed some write-ups and decided to stay away from the CEME and FAL 91 clones. Wondered if anyone in the group has had a good PTR 91, how it handled, etc. etc. And yea, I already have more than one SAIGA 308.... Thanks....
  5. I'll take the scope. Thanks Let me know payment details, etc.
  6. Tried the old "I can vent my forearm"... Well, it's vented... but.... Like to find a standard forearm (maybe somebody has converted and has one collecting dust?). Have a standard buttstock, if anybody needs it... Thanks....
  7. Just went through the "What does your screen name mean", Cool info. Looking at all the various avitars we've picked to represent us to the forum... thought it might be fun to see why you picked the image you did?? Now for me, my avitar just sums up my attitude about being a legal, licensed (when I need to be), weapon toting American! How about you???
  8. OK... guess I've got to come clean... My full frame 45acp is "Dad", my carry 45 acp is "Junior", the wife's 357 with pink grips is "The Bitch" (she named that one). The 12ga Pump (dressed out) is "Wild Thing" (it's a Maverick), the Saiga 308 is "Dr. Reach", and my 45 acp Carbine is just "Uncle "... ... at least for now....
  9. CaptLouie

    Quad/tri Rail 308

    DPH (couldn't afford a Krebs) ... ... and a UTG Tactical 7.62x39 Quad rail (with some work as stated above)..
  10. Still available - REDUCED New unit (installed but never used). Comes with the screw. List (NEW) is $64.95 + shipping Sell for 45.00 $40.00 (shipping included). USPS Money Order... ...or ... PayPal NO FEES (be sure to call it forward grip... or something like that) . If you want to do paypal, IM and I'll send my outside email info. Photo is just from a vendor web site (where I bought it)..
  11. CaptLouie

    Quad/tri Rail 308

    Well... I'm converting my 308 to a "SAW" style... work in progress. I used an Alum. Quad rail for 7.62x39 with some TLC, Dremel, and lots of T I M E.. Got a nice, clean and very tight fit. Still have to Pull the FSB and replace with a nice Break... Then put on fore and aft flip up sights on the LONG top rail I now have... ....Will give me ~ 21" aft to front for sight picture.
  12. Installed it (firm and tight) but never fired the weapon with it installed. It fits over the tag on the barrel and secures with the screw through the bottom of the reciever area. I do know they make a "top" rail that converts it into a Quad Rail style setup... You can add the "top" rail for ~ $35.00 NEW... I do not have one of those...
  13. CaptLouie

    QuadRail (FULL) for Saiga 308?

    Been reviewing everything I can find... but.... I need a FUll Quad Rail that will fit my Saiga 308... vanilla fit would be nice... or minimal re-work would be OK... Anyone have any ideas or have one installed
  14. CaptLouie

    Quad Rail recommendations and install question

    Like some linfo also... Looking for a FULL Quad rail that will fit my Saiga 308?????????
  15. CaptLouie

    Recoil Reduction

    Was really getting the ^%$$& kicked out of me with my 16" Saiga 308. Was surprised how much more "kick" than my 22" 308 units... All of them have the T-6 style stock, so..... I got Cobra to do his "special tube" modification for my T-6 Stock on this one. Made a GREAT DIFFERENCE in the recoil and being able to stay on target between shots. I had already tried a "recoil spring" setup, but it didn't really make much difference. Thanks Cobra, for the product and the conversion!!!
  16. Guys, Sorry, I really did look... Need to locate the forum topic on modifing the Safety Lever (slotting) to allow it to hold open the bolt handle. Local Range Officer has been giving me a hard time... Thanks, CaptLouie
  17. Item is SOLD... Funds received and shipping tomorrow..
  18. Saiga 21" - 308... REDUCED PRICE (see photos). ALL factory items included - paperwork, box, 8 round magazine, etc. etc. Factory butt and forearm stocks. Forearm has 2" Picatinny rail mounted for attachment of Bipod. Converted and included items: Dinzag's FCG (with safety mod) - installed and safety lever operation verified... Tapco SAW PG (PG nut, etc. from Dinzag, PG from Mississippi Arms) - installed... US Made Gas Piston (from Dinzag) - NOT installed... BHO Lever & Spring (BHO modified by Cobra) - NOT installed... UTG Side Rail Mount - installed... (an old John Daily scope is mounted and included) UTG Adjustable Bi-Pod - installed... (mounted to the 2" Picatinny rail on forearm. Swival mount plate also included) You get the pictured trigger lock, and the factory original FCG (if you want it)... (1) Surefire 25 round magazine include also. Weapon has had 20 rounds fired, to verify operation and safety, etc. of conversion. .... and because two of my grandson's wanted to shoot it once before I sold it. REDUCED to $675.00 ( market prices seem to have DROPPED!) for the whole thing, including delivery to your local FFL. ... If your FFL will not accept delivery of a "long gun" from private owner, then add $25.00 for my local FTL. Interested... make me an offer.... Payment by USPS Money Order. Will need copy of your FFL dealers license (signed)... and legible copy of your driver's license (got to be sure your old enough). Will ship within 24 hours of receipt. Note: Weapon and factory items in the original factory box... UTG Side Rail in it's factory box... UTG BiPod in it's factory box... Surefire Magazine (no box or bag)... ALL shipped inside another box, less attention... Thanks...
  19. Why am I always a day late?!? If it falls through give me a shout, it's sold. Think it's a solid sale... ... But you're on the list if things change. Capt Louie
  20. CaptLouie

    saiga 308

    Here is their web site. Rolling picture at top of first page shows all lthe SAIGA styles. The Saiga - 100 is VERY DIFFERENT in style... http://www.raacfirearms.com/
  21. SOLD - Pending Funds.... Thks for looking...