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  1. For sale- 9 boxes of Norinco Lead Core\Steel Case FMJ 7.62x39 ammo (20 rds per box, 180rds total), $6.75 per box, selling whole lot for $60. Will ship if one lives where legal to do so and is legal to own. Shipping will be via UPS Ground and is not included in the asking price. This is great ammo and as accurate as American ammo I've shot FYI. Never one misfire, etc. Back is stamped 71/89, so the date of manufacture is 1989
  2. For sale- 9 boxes of Norinco Lead Core\Steel Case FMJ 7.62x39 ammo (20 rds per box, 180rds total), $90.00 100 rds of Chinese Steel Core FMJ 7.62x39 ammo, $70.00 ALSO- I have half a box of Remington UMC 7.62x39 brass case FMJ ammo (10 rds) for $8 Only sales to states where legal and to persons who are legal to own this ammo. thanks Must ship by UPS and will only charge for actual shipping and packing materials.
  3. Thanks for the reply 22 Shooter. Just wanted to make sure.!
  4. I was wondering because I've heard that they come new with 2 10 round mags (I got one one my box). thanks
  5. That's interesting, I didn't know they were legal in CA.
  6. No longer for sale......I'm going to put this away for a rainy day I guess as I misjudged the market for these (I paid $450 for this gun plus another $150 for the accessories and thought I could resell it for what I paid for it). Does anybody make offers anymore lol? I figured with trading it could still be a deal for someone but I guess my price offended some folks. Oh well, live and learn.
  7. FYI everyone I posted pics of both my bench rest 10-shot group and 10-shot standing\shoulder unsupported group in another thread which has the same title. Thanks.
  8. Yeah, I know some here were wondering if maybe I was exaggerating a little so it's nice to post the actual results. I did talk to RAA today and they great to deal with. If different ammo doesn't make a big difference then RAA said they would replace the gun, including covering my shipping costs. That's what I call customer service.
  9. For sale- Like new Kel Tec Sub-2000 9mm Glock 17 model with accessories. I bought this new in late November and it only has about 350 rounds through it. I hate to sell this wonderful carbine but I need the money to fund the purchase of a Kel Tec SU-16C. Looking to do a face to face transaction in Colorado (must have a valid Colorado ID and be legal to purchase this). If I don't get a reasonable offer from a Colorado resident then I would be willing to ship to your FFL. If someone offers me a deal that I can't pass up I'll ship it regardless! The following accessories are on or with the gu
  10. Here is the 10 shot group I did from a bench rest at 100 yards using total breath control and staging the trigger to break as cleanly as possibly without "pulling" off target. Here is when I stood unsupported using the same techniques firing a 10-shot group, firing as slowly as possibly and keeping my focus on my breath control. Notice there are 8 shots circled. The other 2 completely missed the paper. Basically the shots are all over the place.
  11. Can the trigger be converted and moved forward without having to install a pistol grip? I have a feeling not. I want to use this with a 5 round mag as a fairly normal appearing rifle as I will not walk around the woods looking like a mall ninja while hunting. I like to socialize with other hunters and backpackers (part of what makes a great outdoor experience for me) and if I come up to them carrying what looks like an AK-47 it's not going to be the greatest social event. If the SHTF, then I'll put the folding stock and 30 rds mags on it. Until then (hopefully never) I like the more normal app
  12. +1! I would talk to RAAC. I get 2" groups from the bench at 100 yards with no problem with my converted 16" Saiga 7.62X39 using Wolf black box JHP ammo. Thanks for the input. I just got off the phone with RAAC. Nice guy. anyway, I was told that the 100yd/m cert. at the factory or where ever, is a general check of iron sights. Can't say who or how many people do the testing, or if any tweaking is done during testing. Generally speaking, Most Saiga 7.62X39 rifles shoot better than testing cert. shows in RAAC opinion. Bottom line, If you are not happy with the performance of the weapon s
  13. desert dog, thanks for the info. Maybe I've misunderstood, but from what I've read here most people get 2" to 5" inch groups at 100 yards with the Saiga with open sights. If this is true then it should be plenty accurate for larger game within 150 yards, especially using a scope. Is there a another set of Saiga owners out there getting bad accuracy like mine? Regarding hunting with a gun of this type, I wanted to get an all around rugged self-defense rifle that could pull double duty as a brush\ranch rifle and be able to take medium-sized game within 100-150 yards. I know the Saiga is easi
  14. Thanks for the link 1911. I'll keep that in mind as a possibility for the future if it doesn't affect the guns reliability (i.e. problems with light primer strikes, etc.) Problem is that I'm not going to spend money on a brand new weapon to make it like everyone else's normal weapon. I've heard that RAA can be responsive to problems with their products so I hope in my case they will help make this right. If I remember correctly the factory cert that came in the box said this thing shot close to 6" at 100 meters, so I'm actually pretty close to that in my testing (7" to 8"). Personally, I t
  15. eadodd, yeah, the sights leave something to be desired no doubt, but I should be able to shoot 5" or less on the bench like the majority of other Saiga owners. I think the ultra-heavy trigger is "pulling" me off target, resulting in the bad groups. I had to concentrate like hell using every bit of my breath to pull the trigger back without "pulling" the gun while maintaining my aim. I've shot 10s of other rifles and shotguns, including SKS, M-16s, etc. and this Saiga feels about twice as heavy as any rifle I've ever shot before, and trigger pull also feels really gritty and weird during the ha
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