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  1. 25 year veteran professional cabinet maker here. Be careful if you are allergic while doing any considerable amount of finish sanding on purpleheart, you'll need to have a fan on to move the fine dust away from you. If you need to glue two pieces together make sure you scrub the joints with laquer thinner to remove the oil from the surface. Other than that use only carbid tipped tooling as it will chew HSS. Tony
  2. http://www.reddragunweapons.com these guys are taking pre-orders on similar model with a thumbhole stock Tony
  3. Are they down? Any one else have problems viewing the home page there. Tony
  4. Im in for two. SHoot me payment info via im and we'll get the deal done. Tony
  5. 6237 good luck all and thanks Mike
  6. Super fast, smooth transaction. Pleasure to do business with.
  7. Will a yugo or bulgy underfolder clear?
  8. FPK's accuracy is limited due to the pinned barrel as opposed to a threaded barrel on the NDM-86 and TIGR. Both TIGR and NDM have a two part gas system which the FPK does not. Own both the NDM and the TIGR, both nice rifles that can maintain 1.5 at a hundo. Are they worth 3 k each. No . They are the safe for the boys to enjoy. SSG-69 outshoots both hands down. If you are looking for a tack driver stick with a bolt action and nice scope. EVO
  9. evo


    Sounds like I will the UF one the .410 and a side folder on the S-12. Thanks for all the info guys.
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