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  1. i use my 20ga for trap and skeet i had it internally threaded and have a full and skeet choke.. when i play skeet, the skeet choke makes it a breeze.. unless they get out too far using the full is the best idea, you just gotta get right on it.. however, the 20ga doesnt have the rail sight like the 12ga so i have to use rifle sights.. i'd really like a rail style sight for my 20ga
  2. i've lived in austin all my life. i love it.. except all the liberals i dont like abilene either!
  3. Makc's been gone for some time now. Did he tell anyone he was going away? Or going to be real busy?
  4. there are some things here, dunno about their compatability http://riflestocks.com/ak.htm
  5. Nice gun!! what FCG did you use? I have a Saiga US AK FCG and Im wondering if it will work? Thanks FREE it's from the factory. it's an actual 12C, not a converted one
  6. oops, i meant to ask "what is the difference between the "H" and "K" magazines, physically" i want to convert my 8 round 3" magazine to 2-3/4
  7. some people do this on purpose to their Ruger Mini-14s and a response to a letter sent to the BATFe confirms it's legallity.
  8. i think you're thinking of the 12K.. the 12C has a 19-22" barrell.. here's a pic of one i just took (not sure length of barrel, but it's much greater than 12")
  9. a local gunsmith did mine.. McBrides http://www.mcbridesguns.com/ edit: wow they've redone their website! there is actually content now..
  10. over 100 kills about 1200 rounds through it, almost a year old got internal threads for chokes, for skeet shooting i attempted to install Makc's BHO device but i had no luck getting it to actually hold the bolt open once installed, oh well very happy i plan on a PG conversion later this year
  11. AK-USA makes VERY fine Saiga conversions in many flavors.. the price is justified http://www.ak-103.com
  12. Now it's $220 @ http://www.freedomoptics.com would be a little high for mine. It is the Model EKP-1S-03M. It was $145 from them when I bought it... It says made in Russia on it, I have seen similar optics/mounts out of Bulgaria.
  13. It's up to you and your application, but I would stick with the 22" barrell. If you're gonna do bird killing or clays, the longer barrell will be quite an advantage.
  14. how are the "5" magazines different than the ones marked "4"??
  15. i got a first gen one for $150 for my 20ga i like its just fine, although.. i woulda got a rail and optic seperate. instead of integrated mount
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