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  1. hey, it has been so long since I bought any AGP magazines. Is there like generations 1 and 2 of those? What is the difference?
  2. I got a buddy that has had a hard on for one for a while. I guess I'm gonna sell it to him for $600 so long as his truck doesn't break down or something and he flakes out. Which is a good effin deal since I had cobra relieve the bolt and I tested it out and put a tromix knob on it and T6 stock, but no pistol grip conversion.
  3. So, if the AFT banned the side rail mounts thing, does that mean the russians have had to take the rail off the side of the receiver? I wasn't really paying attention to S12 stuff for a while. Guess I missed some good opportunity to sell. Looks like they are in stock. I have a SBS I'll keep b/c hell, i'm in so deep w/ it and its hard to sell NFA stuff that it's not worth trying to sell, but the extra one... Looks like CSS hase some in stock for $600
  4. I've got an extra S12 I'm planning selling. Is this a good time to sell? Gonna sell it anyway I guess, was just wondering if the price would be what it was before or maybe a littel higher currently. Is the ATF gonna try to ban the import like they siad in that paper or is that all just wishful thinking on their part?
  5. Yep, bill alex, the same guy who betrayed his partner , paul leitner now of LWRC, by pattenting in his own name the 50 cal ar and cartridge the two had been working on. The same guy who is renown for his shitty attitude and cust svc.
  6. IIRC, when standing (6' tall) ejection is only about 6' away, and sort of forward of the shooting line usually.
  7. that tromix monster looks similar in its design to the shark, just longer and w/o the crennelation so much at the end. Is it possible that the monster brake has a smaller ID to creat more pressure? If you are saying that brake works so well, I should probably give the shark a chance on the short barrel. If not that then I guess I'll look into one of those tank brake looking things.
  8. yeah, last time I was looking at it on my blackberry and I coulndt see the video in theread and it was hard to remmeber all the questions I had. I'll look into this "auto plug thing". About this puck, I guess you mean the thing that hits the op rod to cycle the gun. Oh...it is that the looser puck lets more gas blow by it so there is less force applied to the op rod...
  9. A looser plug? I don't understand? Do you mean the puck? To the other poster. What do you mean when you refer to this Tac 47 auto plug? Finally, can anyone recommend a more effective brake than the shark brake? Thanks
  10. Got a 11.5" sbs. Will a shark brake reduce the recoil at all? It never made much of a difference when the barrel was 19". If not, hell, who needs the extra length.
  11. Guys, as I stated in the OP, I am not looking to ease the pain. I am looking to get the gun running more smoothly so I can have faster follow up shots. What I was really hoping for was a way to reduce the force of the impact of the BCG on the receiver, similar to the recoil reducing guide rods for pistols where there is an additional spring in there that compresses at the end of the back stroke to brake slide right before it hits the frame. It seems to me that this could have a different effect than either using a stock w/ a shock absorber or a squishy gun butt/shoulder since it
  12. I prolly could mess w/ the gas system if I wasnt' too busy/lazy. I am happy for now. It would probably be tits if I could get it to run low recoil buck shot w/ the factory action spring. Hell, that might work w/ the reduced power spring now... I shall have to see.
  13. Yep, I'm a girlie man and I would like it if my S12 recoiled less. I do like leaving the range a little bruised, but I would like to be able to get back on target faster as my BCG really bucks me. First of all, the gun is question is an 11.5" SBS. I have not modified the gas system AT ALL other than adding the GunFixer Gas plug. I can only get buck shot and slugs to function 100%. So Here are my options: 1. Add weight to the gun, particularly thinking about adding some lead shot to the tube of my M4 type stock. I allredy wish the gun was lighter though, so I am not crazy about
  14. I cut mine to 11.5" I have a Gunfixr gas block. It works great w/ Slugs and buck shot. I also have the reduced power action springs though I don't have to run them to get real ammo to cycle, but I can install them and use lower gas settings to get Slugs/Buck to run. However, I cannot get Bulk cheap Fed or Win to cycle reliably w/ any action spring on any gas setting. I can get AA super handi cap to work pretty good on the high gas settings w/ the reduced power action springs from Carolina Shooter Supply. I did not have to elarge or otherwise do anything w/ the gas system or port
  15. befoer I sbs'd my S12, the shark brake made no noticable difference in recoil. How about w/ an 11.5" barrel or other SBS lengths. Shousl I bother threading it to put my shark brake back on?
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