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  1. I bought a grenade launcher style recoil pad for my Romanian folder, and it is nice and soft and cushy without being "squeezy". It was $16 bucks. I don't remember where I bought it. it was from an AK place online. It had a cheap velcro strap, but I had to end up zip-tying it on to hold it in place.
  2. The first person that comes up with a butt/recoil pad with gel - like those bicycle seat deals or the shoe inserts, except with a gel and holding system that can absorb the recoil will be a millionaire. Unless that is what the Limbsavers do, then you will be just stealing their design (I have no clue what they utilize - but it ain't $65 dollars worth of rubber) Fucking tires don't cost much more than that. I don't know, but hard or even soft rubber just don't cut it. There is no excuse in this day and age with all the tennis shoe people making all kinds of rebound, absorbing shit, why we shoul
  3. By the way, don't know it it's "right or wrong" I use silicone spray, and let it dry before assembling the gas plug and tube, Seems to help cleaning the plug (and ports) easier, and I always use a dab of anti-sieze on the adjustment knob threads.It works for me. YMMV. It is amazing how much crud can build up in the tube, and on the piston. And equally amazing how much easier it is to clean them when I started using the silicone spray and anti-sieze. Does it matter or help if you shoot a couple of high brass loads after a day of shooting low brass Wally world stuff to help clean it out? Just cu
  4. Well, neither of mine have ever ran flawlessly until the puck got a bit of carbon on it to help it seal up, sooo, after THOUSANDS of rounds of testing, I clean the gas block, inspect the receiver, bcg, fcg, and bolt but I leave the crud on the puck. Since I've been doing that it's never failed to go bang once, even with Win Uni. Basically, to answer your question, yes, I trust it. I also trust the wife's Sig P238, her double-barrel 12 gauge, my Colt 1911, and my S&W Sigma .40. Yes, all are loaded and at the ready every night along with the S-12 and many of them have white lights o
  5. Nope. It didn't come with it, so it's not a countable 922r part. I was just joking, but it IS a made in the US Bayo! And a damn nice one at that. (they actually make us gov stuff, under contract - so it had better be good)
  6. Thank God I got one of them on my other S12 then! lol. It is scary as hell!
  7. Are they outlawed or something? A couple of years ago - not even that long ago, they were all over. Now you can't find them anywhere. Or, I should say I can't. Why? Anyone have any links or sources? Lever type, not pushbutton. Even on gunbrokers, there is one, but it is welded open. There is an east German type, but I want the Romanian one. Please help. Thanks. What gives?
  8. Sure, NOW you say something right after I just put an order in and got basically the only one on the market today. Thanks for the heads up, lol.
  9. Coolest house of all time, google Cave House. Located in Festus MO. Used to be a skating rink, then an arena for Rock bands and stuff. Located in the middle of the town, with a canyon view, walk up and you are down town. You will not find a cooler house in all of the USA. It is fantastic. It was EBay for awhile, don't know if it sold or not. Just damn killer. Tina Turner and even Ted Nugent played there. It fucking rocks. Someone who knows how - please post links/pics.
  10. DUDE! That's where I'm a viking! (in the wise words of Ralph Wiggum). Went to college for awhile for architectural CAD and the professors could never understand why I refused to build homes out of wood. The advances in concrete work are NUTS! I helped build an under ground dome home out in CO and have got to say that's my dream home! In MI of course....with an attached light house....and an attached greenhouse...and hanger...and a OK, OK I'll stop Got any links or pics? Domme houses have always been my favorites since I was a kid, and when I was an adult, they were they only houses le
  11. Just ordered a bayonet adapter and suppressor/muzzle brake from Dinzag Arms. Will the addition of a USA made Ontario Knife Co. M9 bayonet count as one 922 compliance part? lol.
  12. Probably going to get flamed by the "it was made to run dirty" guys, but here goes. What is your primary use for the weapon? Just to shoot and have fun with once in awhile? Protect yourself? Impress your buddies? Consider, it didn't come from the factory plugged with plastic wadding and carbon, mud and stuck gas plugs, so maybe they never intended it to be left that way. Would you buy a new Vette or Viper or GT500 and just change the filter every 100,000 miles and add another quart of oil? How impressed are your friends going to be when you pull it out and it won't cycle until you clean it? Ho
  13. Great price To The Floor! I did my first conversion on mine a couple of years ago, and it didn't take anytime at all. Haven't painted it up pretty, and may not. I like it the way it is. I bought my 2nd S12 a year ago or so, it's still in the box. I just pulled the trigger, so to speak and ordered a few things to get the conversion started, and have already spent as much as the initial purchase. This one will be pretty and painted though, lol. Don't be afraid to hit it with a hammer. Don't be surprised if the hammer just bounces back and whacks you back in the head! lol Good luck! Take your tim
  14. I always use anti seize. I also use silicone spray for cleaning. Spray liberaly and let sit. Spray again and everything just falls off. Way cheaper than gun cleaner solvents. It really does work. Spray and use a brush for the barrel and the gas tube. I use a tornado brush for the barrel., a nylon brush for the gas tube. Hose down again when all the crap is out. Antisieze on the threads, and fishing reel grease on the slides inside the body where contact is made with the bolt carrier and stuff. May not work for everyone, and some may disagree, but it really does the shit. It holds up and lasts
  15. I was using a King Armory gas puck in mine, and shot 345 rounds through it with no problem. Flawless. Fast fire, drum dumps, plinking. Mixture of winchester cheap stuff, federal cheap stuff and about 50% or more winchester 00Buck and slugs. Never had a problem or misfire/misfeed all day long. I clean it every time I take it out, gas tube and everything, completely dissasemble and grease it up and oil it before the next outing. Clean is happy.
  16. Agree, Dremel with a drum sander to take the head off the rivit, and pop it out with a center punch and hammer.
  17. Wow, I'm surprised at how many people have such bad experiences with their local Wal-Mart. My closest one is about 40 miles away, and yes, you do have to sometimes chase someone down. But why all the bashing? Gotta realize that not everyone's dream comes true when they get out of school and find out there isn't any jobs. Sounds like 2 the floor got a good deal, even if he didn't want the ammo provided. I'm sure it will shoot fine, and if not, maybe he needs to work on his S-12 a little more. Mine shoots all sorts of crap - Federal, Winchester and any other bulk pack crap. If you want it to sho
  18. In '95 we had freak high winds and it knocked over a couple of neighbors trees. Wiped out my F-150 and my Bronco. Flattened them both at once. I had just finished overhauling the motor on the F-150 and replacing everything in the entire brake system. Homeowners said it was an act of God, and wouldn't pay. Car insurance did pay for them, at a very low rate, though. I don't know why, but I had full coverage on them at the time. Sucks bad, Shannon. I would look for a new roof section.
  19. So, the Police announce themselves and you are going to attempt to kill them? You are a fucking idiot! Kick burglaries are nothing new. When I lived in Houston from 1981 to 1993, there were reports in the news every night. It was very common, and the police actually did misstep enough at the time (ok, they fucked up ALOT) that people thought that they were just the mistaken targets of a raid gone wrong. Gangs picked up on this and would "raid" peoples houses and typically tie up the man, rape his spouse, and then kill the man and rob the home. They either made their own or bought police w
  20. Wow, I used to joke and tell people that my 85 Bronco was perhaps the finest vehicle ever built. Guess it might be true.
  21. I've got 2 Honda ATC 90's built in 1970, both in Lime Green, with the big balloon tires, and they are a BLAST! They are only dangerous if you get really stupid on them. The first time I tried to turn, I just used the handlebars and let one leg drag - well the tire climbed up my leg and threw me off like a rag doll. That was the only time I ever had an incident. Once you learn to throw your body into the turns, you can have an absolute blast with these machines. I bought them cheap at farmers auctions because the farmers were retiring. Kids used to use them all the time during irrigation. $400
  22. Buy a Desert Eagle and carry it daily for a while like I once did, everything else will suddently seem small and down right handy! Had a buddy that bought a Desert eagle 50 and every time he shot the casing would come back and hit him in the forehead. He was actually bleeding after a few rounds. Is this "normal"? He let me shoot a couple of rounds, but I don't remember that happening. It was in 1986, 1987 or so. I just remember - Man that gun was big and heavy, and it made his forehead bleed, and the bullets back then were about a dollar a shot. (it was in Houston)
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