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  1. Had a good day at the range with some friends and family. Wasted a lot of paper and steel bad guys and just plain had fun! My sweet wife also had the video camera rolling on some of the shootin' and got me trying to shoot like I did when I was shooting ISPC when I was many, many years younger.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkZFr2T49ng
  2. I agree with you to a point. No one really can say exactly what they would do under these circumstances. But I believe being armed with as much knowledge as possible is every bit as important as being armed with my Glock 27. We have some very intelligent and experienced members and there opinions matter to me. I'm not saying not to get is much training, practice and information as you can and be as ready as you can possibly be for any situation. All I was getting at is these questions on the good ole internet make it very easy for anyone to be big and brave. It will likely be ver
  3. Unless you have been there and done it already there is no way to know what you or anyone else would do if faced with this situation. It is really easy to be "Mr. Badass" sitting behind a PC Monitor, but when faced with a barrel pointed in your face or the possibility of one in your face I'll put a pay check on 98% that claim to be Mr. Badass with quickly be "Chicken Little" really fast. Training and practice help, but all the training and practice in the world does not get you ready for the moment of truth. So from my point of view, these type of questions are not really realistic and the
  4. I think she has pretty well decided that it is her's. She told me to start looking for one for myself....
  5. Here is a short vid of my wife shootin my black powder 1860 Army 44. She took to it like a duck takes to water and now she is want one of her own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNqiMgt3TqU
  6. Happy Birthday USA and my Old Glory fly over the land of the free many more years to come! May the cost of our freedom be less and may our current government see the error of they ways and embrace our constitution as our fore fathers mean for it to be embraced and followed!
  7. Yep you can say what you like about us rednecks, but when in comes to patriotism it doesn't run any deeper!!!!
  8. Hope is not totally lost. There are still some of us that are not only Vets but also been patriots long before our service. We have also been teaching our kids you are growing up to be really patriots. That is also one of the reasons I posted this http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=55726 It was to let everyone know that there is a light out at the end of the tunnel, it may be dim but there is still a light and there are some great, and patriotic young people out there. The rest of those scum that don't appreciate what many men and women have fought and died for can all go to H3!
  9. OH believe me, those numbers don't show the true number of armed Texans. Plus if you have a CHL you don't have to get an NCIS check performed when you buy any type of weapon. You need to check the compairsion numbers of CHL holders between states and I think you will find that Texas is either N0. 1 or 2.
  10. Thanks Y'all!!! I even have to which it every now and then and it still almost bring a tear to my eye. Also a little more information on the young lady in camo, she is Spec. Danielle Lanier, US Army and was on leave and home from COP Apache, Afghanistan. She brought back the flag that was flown over COP Apache and was flying during several attacks on the post, for the purpose of having it fly over this Memorial. Danielle's MP Company has had 3 troops KIA in the past year, so it really had meaning for her and her fall brothers in arms.
  11. Never heard of Ball Falls, sorry. Dickinson is about half way between Houston and Galveston if that helps.
  12. Over the past year I found myself helping a boy scout (up and coming leader) with his Eagle Scout project. It was really an honor for me to be involved in the fund raising and also help with the construction of a Veterans Memorial in our home town. It was a really great thing this young man did for our town as not only do we have a Veterans Memorial, he pulled a lot of us vets together and he also gave us all great hope for the future of this country. Here is a shot slide show and of the dedication we had on Memorial Day. Hope you enjoy. Derek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LcO6pwescQ
  13. Thanks everyone!! I don't get to do a lot of just father daughter type stuff with her, so this was a really special day for me. Her bad form is really why I shot the video clip. It is hard sometimes to explain what someone is doing wrong and having the video to show them really helps. I showed her the video then I shot the rifle to show her the correct form. She didn't get it 100% but there was a marked improvement as we went along. She also went from not even hitting the paper to busting the bull by the end of our session. Just wish I would have taken more ammo!
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