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  1. westonsecurity

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    Looks fantastic, How does it group?
  2. westonsecurity

    Has anyone tried to put a new barrel on thei 308?

    Tony, Would this change in barrels increase accuracy enough to warrant the expense, or would you be making an approx. 2 to 3 moa gun?
  3. westonsecurity

    Has anyone tried to put a new barrel on thei 308?

    Found that Alantic Firearms is selling them. I'm not sure about the dia.
  4. westonsecurity

    Has anyone tried to put a new barrel on thei 308?

    Who is selling the Vepr's?
  5. I'm considering installing a new barrel on a Saiga 308. Can it be done, or is it a bad idea? If it can be done, I would like to install a larger contour dia. possibly .650 or a little bigger .750. What are your ideas? Thx..
  6. westonsecurity

    First pics of Econo-Can

    What is the filter thread size 3/4-16 or Cat number of the filters since most filters are different sizes
  7. That next pearl necklace is really going to sting the eyes.
  8. westonsecurity

    home improvement ideas

    If you are going to insulate the space between the rafters and roofing plywood w/ fiberglass type insulation, you MUST install the styrofaom blue hat track system. If you don't, then condensation will build up between the ply & insulation causing the wood to rot over time. The hat track creates an air channel and if a ridge vent is used along w/ soffit venting will create an air flow from the soffit thru the hat track channel and venting out of the ridge vent. Adding a t-stat roof vent will increase the cooling w/o disrupting the flow,
  9. Duke, CMMG has several listed in their "Bargin Bin" section that are excellent. I bought one 2yrs ago, CMMG lower/upper chrome lined w/ "F" marked front site in M4 configuration. for $599 w/o mags. Excellent in every aspect.
  10. I remember a time that my dad took me and my sister out, and she was an unbelieveable shot. I think it comes down to this: boys or guys know everything or so we think so, and girls or woman really listen to what is being taught.
  11. westonsecurity

    New Saiga 12

    Even a vodka special can be made to shoot w/o too much work. I sent mine out to be done because, it was easier for me .There isn't much that can't be over come with this platform.
  12. Are the scopes U.S property ACOG,EOtech? If not does he have proof of purchase? Just asking.
  13. westonsecurity

    The real Chaos Theory!

    This is a no bullshit comment, That story makes me want to pay full price for anything I buy from Chaos. Just knowing how much you spent on tools ect, and the chances you took, makes me want to help you recoupe your money faster. I started the same way. I'm now looking for my own building, I want to own the bricks as the saying goes.
  14. westonsecurity


    I asked a couple of questions and this is what I got. Thay are married almost 10 yrs., hired a P.I and found evidence of adultery. He's getting all his ducks in a row before serving papers. Most of the guns were his before they got married. Approx. 4 long guns & 3 handguns were purchased while married. It kind of sounds that no matter how prepared he is going into this he's at they mercy of the court. He's got one thing going for him , no kid's.
  15. westonsecurity


    As far as I know, papers haven;t been filed yet, and from what I gather his wife doesn't even know what's coming. I'm pretty sure that everything he wants to keep is going to be protected first before serving papers.