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    WTB - factory Bolt Hold Open Spring

    MANY THANKS to Clyde at RAAC and SaigaStock. My 308 BHO Spring (and another BHO plate incase I mess up again) is on the way.. RAAC and SaigaStock are STRAIGHT UP PEOPLE!!!!
  2. This is one BAD ASS looking bunch.... Except for the lovely ladies! This is my fat ass crammed into an ATV on an island near Sitka, Alaska last fall. I'd use a better photo, but none of mine get much better!
  3. Thought I'd seen this topic somewhere on the Forum, but couldn't find it with multiple searches... I've been told that.... The AK Hammer Spring won't fit the Saiga (in general), too short... different length, etc. etc. I've also been told that.... The AK Hammer Spring and the Saiga 308 Hammer Spring are the same, AK spring can be used...... Anyone know for sure... or tried using an AK Hammer Spring? Thansk, Louie
  4. CaptLouie

    Hammer Spring similar ?? AK & Saiga 308...

    Well then... that is my plan Stan....! By the way, I just checked my current (factory) Hammer Spring in the 308 (took it out to check)... If one leg is shorter than the other.... it's no more than a couple of RCH's... Cannot see any noticable difference in the legs on mine... ... ya just never know.... ya know.... Thanks...
  5. CaptLouie

    Hammer Spring similar ?? AK & Saiga 308...

    K.... here I am in this Loop-loop-loop again..... Where can I get a Hammer Spring for my Saiga 308 rifle? AK springs I've been able to find, not for Saiga specific (such as the 308). Could I (maybe) just use the AK, trim the end on the RH side and re-bend...? or.... Duh.....
  6. CaptLouie

    Hammer Spring similar ?? AK & Saiga 308...

    MANY thanks... With my history and Springs (the old broken BHO story) I'm going to order me up a couple.... Any idea about the "return spring"? Same story or are they different??? Louie
  7. CaptLouie

    Need Pistol Grip cutout Pics

    The SAW PG is hollow, has a plate on the bottom retained by a spring that fits inside a groove in the bottom/sides of the PG. The Screw and lock washer SHOULD have been inside. If not... I'd get in contact with who you purchased it from or DOUBLE CHECK your packaging and make sure it didn't come out inside the bag (hopefully) or the box.. Mine was inside the SAW PG and I had to pop the spring retainer and open the plate to get it out... Luck...
  8. CaptLouie

    Need Pistol Grip cutout Pics

    YEP... If you ordered the PG nut and bolt, you got the setup for an AK PG attachment... If you ordered the SAW PG (comes with a bolt and locknut) it uses a MUCH shorter screw... but does need the PG Nut. You can get the PG Nut and Screw (AK) or just the PG nut... Luck, Louie
  9. CaptLouie

    rebuilding problems after field stripping

    Little trick I learned with my 308 and reinstalling the Bolt back into the frame... Manually depress the hammer beyond the cocked position until the disconnector engages the hammer (probably have to pull and hold the trigger back to keep the disconnector engaged...during the reinstallation process). Bolt goes in MUCH easier... Luck
  10. OK guys, I did a detailed search, but.... ZIPppppp Thought the Tech Section would be the best place to ask this question and get inputs from all the (respectfully) Old Farts... Wondered if anyone has used any of these bolt on Picatinny Quadrails and if they would work on my 308? Similar unit but built for "oversize barrel" ?? Now I confess to Not Being an AK purist... but would like to add one of these to my 308 for some attachments... ...IF they WILL FIT! Many thanks for any input....
  11. CaptLouie

    Need Pistol Grip cutout Pics

    I agree... I used the measurements from the diagram as my quide. Mine measured out as partially in front of the old trigger slot and overlapped it some. I cut based on the measurements and then tried my nut and PG mounting. I ended up "elongating" my PG nut hole further into the old trigger slot (toward the rear). The WIDTH is critical in my opinion. the PG nut can slide forward or rearward a little. I was then able to move my PG up firm against the re-mounted trigger guard (I used the factory guard modified and reinstalled).
  12. CaptLouie

    Where can i find some 308 ammo cheap

    Just received my 308 (500rounds for $194.95 + delivery. LOOKS GREAT! Nice gentleman in COLD wisconsin... On GunBroker.com... Description for Item # 120670788 We have sealed cases of new 2008 production Russian Silver Bear 308 - 145gr FMJ ammunition. This is the 145gr. lead cored FMJ ammo. This ammo is mfg by Barnaul of Russia who is world respected for there quality and consistancy of load. This ammo is steel cased, zinc plated, non-cohr and Berdan primed. It is loaded at 2755 FPS. This ammo is in stock and ready to ship. UPS ground shipping on 25 lbs from Zip code 53968 NOT sure if these cases are reloadable or not. Been a few years since I went that route... Luck
  13. CaptLouie

    Picatinny Quadrail barrel bolt-on question Saiga 308

    Answered my own question. Got the specs and measurements.. May fit with mods (oversize version), but.... Was told UTG plans on a quadrail for the Saiga in Mar/May timeframe.... might happen... ...for now... on with my order and garage mod...
  14. CaptLouie

    Ultimak=type mount?

    Unfortunately, no, it won't. The 308's barrel is too large a diameter for the mounting hardware used by Ultimak. Barrett I've been talking with several vendors about the UTG Quad Rails. They have them for AK varients, Yugos, AMD's but not for Saiga rifles (308). Got the measurments, thinking I might modifiy one to fit my 308. Could still work... but I was told they are PLANING on a Saiga rifle (308) version in March/May timeframe.... ... will it happen... who knows... I'm going ahead with my modification attempts for now... Would they work for you or are you AK purist...
  15. CaptLouie

    Need Pistol Grip cutout Pics

    This diagram is from another post in the forum. I got a copy at dinzag's web site... Hope it helps...
  16. CaptLouie

    Does anyone sell saiga 12 BHO selector levers?

    I'd check with Cobra_76_two..... He does some modifications but he might need your factory unit also?
  17. CaptLouie

    Cross-Conn conversion PDF?

    I found Stu's conversion of help also. It's on the web but you can PDF print each section for a reference... http://www.stu-offroad.com/firearms/saiga/saiga-1.htm Luck...
  18. I've installed a 1x3.5 scope on the low-rise scope mount on my Saiga 308 conversion. I like the scope and mount, but the forward iron sight stickes up into the scope field of view? I didn't want to get the higher mount if possible... Anybody had this situation, and what did you do.... and/or recommendations? Thanks...
  19. CaptLouie

    WTB - factory Bolt Hold Open Spring

    Did you check and see if you had a BHO Spring? I'd still like to get a factory one if possible. Thanks,
  20. A taller Scope Mount would work, but then the problem of adjusting/shimming the scope mount to get it to align with the target, etc. My Scope Field of View is something like this diagram I drew... ... Front iron site sticks up into the view, makes it difficult to focus on the target... Maybe remove the front iron site and have something that can be mounted (set screws) when I really only want the iron setup??
  21. ANY HELP OUT THERE? Should I put this on the Tech forum???
  22. CaptLouie

    Safety Problem

    Do you have the FCG that Dinzag offers specifically for the Saiga .308? If so, I would contact Dinzag about it. His .308 FCG is made to resolve that very safety issue, among other things. Yep, Dinzag 308 FCG, retention clip, etc. . I've been in contact with him.... Just need the time to break-down my 308... check the items... and take some photos and get back to him... Based on his description, don't think my FCG set has his mod... need to verify... Hopefully do that tomorrow while momma is gone... Thanks for the response...
  23. CaptLouie

    optics and sights on the same gun

    Add me to your list if you get an answer. I have a similar open thread on the "308 conversion" entry asking for some input or suggestions. My front Iron sight is in the Scope's field of view... bummer....
  24. CaptLouie

    Saiga 308 Discontinued?

    I just purchased (another) 16" black furniture 308 from... http://www.ddsranch.com/cart/index.php?mai...p;keyword=saiga They're not a sponser on our sight, but they have the 16" and 20" 308 Saiga's available. Just checked this AM and they still indicate they're available... If you want (settle for) the 308 with wood furniture, see my post on this topic about a private seller I found at $525...
  25. CaptLouie

    308 Ver 21

    K... here you go... Info I got from RAAC (raacak@aol.com)... These are from the 308 Service Manual... I have been communicating with them about what items CAN be imported... I was interested in getting a FACTORY Model 32, but.... They indicated they can ONLY import "sporting and hunting style" weapons... Now the model 21 is shown on their web site, so it could be a factory or a conversion. I'd get the serial number and see if RAAC can/will let you know if its a factory M21. Dealer should let you simply pop the cover, pull the spring... then you should be able to tell if the hammer/trigger group is factory or USA. Luck