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  1. I had one from Ace on my converted 308, wish I had kept it when I sold the rifle. Best pistol grip for any AK in my opinion. Consider yourself lucky to have that one, I am wondering if a stock FAL grip would fit the AK?
  2. The grip really sets off nicely that rifle with the adapter installed. Just wandered in on this thread/topic, but product looks interesting to me, unfamiliar with it, does it require trunion machining?
  3. Try a Nikon P223, a fixed power , small high quality optic, meant to be used with both eyes open. Under $200, excluding mount, I have one with Warne quick release mounts, just make sure your mount will let you mount it further back for proper eye relief, as most low power scopes don't have long eye relief distance. Plus it's calibrated for the .223 cartridge, very crisp and clear glass, with P4 type recticle. Nikon makes a mounting system for the P223, I didn't like it, because it slides onto your rail instead of clamping onto during installation.
  4. I like that design. More http://www.turbosquid.com/HDView/index.cfm/ID/680049/r/3/i/1
  5. It's a great way to carry and protect your rifle/shotgun, I have one I purchased for $29 at Sportsmanship Guide couple of years ago, I originally purchased it for my Mossberg 590A1, but fits my Saiga 223 unconverted without optics. You can sling it across your back and carry your rifle hands free, it only has one sling however, for the most comfortable carry , get another sling/strap to carry like a backpack. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/molle-shoulder-military-surplus-shotgun-scabbard.aspx?a=562602
  6. Oh, no reason to apologize, I had a S308 exactly like yours and felt the same about shooting it. I converted the first one, but sold it, it had wood furniture like yours with the 21" barrel. Couple of years ago found a used S308 21" in excellent condition with polymer furniture. Am keeping this one and leaving it stock. Keep us posted . Do remember, most S308's are accurate with ammo that is mated to that particular rifle, but won't equal the accuracy of a DSA 308 FAL, or a higher end bolt rifle.
  7. Look at some Rhinelander stocks or adapt a PSL front forearm which both are wood. Only reason I suggested those is I cannot think of a stock appearing forearm without rails, you could paint the wood stocks
  8. $650. + - $50 ea. To me, that would be fair price for seller and buyer in today's market and yesterday's market too. Factor in shipping too. You asked, this is just my pricing, based on if they were mine and I was selling. And it's what I would pay if I was buying.
  9. Your experience in vendors is why I learned to do refinishing with various spray on finishes. Years ago , I sent a pistol to a well known plating company, had to get a lawyer to get it back, and when it was finally returned, the slide had been buffed lopsided prior to plating...no mention of reimbursement, etc. If you have stripped it down that far, you should have sent it to a well known vendor if you couldn't do the work yourself, just make sure you have all the parts you want refinished before shipping, but sorry you had a bad encounter with your AK parts.
  10. Thank you for the advice, I had looked at many optic setups, but really liked the clarity of this Nikon, as I had been able to look at one in a gunshop. Liked the Lower magnification of the P223, as it could be used on my Ruger PC4 also, ignoring thr BDC marks. I had also looked at Hawke scopes, the illuminated 1.25 x 4 power model, but liked the 223 designed setup of the P223. I also have another Nikon, an African Monarch, 1.25 x 4, with the German post recticle on my Remington 597 22 magnum. LOL, no , not considering converting my Saiga, I am in the 1% that like the stock setup.
  11. I just purchased a Nikon P223 scope from Cabelas, and set of Warne Quick Detach High Mount rings from Walmart to install on my Saiga 223 . The scope arrived Tuesday and rings today, so I installed them late today, Have not had a chance to sight rifle in by firing. I tried sighting the scope in using a optic bore sight (not laser) , but wasnt able to do that, so I will buy a laser bore sight kit as soon as possible. I hope I didnt make a mistake by getting the High Scope rings. I must say, the eye relief is on the borderline, I chose the Quick Detach rings vs the P Mount by Nikon, because
  12. I have a stock 21" barreled Saiga 223, and prefer it stock, there is nothing wrong with converting any stock Saiga if that is what you want, but some of us like Saiga's with rifle stocks. I installed the TWS sight rail system, threaded the muzzle for a Vortex, changed to standard black AK hand guards using a CSS hand guard retainer, fiber optic front sight and use the Saiga 10 round mags most of the time. No the trigger's not perfect, but I don't think it's as bad as some describe, if you coat the trigger works with Moly Resin, like I did, it smooths the pull up to a degree. The w
  13. I cut my 21" barrel down to 18" when I did my conversion several years ago, and liked it so much better. Sadly sold the rifle, but to me the rifle balanced so much better when bringing it up to fire offhand. I added a Vortex flash hider, which was about 1.5" in length, so I was still shorter than the stock bbl. I also crowned it myself, no, it wasn't a high $ conversion, but I liked it, and all the changes were made safely. Let me see if I can find the photo of it. I currently have a stock 21" Saiga 308, don't plan on converting.
  14. If you are, here is a 5 rounder for your post conversion rifle: http://www.k-var.com...&cat=420&page=1 The Bulgarian mags like that won't work in a Saiga, I also tried some Arsenal 10 round mags similar to the stock Saiga mags, they wouldn't fit without some alterations. Please correct me if I am mistaken about the Bulgarian mags.
  15. I have done that (turning down) the front sight on AK's for years. If that is what you want to try, go for it, I like to taper the front sight post from top to bottom, and often put a dot of paint (white,red,orange,whatever) to help, although you may not want to do that. Front sight posts for the AK are cheap...go ahead and try it. Use your own judgement, and not anyone's else's as to what works best for you. I have also used the conversion to install a AR style sight too, that is something else to ponder.
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