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    Saiga 308 Discontinued?

    See my entry under WTS-WTT about a "308 wood furniture". I found a private that has one for sale. I didn't get it because I found another and can't afford another... and another... and another... Luck
  2. I didn't put mine back due to a broken spring. INTEND to re-install the BHO when I get another spring. You can modify the BHO plate your self or look under "for sale or trade forum". Member Cobra_76_two at "Cobra Custom" has a modified BHO that can be installed and stays out of the way. See the details under his entry... Cudo's on being able to re-install the &^%$ thing too. Trying is how I busted my spring..
  3. CaptLouie

    TAPCO Intrafuse Saiga T6 Stock Set

    Read your thread.... IF your going to do the FCG conversion I'd go with the regular T-6. Installed that on my 308, easy install. It let's me modify the butt stock so I can fire the weapon and MOMMA can use it also (by just shortening the stock).
  4. CaptLouie

    WTB - factory Bolt Hold Open Spring

    That's the ANIMAL I've been fighting, THANKS... Hope you can find it. How do I send you my mailing info? Thanks for the help
  5. CaptLouie

    WTB - factory Bolt Hold Open Spring

    I figured something like that... If you've got a "spring" available I'd rather buy a factory one that go the make your own route... My experience lately with any kind of tools has been kinda bad... how about REALLY bad.
  6. CaptLouie

    Cleaning Out The Vault

    Will that "Black Upper and Lower handguard set" fit my 308... ? Also I'm looking (almost to the begging point) for a BHO Spring... Thks...
  7. CaptLouie

    WTB - factory Bolt Hold Open Spring

    Make your own with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and $1.50... Go to your local remote control hobby store (HobbyTown etc.) They will have a section that has spring steel rods in various lengths and diameters. (Not to mention brass, aluminum and various plactic pieces.) Find the right diameter rod you need. Should cost about $1.50. Use a screwdriver, socket wrench extension, or what ever metal shaft you can find of the proper diameter to use to wrap the spring steel around. trim to length with wire cutters. It may take a few tries to get it just right. For $1.50 you should have enough to make 10 BHO springs. Good Idea, unless I can get "it" for $4 to $5, and envelop and a couple of postage stamps. Maybe he is buildking a college fund for one of the kids... I asked my oldest son if he was available to be sold/traded for a spring... he figured his wide and two children would object... I know.... I'll get DeeDee to take care of her brother for me... Thanks for the info...
  8. Heads up. I was negotiating with a lady (in Phoenix) to purchase a Saiga 308 with factory wood furniture (believe its 20" barrel). She said it had ~ 50 rnds fired and wanted $550,,, I offered $525... she said no. SO.. I purchased another unit with black furniture yesterday... Then last night she decides she WILL sell for $525. She has/had a small collection to sell (not sure if it was a death or divorce). I can't afford to buy another one (not unless I want a divorce), so here is her contact info incase anyone is interested. Told her I'd let some "friends" know about the weapon. Mention my name (won't help but shouldn't hurt). Theresa Perry [tap1975@yahoo.com] Luck......
  9. NP I'm going to BTB and order the upgraded forend with the rail setup... Do you want the factory forend mounting screw and the strap mount with the forend I send... ... redy to tape the box and get it in the mail... ?? I still want to get your Modified BHO setup, IF it will fit my 308.... ?? and I need to get a BHO Spring if you've got any extra...
  10. Need to get a factory forearm for my 308. Can trade a factory butt stock... or willing to buy also. Messed up my original forearm up ... unit now on the way to Cobra for one of his "experiments"..
  11. I am in processof ordering a galil type fore arm for my .308 if you can wait until I get it I will sell you mine, make me an offer on it I am easy to work with thanks Karl Let me know when you get yours in. Being I sent my old one to Cobra, just realized I can't use my weapon without a replacement. .... give me a price too... Thks...
  12. DUPLICATE ENTRY... Computers are wonderful things. After 50+ years of working with them... still amazed
  13. CaptLouie

    Need standard forearm-trade standard buttstock .308

    No Problem.... My fore guard is headed to Cobra in the mail tomorow also...
  14. CaptLouie

    Need standard forearm-trade standard buttstock .308

    Thanks! I'm in SW FLA. let me know how you want to handle the sale/ship/whatever... PS: Also need a BHO Spring (Dinzag doesn't have any).. Will open a new item unless you have one of those in your magic bag too??
  15. CaptLouie

    308 Trigger housing re-mount

    Did you get this question resolved? There are a couple of good "conversion" tags on the forum. I just did my first .308 conversion. You need to chk those directions... Or... here is the web site showing how on a 223 (Saiga-1 through -10 (if you count the scope question)... Saiga-6 starts to show the trigger guard photos... http://www.stu-offroad.com/firearms/saiga/saiga-1.htm Trim the long end of the guard (was the rear) off... Trimmed end goes under the Mag Latch... (can see the hole in the guard looking down through the mag. latch) Mark the frame where that hole is... Drill frame and mount the rear of the guard... (should be a mark/guide on the frame) Drill down in the center of the Mag. Latch, through the frame... I used 10-32 by 3/8" round top/allen head screws with the heads on the inside of the frame and nuts on the outside. Drilled 3/16" holes... Some locktit on the threads AFTER you are sure everything fits. Nut on outside (inside the Mag. latch) is tough, but you can do it... Hope this helps....
  16. CaptLouie

    Safety Problem

    Just finished my 1st 308 conversion and think I have this "Safety Problem": Problem is - Charge the weapon... - Put safety on... - Touch trigger (slight movement)... - Release the trigger... - Remove safety... - WEAPON FIRES! CAN this be corrected with the weld/add to the safety? I currently have the dinzagarms single trigger FCG, easy installation! Would a double trigger setup help this problem? Whould I be better off to get the FSE or RSA FCG and replace the G2? I don't really need an adjustable trigger, so probably the FSE FCG.... Thanks for any assist....
  17. Decided to start my conversion today... ...Discovered I DO NOT have the (2) pins to drill out (they hold the trigger, transfer bar, and retention spring)... ...they are not there! I understand the 308 is different (has the weird trigger placement) than the 223, but??? The retention spring is around the re-most removable pin that holds the trigger, sear and disconnect. The forward removable pin holds the hammer, and hammer spring. The retention spring WORKS! I Cannot get either of the two retaining pins out because the spring is still in place. I've tried to move the spring to the side or up to clear the slot in either of the pins, no go... HELP... Any thoughts on how to proceed.... Anyone else ran into this situation... Thanks...
  18. CaptLouie

    308-1 Converting but Factory Setup DIFFERENT

    THANKS for the info. guys... Makes sense to me, just wanted some "experienced input" before I %$#&ed something up. Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!