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  1. I've got a 16'' Saiga .223 that I converted years ago. Back then there weren't a lot of 30 rd magazine choices available. I ended up putting in a bullet guide and went with German Weiger mags. Steel, and didn't take much fitting. Great mags. However, now that there's a lot more choices and availability out there I'd like to get something a little more mainstream. CSS has poly mags and there's a lot of SGM's out there. What's everybody running these days for 30 rounders? I also looked at mag adapters for AR15 mags but really don't find much/any information on them that's current. Who's got a go
  2. I need to do this to mine too! For those of you that did drill your detents, what paint did you use that best matches the original Saiga color? So far I haven't found a match for my rifles or shotgun.
  3. High prices are a possibility, but he hasn't had them priced near as high or even close to the AR's normally. He's not the type to do it, but if he raised the prices on them, he surely would have on the AR's too. But they're gone! In this area most people don't know what I'm talking about when I start telling them about my Saiga's.
  4. Went to my local gunshop Saturday morning to watch the feeding frenzy. No AR's left, one thumbhole AK of some kind on the wall, no AR upper's of any kind, no ammo, and no magazines! Wall to wall people. What was surprising was that they still had 6-7 Saiga's. They had a couple of 20" bbl'd rifles, the rest were 16's. I don't know what calibers they had, I couldn't get close enough to ask, and since I wasn't interested in anything at the time, didn't bother to find out. I found it interesting that no one seems to know what a Saiga is and what can be done with them as far as converting. I had h
  5. Yea, I need to clarify that....I DO mean the "D" modification to the gas block opening. Either that or just drill out the opening slightly larger. I wasn't clear on that. I did do the bolt drop test, and mine drops freely as in the video. It shucked so much harder than I'm used to, I thought it could stand polishing. Now, maybe not. I can only see 2 of the 4 gas holes. I can find the other two holes with a bent paper clip. I can move the clip around in one and it feels like there's about as much open space as the two I can see. On the fourth hole, I can get the clip in the hole, but it doe
  6. Obviously no one buys any thing not expecting it to be reliable.....unless you've read up on the Saiga shotguns, LOL. Seriously, I'd like it to be 100% reliable on everything, but I know/knew that's not real probable without some work. I really have no idea what kind of ammo I will normally run through it. I've buckshot for predator calling and I've got the Federal 7 1/2's here for blue rock. That's the only reason I used the Federal yesterday. So I can't say specifically what I'll use. Of course I've got the 5 rd mag that came with it, and I'll probably get a couple 10's and 12's. And of cour
  7. As I posted in another thread I tried my new S12 yesterday for the first time. Had to run everything on position 2. Still had some FTE with some low brass Federals(3dram/1 1/2oz shot/7 1/2). I know that's not what the gun was intended to shoot, but it would be nice to pop some blue rocks at times. Thinking I might have some blocked gas ports, I started to tear it down to check. On my first inspection, I thought I had 3 holes with 1 partially blocked. You can only see 2 holes easily in the gas block opening. And last nite I could feel a third hole but couldn't get a bent paper clip in it. Howev
  8. Wow, that was EASY! Once again I was following the instructions explicitly and it bit me on the ass. I see now that the handguard is notched to fit over the screw block. Never would have gotten it off just sliding straight down like the video showed. Unfortunately I've probably trashed the threads on the thread protector. I've used everything but a pipe wrench and it won't budge. Yesterday I ordered a conversion kit from CSS, I'll try to add a steel thread protector to the order. Thanks for the help.
  9. OK, I've watched the videos, read the tutorials, simple right? Well, I can't get mine to come loose. Simply pulling forward won't work. Smacked it down on the carpet while pulling on the handguard. The guy in the one video says I don't have to take the thread protector off when I do this. Right. Now I can't unscrew the protector, so I have to work on that now. What am I missing here? Just wanted to ask before I start prying on things. Looks like I have to work on one of the gas holes so I'm just starting to take it apart. Looks like there's 3 holes on mine, one seems to be partially covered. A
  10. I get so mixed up on front site bases. Should be a diagram on which is which!! So, easiest just to ask. Which front site block will fit a .591 barrel? Preferably a threaded one. I'd like a combo gas/site block, but that seems even worse for finding the correct combo (size/vent angle). I'll probably just go this way instead of the combo idea. Shorten my 20" bbl down to 18" and put a new threaded site block on with a flash hider and hope it looks good. Greg
  11. That's too bad. I'd really like to shorten the 20" to an 18" and combo up the gas block/front site. Without a lot of work that is. I never seem to find the right combo block in stock anywhere. Looks like it'll be easier to shorten the thing down to a 16". Of course the easiest thing is to just sell it! That's probably what I'll end up doing. Greg
  12. Has anyone used the Bolton gas block? I've got a 16" and a 20" in .223 and was considering doing the 20", then threading the bbl and putting a fake can on, or cutting it down to 18". Thanks. Greg
  13. I know it's a lot better with a longer sight radius. But, I really like the looks of the front sight w/the gas block combination. Right now I have a TWS rail on it with the peep sight. What I'd like to do is put a gas block/front sight on it, thread the bbl, and put a fake can on it. I think that would look pretty decent! If I thought it would look alright I'd put a standard sight block on next to the gas block, but not sure if that would look good at all. I envy you having the Krebs, I think that would be perfect. I see a lot of custom setups, but nothing seems to show up for diy. If I can't
  14. Could you tell me more about your sight/gas block combo? This is something I'd like to put on my 20".
  15. I've got a new Saiga 12 ordered, should be in late this week. I've got 2 .223's, both converted, but know little about the shottie. I've been reading some here about them, so I know a little bit about them when it comes in. Sounds like there's a lot of variation out there. Quite honestly, it really sounds like a crap shoot with what you get! So, what are the latest ones like these days? Are they still making "vodka specials"? Or have they evened out quality wise? I'm starting to quesion whether I'm making the right move by getting one. Thanks. Greg
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