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  1. My factory gas plug ran great. The one MD sent me with my first drum runs great.
  2. I have a Kopba (kobra) that has held up well on a Maadi AK and for a few mags on the S12. I don't leave it on the Saiga because it is a) too big, and I have a left side folder, and while it "works" it is less than optimal. I would like to try a mini red dot on the rear dovetail. maybe a primary arms T1 style, maybe a more traditional mini holo. What mini dot mounts fit the rear sight dovetail?
  3. All you WD 40 guys, be careful not to let it get on your ammo. It deactivates primers. Keep your ammo away from the area while you are working. don't use it to lube the inside of mags, clean off your bolt face, and let everything dry before reloading. also, as stated before, but bears repeating, brake cleaner comes in chlorinated and unchlorinated. DO NOT USE CHLORINATED for any guns, painted or not, plastic or wood.
  4. PLEASE make one that fits the Tromix 8"
  5. Krinkov style, maybe like Noveske's flaming pig.
  6. Already got shipping notice for my 2 new drums. That is a lot of firepower to have on tap!
  7. Last night I could not order at all (email string error) and now it says it will not ship to Georgia. Georgia is a free state. In fact, my Saiga is a legal SBS here.
  8. With that many extra mags, they could attach two at the front to use as a bipod!
  9. If I were to sell my SBS, what happens to my tax stamp? Does the receiver get re-engraved, or is my name on it forever?
  10. I run the LaRue F.U.G. Spendy, but worth every penny. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=at...st&id=25275 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=at...st&id=25277
  11. New shepherds crook/hook is in the gun and it runs like a sewing machine again. Wooohooooo!!!!!
  12. On topic- I finally got time to disassemble the gun. Tony was right on the money with his e-mail, the gist of which was that if the pins back out any, it will cause this exact issue. Turns out I need a new shepherds hook. THANKS Tony! Off topic a bit- Tony himself suggested I turn elsewhere for work he did not do. I wanted a top rail, and he was between the modified aluminum one that hew stopped doing and the steel one that was just a plan, and gave me suggestions of a few people who could do a top rail for me. I am waiting on one from Shannon at Cobra. Same with the K
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