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    Grinding Saiga steel for MSA adapter

    I used the aluminum oxide one that is a cone cylinder shape. I recommend using the sand paper cylinders also. Buy a couple at home depot. They seem to do a better job on the inside of the mag adapter. I used a sharpie on my mags and slid it in and out to keep taking off the high spots till it dropped free. As far as the trunnion is considered the only reason I did it myself is because Diavolo arms screwed up my gun and didn't mill properly. I have been through a couple bits but I've finally gotten the mag adapter to seat properly. Hopefully if I get a free day from college I'll finish it up.
  2. Gunyboy69 I had the same problem as you when I received my rifle. The bolt wouldn't even come back. I had to take the mag adapter off. I then realized that I had to get the mag adapter off with pliers and a rubber hammer. I then realized that he didn't even mill the trunnion out properly and he just hammered my ar mag adapter in there. The mag adapter was in bad shape and so was the rifle. I have been dremelling little by little everyday when I get time so hopefully I'll have it right.
  3. I really didn't want to resort to going to the cops and I even let MAKC know that I gave him numerous chances to contact me. He didn't seem to understand that, so I had to resort to going to law enforcement. What is crazy is when he contacted me he told me the gun was finished but it was illegal to send to NJ. So he contacted the state police and they said I couldn't have the gun. So I called the Sgt. he talked to and he says you can't have a gun with a bayo lug or flash suppressor in NJ. (Which is true and I do not deny this). So I told the Sgt. , my rifle has neither, and the barrel isn't even threaded nor are there bayo lugs on saiga rifles. So I called him back and told him this. He then tells me he'll ship it to my FFL. So i say "ok, let me have my FFL fax you his license." After about 10 min. I get a call back from him stating that he spoke to the Sgt again and he's saying the rifle is OK to send to me. And then he sent me a tracking number. The whole point is that I don't know if he lied to the Sgt. at first or if the Sgt misunderstood what he asked. So this is one of the main reasons I will not pursue this guy in civil court. I neither have the time (with college and work) nor the money. This guy is a liar though. That much is certain.
  4. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how deep to mill the front trunnion on the msa adapter. I am using a dremel and have been doing guess and check and am trying to find out how much further I have to go before this thing seats properly.
  5. I finally got my gun back after filing a theft report. I think the Sheriff's in Florida must've given him a heads up that they were gonna come to get him if he doesn't return my rifle. I sent him a 223 with an msa ar mag adapter and my own muzzle brake. He charged my 325 for installing the muzzle brake, pistol grip conversion, and venting the hand guards. So i get the gun back and the mag adapter is just hammered in. The aluminum on the mag adapter got bent in some areas because he just forced it in. He couldn't thread the barrel but he didn't refund me that money either. He didn't vent the hand guards and he even ended up damaging the plastic on them. What's even worse is he couldn't even do the simple pistol grip conversion. I had to install the spring properly myself for the bolt hold open. I finally got the mag adapter out with a pair of pliers and used a dremel on the inside to make the mag drop free. I finished doing that yesterday and today I'm working on the trunnion. The only good thing that came out of this whole experience is me haveing the confidence to work on my owns guns. Other then that this guy needs to be taken off the forum not only for his poor business practices but his crappy machinist skills.
  6. naveed

    AR mag Adapter troubleshooting

    I'm using a 10 round c-mag and a 9 round competition aluminum mag because I live in NJ. They worked very well in my bushmaster and they are a lot thinner then the p-mag's profile. Is there something I can mark the mag with to see what areas are hitting the metal?
  7. naveed

    AR mag Adapter troubleshooting

    I just got my gun back from Diavolo arms. It looks like he did mill the front trunnion so I took the mag adapter off to check if it was the mag adapter. The mag doesn't slide into the mag adapter easily. I have to really push it in and struggle to press the mag release and get it out.
  8. MY MSA mag adapter is not allowing my aluminum mags to insert easily. I have taken the mag adapter off the gun. Can someone tell me what I should use to slim down the side walls. I have a dremel tool but I'm not sure which attachment to use. I tried using files but they barely scraped the paint off.
  9. I filed a theft report with my local police department and am waiting for Orange County Sheriffs to take a ride out there and see what happens. I am waiting on there call and hoping they can get my gun back.
  10. The whole moon idol thing is ridiculous. Muslims don't believe in icons period. Icons are what split the Greek Orthodox from the Roman Catholic church. They're teachings are more about eliminating idols than worshiping them. I think this is one of the reasons the founding fathers were deists. They believed in a Creator but did not adhere to any religion. I find when reading a lot of texts by Thomas Jefferson you realize how well rounded and cultured our forefathers were. If anything, technology and cheaper books and publications should have forced people to learn more but it has just done the opposite. I think we can all agree that extremism in any form whether God-adhering or not has left countries and people in turmoil. The Crusades are a perfect example of that. The Crusaders killed plenty Christians and Jews on the way there and did so when they got there too. At the same time, the creation of Wahabbi Islam has spread turmoil in the Muslim world and the west. I read a real good book by Stephen Schwartz called the Two faces of Islam which explains the Wahabbi and traditional sunni ideology. The success in Iraq has been largely due to these sunni factions allying with the US and fighting off the extremists.
  11. :lolol: :lolol: Oh now THAT'S rich, right there!!! :lolol: :lolol: I would have to say that all the NON-Christian, moral-lacking, no-true-right-and-wrong people who MURDER unborn children have Christianity beat hands-down when it comes to violence.... Agreed. What's even worse is the people obsessed with population control who find killing babies totally acceptable and encourage it. There was an article a couple months ago stating "Babies Are Carbon Monsters".
  12. On another note the nazis weren't a Christian army. They were obsessed with the Occult. Also, the swastika is an ancient hindu symbol that was turned on an angle by Hitler. The hindus have been trying to revive this symbol but because people are totally ignorant they think that they're nazis. This is what type of dumb downed ignorant populous we've become. It was a religious symbol before Hitler used it. Many of the crosses that the Germans used pre-dated Christianity and have more to do with paganism. Many of the crosses are ancient pagan symbols and have nothing to do with Jesus.
  13. Fox News is more like a tabloid. They have lost all credibility in my eyes. They are the so called conservatives when they didn't even allow Ron Paul in the New Hampshire debate. I love how the fake patriot con man Glen Beck always says "I have unconfirmed reports about ....................." . What the hell is an unconfirmed report. Everything is unconfirmed by them. That way they can always retract there statements. And then my neighbor can tell me what Iran is about to do, even though the report was unconfirmed. These are the same shit heads who get us involved in other people's business. I gotta give it up to them. They know how to prey on people and they know people don't look into a story. So without any source or clue they can just throw a statement out there. You can get better news from Jon Stewart. If this girl is so scared she should buy a saiga. +1 for BVamp on the 5000 statement.
  14. Will Romanian handguards the kind with the long wooden foregrip fit on a saiga conversion?
  15. Well I guess Chris doesn't feel he should return customer's items in the order he receives them. It's been over 2 months for me and I'm still waiting. The only time I get to go to the range is during the summer when I'm off from college and I've been shit out of luck because of this fool.