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  1. I like the idea but does it really work? The regular AK grip's are too skinny for me but the SAW style are too thick...this adaptor would open up a bunch of different grip options. So, anyone tried one of these yet? Thanks Link here: http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_inf...6944c37dd003f82
  2. Had my Saiga for about a year now and the only adjusting I've done to mine was slide the rear sight (I did replace the rear sight with a peep sight though) from the 300 to 100 mark. I've been about to hit the 8" steel plates at 100 yrds everytime...works good enough for me from the factory, guess I got lucky.
  3. The most recent are already in the back for me....I'd like them in the front so I don't have to go to the last page to read the most recent post. Guess yall don't have it setup so the user can set it up either way...no big deal.
  4. Ok not the threads but the post in the thread. Say I open the thread, is there a way to have the newest post up top and the oldest on the bottom?
  5. Is there a way to view the threads newest to oldest on here? Looked through "my controls" but couldn't find it. Thanks
  6. is that a c-more? got more pics? how's the reticle. Yep it's a c-more. I can take some more pics but it's nothing special. Just a 4 MOA dot (you can change them from 2-16 MOA) on it. I really like the c-more's as they're light weight, low profile and tougher than I need them to be. I had one on a Springfield M1A SOCOM and it held up to the .308 recoil with no problems.
  7. My first and newly converted 7.62x39. I've owned many AK clones through out the years but this is by far my favorite.
  8. Are the Tapco and Arsenal springs the same length? I was using the same spring for both FCGs. It is the factory spring that was in the rifle.
  9. Yeah gonna order a new spring tomorrow and try it....hopefully that'll fix it. Thanks for yalls help!
  10. No, nothing is rubbing everything is moving freely as it should. I'm at a lose on this thing.
  11. That's what I thought. How long should the disconnecter spring be? When installed the right why, it might as well not even be in there as it's not putting any pressure between the trigger and disconnecter.
  12. So which way does it go...top or bottom pic?
  13. I don't see how I could have installed the disconnecter backwards, it only goes one way. Yes, the hammer locks back by hand, just not firing.
  14. Sorry it took so long for some pics but it's been a crazy week. Everything looks normal to me but yall are the experts here. The trigger doesn't seem to be getting caught, the hammer's just following the bolt forward when I fire (I can't dublicate it by hand). Also how long should the disconnecter spring be?
  15. The hammer's not locking back when I fire, it follows the bolt forward. I works fine cycling by hand, just not with live rounds.
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