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  1. Met a guy a few weeks ago. I am not affiliated with the military at all, unfortunately. He was.

    I RR for a living. he was an FRA guy inspecting our tracks. Competely cool guy! Used to be a Military Cop. Been in many countries. Retired from military.

    Lot's of cool stories, really neat guy. Funny as hell!.

    When he climbed off our train, I told him "Thank You For Your Service"

    I don't think he was expecting that. He said it was appreciated.

    Almost like it caught him off gaurd.

    I appreciate ALL of our vets. Young or old.

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  2. Bought 4 Catch-22 .22 LR ammo holders. They are kind of bigger and bulkier than I thought. Not bad, though, But are cool. They hold 50 rds. Release 5 at a time, or load a cylindrical tube quickly. Now if I could just find .22 LR ammo. Way, WAY better than a box of loose shells. Way, way better than a pocket full of loose ammo. I bought them for my .22 Winchester tubuar mag and a couple of .22 NAA mini revolvers with the slip out holster grip.

  3. Bought a North American Arms (small 5 shot revolver) old school pistol/holster/gun grip, where the gun barrel is protected. Bought 4 "Catch 22" .22 ammo holder/dispensers. Almost done buying stuff. Need to concentrate on ammo. Bought 12 .45 caliber Glock Mags, 13 rd capacity. Been buying .45 cal ammo. Now need a .45 cal Glock, lol. One more 10mm and one NAA arms .22 lr and I am done with what I want/need. Time to concentrate on ammo.

    Need tear gas rounds for my 37mm Cobray Flare Launcher.

    You can still get flare launchers brand new, btw, at  http://www.ftfindustries.com/category/37MM.html

    Sorry mods, if this violates forum stuff. Please relocate or decline if it does.

    They are legal, as they are black powder. NO restrictions. M203 uppers on EBAY are cheap. Rounds are pricey. Or reload your own. Lot's of info on the web.

    They are BadAss and Cool! lol.

  4. This is weird, I watched the Road Warrior today on cable. I "kinda liked" them all, but in the Road Warrior, I really liked the little kid with long hair that growled at the geek in the gyro copter, and Tina was cool, back then, I would bumped that if I'd had a chance, the problem is, I didn't get the chance, but she'd a loved it. smile.png

     Problem with stuff now a days is that NONE of the "writers" in HollyWierd have any imagination, at least enough to write their own material. I'm just wondering when these dumb asses will do a remake of the Dr. Fibes movies, now those, I saw everyone made and really liked them, twisted and sick. I want some of those little silver balls that fly thru the air and rip your ass into shreds.

    Dude, you have a few movies mixed up. Dr. Phibes was portrayed by Vincent Price. They were an excellant series of movies. I think that there were three of them total. The "silver ball" that flew thru the air was the movie series Phantasm, mostly noted for the black 'Cuda. There are 4 movies of it, and a fifth is in the works. Another less well known movie is Chamber Of Horrors. It takes place/associated with a wax museum. 1964 or so. It's a good flick.

    In the history of mankind, there are only 7 stories, when you get down to the root of them. Boy meets girl they marry, happily ever after. Boy meets girl and they split up, etc. You can look it up.

    Some filler is good, some sucks. But it's all the same in the end.

    All stories in the history of mankind are based on these premises. There are no new stories to tell, just different twists to the same old same old.

    I've always told anyone that I knew - the key to getting rich in America is to be abe to tell a story. Book, Movie, whatever. Same format, just juicy details. and you can make your own mint.

    Learn to tell a story well, and you will be a millionaire. I wish I was that smart.

  5. 12 Z-Mags from Shockwave Technologies - 30 rd metal mags made for the Mac11/9 millimeter, made and tooled up in Utah. 11 .45 caliber Glock 13 rd mags from Botach Tactical,  2 - 37mm Cobray Flare Launchers for HB AR-15, One Colt HBAR A2 Sporter, 1980's style. Brand new mint cond. A couple M203 hand guards for the AR/Flare launcher.  2000 rds. Winchester White Box 100 rd Value Packs. 30 rds of 37mm  fireworks for the launcher. 2 - Mac 11/9 GA made SWD Cobrays - one brand new in box. A bunch of stupid stuff for the Cobrays, straps, extensions, wrap around grips from Machine Gun USA, etc. A Burris red dot Fast Fire 3,  Other misc. stuff. Some Pelican cases. An UPLULA mag loader.

    Best money I ever spent. Cheap. and it works.

    Oh, bought a couple more 20 rd. drums for the Saiga 12. I have 3 Saiga 12's. And will have 6 MD drums.

    Can you tell where I spent my tax return? lol.

    Wish List...

    Next on the list is a .45 Glock 3 Gen desert tan. Then another 10mm Gock,

    and then I am done.

    I hope.

    No more of this insanity. Just ammo. lol.

    Maybe just one more AR. I want to get the olive drab furniture, and put it on one.

    but that will be all. NO More.

    maybe a 9mm Glock. BUT No MORE!...

  6. Shockwave Technologies makes metal mags, 30 rd. They also offer 50 round mags. Based in Utah. Worth the money. I bought 12, and am waiting for the next batch to buy more.

    They just started up, and are the only source of reliable metal mags. They spent the money and tooled up. They are high quality mags.

    As far as loading the mags, a UPLULA mag loader is your best friend. Ebay, cheap.

    It covers several calibers. You can buy them for different calibers. It is FANTASTIC!

    Cheap and EASY and FAST! 30 round mag in seconds. It flat out WORKS. No pain. No BS.

    I would not lie. iT IS A GODSEND DEVICE. Cheap.

  7. I bought a COBRAY M11/9. (see handgun thread) That led to internet searching, and I found out that Cobray made the M203 Flaare launcher. I remembered them from days of old, and found a place that had them brand new in the box.

    I mention it here because it is Black Powder, and not classified as a fire arm.

    Of course, i had to have one. lol.

    But, I didn't want to put it on my AR, so I had to buy another AR to mount it on. You know how it goes.

    Long story short, with a MINT 80's AR off of GunBroocker, and a surplus M203 hand guard off Ebay, and a BNIB COBRAY Flare launcher (FTF Industries) - I have one kick ass weapon.

    It's legal to shoot fireworks from. They are pricey, but they are cool.

    It's over the top, but fun!


  8. Bought a used one at a local gun shop. Barely used, SO STINKING COOL!

    Bought another one on line, BNIB off Gun Broker. $550.00

    Bought accys such as hand guards of MahcineGuns Inc. Riser cocking knobbs and barrel extentions, and stuff. Scope mount for one with a Burris Fast Fire III red dot for one. One is kinda stock, the other one is pimped out, lol.

    Always wanted one since the 80's. Now have 2. Bought 12 Z-Mags from Shockwave Technologies, metal mags designed for the Macs. Very nice.

    STUPIDEST gun for anything, but SO DAMN cool!

    SO cool. I've never owned a pistol MORE cool than this.

    Heavy, bulky, hard to cock, unweildy, but SO DAMN COOL!

    If you want to go FA, the cheapest rout, at around $4-$5,000. I'm looking into it. A Bargain.

    If it's good enough for Arnold and Bruce in all of the 80's movies, and good enough for the FBI back in the 80's, it's good enough for me. LOL. This was before the Glock.

    http://www.udaof.com/?p=2504 Baddassery at it's finest. lol. Admit it. You don't have one. it's totally stupid. Worthless for anything. Heavy, inaccurate, bulky, dumb as hell.

    But you are jeaalous. ROFLMAO!

    Spray and Pray.


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  9. I hope everyone realizes, that according to the FBI and crime statistics, that crime is actually going down and has been for quite some time. Don't believe all the putrid bullshit you see on tv. Crime has been going down for some time now. TV and newspapers use crime to sell. It's not all that bad. Yeah, shit happens. But, it's not like everybody and their neighbor are out to kill you. TV news wouldn't exist without crime and killings. Don't get caught up in the living in fear trap.

  10. I voted yes. I figure that I'm not rich, but not destitute either. I've been fortunate to have a good job. I've also been placed into a position where I wonder where they money will come from, even though I was willing and able and not finding a job. Anyone that remembers Houston in the big oil bust (late 80's/early 90's) when no one was hiring will allude to this. Sometimes shit happens that is through no fault of your own. I live in a small town in a State that has sparse population, but you see people in need from time to time. Like Pauly said - food runs out. So if nothing else, give to your food pantry. Every situation is different, and not all people are scammers. If anyone of you have ever been flat on your back, wondering what the hell will come next, or where help will come from, you would not hesitate to help out those who might need help once you get on your feet. So fucking what if I give someone some money and he goes and spends it on drugs or booze? That's what I might have done with it (minus drugs). Charity strongholds are mostly a ripoff. Most big charity places give 10 cents of every dollar you donate to help the poor/downtrodden/homeless. 80 cents of every dollar goes to the pockets of those that run the charity. Non - Profit is the biggest fucking lie since "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you" You are way ahead helping those that need it, right then, right there, in anyway or shape you can on your own. If you don't help, who really gives a shit? I certianly don't. That's your decision. Just remember One Day, the person that might need that hand up, MIGHT BE YOU. (even through no fault of your own) Karma can kick your ass in ways you never dreamed of.

  11. "Give me 1/4 of your money, and I will see the gov takes care of you cradle to grave. Oops, not my fault, don't know how it happenned, there is a lot of turmoil in the world, we need bombs. Give me 1/2 your money, and I will take care of you cradle to grave. Damn tea party sent the cost of living up because they wouldn't allow a debt ceiling increase. Give me 3/4 your money and I will take care of you cradle to grave. OOPs! economy is going down, banker buddies need more money. Give me ALL your money, and we will just forget about that grave part. You're on your own. But we got green energy and cap and trade and obamacare to bail you out. That's what I'm talkin' about baby! Jobs for eberbody! lol.

  12. I drove into the McDees parking lot today, and there was a girl out side having a smoke break out back. She yelled "15"? and I was WTH? Then backed up and yelled "9". She yelled "No onion"? and I said yeah. She said "I'll tell them" I pulled up to the second window and got my 9 McDoubles without onion! lol! I stop once a month or so, and get a big order to give my doggies a treat. They each get two, and I got 3 today. That blew my mind! Don't ever go there otherwise, lol. I always get no onion, because I don't want my doggies to have onion breath. lol. Sometimes I get more, sometimes less. It was definately cool! Sometimes the small things really rock!

  13. Cheap silicone spray. Hose it down and let it work. Clean and hose down again. let dry. Put Rod and reel grease on the sliding rails. Shit will fire for ever and look good doing it. Serious, why spend all that money on all the high dollar stuff? Silicone works good to degrease and clean. When it dries, stuff don't stick and is easier to clean next time. I want a major manufacturer or a person here tell me why silicone isn't the shit. Disprove me. Why waste dollars using solvents, then waiting for it to dry so you can use lubricants. For tens of hundreds of dollars when you can use silicone for pennies. Prove me wrong. Your high dollar oils are shit when you shoot hundreds of rounds. They might last 40-50 rounds. Prove me wrong - not with a sheet of metal left outside overnight. Prove me wrong in a gun.

  14. So, after all this time, no one knows or even apparently even gives a shit about this true hero? What the fuck is going on? His family would sure like to know. OK city bombing must have been a cover up for something for Yeakey to have been taken out like this. His death was way beyond bizarre. This whole thing stinks of gov involvement. Any other time in history, and he would be hailed as a true hero. He wasn't even a footnote. Something is fucked up and covered up and hidden. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks their gov. will back them up.

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