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  1. In another thread here it says that the stock mentioned does not violate 922r as it counts as a thumbhole grip http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=32718 I do rather like the look of it too and it's made by izmash which is a plus in my book.. Thanks for the offer Racer but I'm all the way out in PA. Those do look like some good deals. I was looking at Tromix custom work to try to figure our conversion prices. I've actually already payed for the two pieces in the pictures, so basically I'm just trying to figure out whether I need to get a foregrip or gas piston or something in addition. The tapco bundle may be an option to as it includes a tigger guard and trigger which count as two parts if I am correct... The question I have now is whether or not adding a choke to a threaded barrel violates 922r. A choke can be used on a sporting shotgun but I'm not sure what the deal is in this case. If anyone knows I would appreciate it. Also, I would consider contacting the BATFE if nobody here has answers. Does anybody know how to go about contacting them?
  2. Those two parts cost around $220 all together, and yes price is a factor. Honestly if I don't have to modify the gun it self I'm not sure that I want to. Plus the nice thing about this plan is that it would still be suitable as a sporting shot gun. Does anyone know of another way to make a Saiga 12 922r compliant for $250 or less?
  3. You may be using low brass on the high brass setting...
  4. I'm new here and before I ask my questions I would like to thank everyone, posters mods and administrators, for their role in making this information available. I have a saiga 12. I want to attatch this stock to it: This is a russian stock. My first question is does this count as a pistol grip on my Saiga 12 or is it still suitable for sporting purchases under 922r? I believe that some saigas are imported with this stock but I want to be sure. Also, my Saiga 12 came with a threaded barrel: If I put this US made choke on it does this affect it's 922r status? ie does a threaded choke make a shotgun unsuitable for sporting purposes under 922r My hope is that if I equip the gun with the stock and choke above it is still suitable for sporting purposes and could use the magazine it came with legally. At the same time it would be legal to equip it with high capacity magazines, so long as the magazines are US made. A US made muzzle attachment (1 part) plus US made magazines (3 parts each) by my count brings the gun down to ten imported parts. The skeleton stock functions as a pistol grip but is not actually one which means it only counts as one part. Your thoughts?
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