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  1. Well, I used to be one who was very particular about scratches and scuffs on my guns. After all, these things cost a lot of money!!! But over the years I've come to appreciate other peoples "well used" weapons even while still being anal about mine. What finally won me over what when AK kit building came into fashion and I started seeing pics of "battlefield pick up finishes". Those guns were some of the most beautiful guns I've ever seen. Since then, I've come to appreciate, even welcome scrateches and dings in my weapons. Some things I own to collect, some to use. And those that I use,
  2. I think the reason the safety goes too far up after a conversion has to do with your new disconnector not having the "tail" that the original had. The tail is (I think) a full auto feature that is not needed in any semi-auto. It does, however, serve the dual purpose of catching a tab on the safety lever to prevent it from going too far up. This makes disassembly more tricky, but I feel makes for a tighter weapon. After converting mine, the safety goes up to the point that it becomes very difficult to disengage. I will remedy that at some point with an arsenal disconnector.
  3. EchoKilo


    Are they changing the design or the material of the follower? I was having problems with my Promag followers coming up too far and when I pulled them and compared them to AGP followers the Promags seemed like they were made out of rubber!
  4. I decided that what my saiga needs is a raised front sight. After some research I see my options are Krebs, Dinzag, and factory russian. Looking them over I really prefer the skeletonized design of the russian one, and I prefer the clamp on style over the set screw as it won't permantly gouge the barrel, just in case i ever want it off. But I just don't see the russian ones available anywhere. So does anyone know of any vendors that have these? Will this site be getting any more in? Thanks.
  5. LOL, I just took the follower out of my AGP and put it in the Promag and it stopped at the correct spot. So I'm gonna go with the Promags being defective. I also noticed the AGP spring is much beefier- 25 inches long compared to Promags 20 inches and measures .062 in. dia compared to promags .059 in. I don't have any way to measure the rigidity of plastic used in the followers, but applying equal light pressure to the sides of each follower the AGP is relatively stiff whereas the promags bend in rather easily. The promags sure LOOK nice and the mag body sure seems beefy but the inter
  6. I noticed that the followers on my two promags go all the way to the top whereas all my other mags (AGP, Surefire, Taiwan, factory) do not. This has the interesting effect of providing a last round bolt hold open function by catching the bottom extractor of the bolt. While somewhat handy, it doesn't seem the follower is really built to hold up to much of that kind of impact. Anyone else run in to that kind of issue with their promags?
  7. I've got two AGP's, two ProMags, one Surefire 12, three Taiwan 5's, and two factory 5's. All my aftermarket mags have required some fitting, but not really much. All my mags have been 100% reliable. Personally, I like the ProMags the best. They do seem beefier and they are the best looking of the bunch. AGP's come in second for looks. My Surefire, although it has been reliable, seems the lightest duty. It does have the interesting feature of being able to be cut down to several different capacities. It also lacks the steel feed lips found on ALL the other mags. And it's
  8. When I installed the G2 trigger group I noticed that the disconnector didn't have the protrusions coming from the back of it like the factory one did. At first I thought it was great because it allowed me to install the safety lever last and utilize a retaining plate for the trigger pins. But now I notice when I put the gun on safety there it no positive stop for upward movement. It just keeps going until it hits the receiver cover. To me, it makes the gun feel "sloppy". Does this bother anyone else? Are there any other USA made trigger groups that have the selector lever stops?
  9. So how does the Gunfixr gas plug not require pressing the detent pin? What holds it at each individual setting- friction?
  10. Yes. I've got three of them. All three would fit in my EAA gun but not my brand new RAA. My issue was not the lock lever or tab, although it seemed that way at first. What I did was take off the top cover and bolt carrier and lock in the mags that worked and the ones that didn't so I could see what the issue was. Basically, the top rear of the Taiwan mags were jamming up against the center support, not allowing them to come up enough to lock in. Had I filed down the mag catch they may not have sat high enough in the gun for reliable feeding.
  11. Well, for starters, I'd like to know where to buy a Sega shotgun. I hear they're great for shooting hedgehogs.
  12. Well, the obvious answer is that the regulations are a buch of cobbled together, fly by the seat of their pants, winging it, whatever the fuck we feel like today, bullshit. Just be happy they were nice enough for identify enough changeable parts that we don't have to wind up building a completely new gun around the barrel just so we can have a Saiga.
  13. Wow, that's one tough granola-munching hippie. She's got my respect, at least in that instance. It sounded like she never actually had control of the gun, she just grabbed it and pointed it at his crotch while still in his hand. I can somewhat understand why police always say they don't recommend fighting off an attacker. Any time you escalate an attack you increase the chance of being injured, and the police don't want that kind of liability. However, I wonder what kind of world we would live in if, from the moment of birth, everyone was encouraged by every authority figure they
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