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  1. Yeah, Suh was working for Subway Sandwich in Detroit. He was actually making and serving sandwiches. If NFL settle their contract, he might be out of a job. The Man is a class act.
  2. Has anyone ever gotten to the bottom of this strange story? I guess google to find out the details, it's all over the map. He was a hell of a man. Just weird.
  3. Helped a dude SKATEBOARDING down the Interstate 4 or 5 years ago the opposite direction! I did a u turn across the median. He ran out of gas. He was miles from any town. Got him a gas can and enough gas to get back and get refueled. lol. That was fun! Stuff happens. I believe in Karma. (or I would really LIKE to believe in Karma) I guess these days, with cell phones, everyone assumes that the people can call and know who to call. Life isn't always that tidy.
  4. Info for anyone interested. The wireless pads still must be able to use your Micro usb port on your phone. They have a connection that clips in or something. My micro usb port on the phone was effed up. No go for me. But I found a cheap Li-Ion Charger that recharges the batteries and plugs into the wall. Less than $20. If I was buying a $300 Droid phone, I would get the charging mat to keep the usb port from breaking from the constant unplugging and plugging. They are cheap on ebay. Lot's of companies make them, Duracell, EverReady and a host of no names. Hope this helps others.
  5. In what state do you need a permit to buy a handgun? I just want to know so i never spend any money in that state in travel/online expenses. In Nebraska you need a permit to purchase a handgun. The handgun permit is good for three years upon approval. Open carry is legal.
  6. I'm no hero, and don't want to be. Just being decent is all. Not to much to ask...or is it?
  7. I was driving home tonight after work, (40 miles or so) on a two lane blacktop, when I came upon 9 Long Horn steers running on the side of the road and in the middle of the highway. I slowed way down, and was trying to kind of keep them to one side of the road so on coming traffic wouldn't hit them, looking for the area they might have gotten out of. A car was approaching, so I flashed my lights to warn them, and it was a Sheriff. He flipped on his lights, and went on by, stopping to talk to a car behind me. I did a u turn on the highway and got out, about thirty feet away and hollered to see
  8. Hey all, I've got an older LG Glimmer phone. The phone works fine, but the recharge port is screwed up, and it sometimes/rarely recharges the battery any more. I'm happy with the phone and don't want the hassle of getting a new one, with all the crappy reviews I've been reading on some new phones. Will one of these charging mats work to recharge a phone when the micro usb cable connection is worn out? I don't want a smart phone, with expense and worthless features. I just need to call out and answer incoming. Thanks for any help.
  9. Lucky You! But you have it backwards. He will soon be in total control of you! lol. I named my last dog Monaco. All others from here on out will be named after Mopar. Good Luck! By the way, he has really cool markings.
  10. Boba, I applaud your out of the box thinking. Why would this be so much different than a Kel-Tec PLR-16? Just the ability to shoot it one handed? My PLR's almost gaurentee I have to use both hands, but you can use a sling on your shoulder and use it as a "reverse" buttstock, by pushing back against it. I haven't shot it yet with the c mag, but the PLR with a BETA C mag (100 rd) would be heavy for one hand unless you were the Arnold. But for both hands, it is controllable and a blast to shoot. I don't know anything about ballistics. It seems you would almost need a sling on the rear to tighten
  11. I admit, I don't have the best computer acuity. Will someone please post the best vid for his classic song Big Tits? lol.
  12. Chile, thanks for a good laugh, I was have a self imposed shitty day!
  13. A mom is cleaning her son's room, and finds a bunch of S & M magazines under the son's bed. She goes to talk it over with her husband, and asks "What do you think we should do?" and the husband replies, "I don't know - but we'd better not spank him."
  14. How does that saying go? "Kill 'Em all let God sort them out" You are going to be in jail anyway, don't want them coming for you when you get out. Seriously, why would you want to wound someone that wants to do you harm? "I was in fear for my life" STOP. I like my dogs. I don't like people (strangers) as much. People hurt you. dogs don't.
  15. I was in Houston the whole time that happened. not only did they fail to produce any weapons that were fully auto, they slaugtered innocent men and women and children. (look up the vids on the web)(the feds shot at them when they tried to flee) and then they instantly bulldozed everything over. They knew they fucked up from the start, but had no way of politically or polity backing down without looking like a bunch of fucking buffoons. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton should burn in hell like all the victims did. They never displayed one full auto gun that was suppososed to be manufactured there. N
  16. What was that that Jack Nicholson kept typing over and over in that movie.... All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy? Then he went crazy with an axe. Better take a day off, Juggernaut! lol. (The Shining)
  17. It's sad, but a lot of animals are eradicated, either thru PETA, presumably, or your local animal shelter. I really don't comprehend how puppy mills and legitimate breeders make money, compared to all the animals that are slaughtered by shelters alone. People should get smart and neuter their animals if they aren't going to breed them. Don't blame any one group, even though they may promote animal welfare. The sad truth is these animals would end up a much worse existance, or horrible death. Blame the public for not taking in strays and taking care of them. I have never paid for a dog, and nev
  18. Bought the movie at wallyworld in the dump bin. Hadn't seen it in ages and didn't remember most of it. It won 7 acadamy awards in 1970, including best picture. Back when movies were worth watching. It almost seemed Hollywood was PRO - USA when this was made. Hard to imagine, both the Hollywood slant, and all the trials and tribulations we had to go through in Hitlers reign, as now.
  19. I took a dog (black lab)to the vet, because she wasn't eating right. Otherwise she was fine. Vet said take her home and make her comfortable, there is nothing I can do. This was on a Saturday morning. Saturday night, she started coughing up blood and mucus. she had lymphoma, cancer of the blood. Couldn't get ahold of the vet, and had to watch her big eyes pleading for help, and there was nothing I could do. Blood and mucus running from her nose and mouth. I couldn't get ahold of the vet. If he knew she was that bad, he should have just put her away. Christ, I'll never forget that shit. It happ
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