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  1. Be a man and sneak up on it with your bow and arrow and see what that will do first! It might surprise you!
  2. And now for the rest of the story, WHAT the FUCK do you think is going on in that Engineers and Conductors minds? No one gives any shit to think about that. I tell you what, when you hit someone, and there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING you can fucking do about it, your heart is pounding a 1000MPH. I killed a guy, 27, on his birthday that didn't want to go to jail for drug charges. A buddy of mine, runs right in front of me, on the train line-up hit a 16 year old that got some girl knocked up and didn't know how to deal with it. In my case, the guy ran right out on front of our train going abo
  3. He looks like he has street smarts at such a tender age. Take care of him!
  4. Fantastic news! These days any job is good, but you pulled a plum out! Congrats.
  5. Sounds like the vacation from hell. Hows your sister doing? I wish the best for you both.
  6. Hope the new one doesn't creak and groan like the old one! lol. Hey GOB!
  7. RobRez, I'm crying like a little girl over your loss. I had to put down my beloved Pluvy may 21. she was almost 19 years old. It hurts so goddam bad. You don't realize how much an important role in your life they play unti;l they are gone. My little girl wasn't a hunter or anything. Just a companion, I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts so goddam bad, but there is nothing you can do about it. Except you hope you treated them right. I miss her so damn bad every day. Take care.
  8. I put cat food and water around once in awhile so the wild cats can eat it and take care of the mice at the same time. Skunks were getting into it, so I called up the local cops. (I'm in legal limits of town by 100 yards or so) and asked them if it was ok if I shot a gun off.) They asked why. I said either your going to get the skunk or I am. They said go ahead.
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss Chile, it really hurts when you want to ask for some good advice, and the old man ain't there anymore. It sucks bad. You take care, and your family, too. They will be counting on you to be the man for advice now...God Bless.
  10. I still like the idea of a crossbow shooting the bastards when they hit a trip wire and killing them. that is real justice.
  11. My first job, I called a couple of times a day when I didn't hear anything at first. They finally hired e, and told me they picked me because I was persistant and thought I'd be a good worker because of that. Just don't make it "anoyying". Good Luck!
  12. Accualy I do believe in the context it was used is that the tires simply are very resistant to ageing... IE-rubber rot, checking, hardening over time... not nessisarily wear. Pure synthetic rubber lasts for decades , but the tires have NO wet traction, and poor dry cornering ability. In the article it said Smokey had Firestone make 100 tires to his specs. He guarenteed they would last 100,000 miles. I would think that includes wear! Lol.
  13. Had to put down one of my dogs may 21. She was 18 3/4 years old. Almost half of my life. It sucks so bad. So Goddam bad. i miss her little "nose" kisses. I miss everything. Sorry to hear that Bron. 18 is good, long life for a dog (even though it never seems long enough once you get real attached). What kind of dog was she? Black Lab -Austraian Shepard mix. She was the runt of the litter, and when I was giving away the pups, no one selected her. So I kept her. She looked like a 1/2 size Black Lab. The others were grey with black spots. Not purebreed! lol. The Austrailian Shepard mo
  14. Had to put down one of my dogs may 21. She was 18 3/4 years old. Almost half of my life. It sucks so bad. So Goddam bad. i miss her little "nose" kisses. I miss everything.
  15. Don't mean to disrespect anybody, but that brain Drill was the worst piece of shit I've ever seen in my life. Ever.
  16. I loved early Candlebox - Lucy. I loved alot of Collective Soul, Collective Soul The blue album ROCKED.
  17. I thought that was the 80's???? 1980 exactly. This is a 90's music thread there Cobra. Ooops! Ok stupid song by The White Stripes Doorbell, can't get the goofy tune out of my head. Or anything by Adema. Tool is also good.
  18. Why the HELL didn't this technology catch on? And why the hell isn't it plentiful now with Fuel Injection and Computer control? 1984. Pontiac Fiero. 4 cyl. 250 HP, 250 TQ, 51 MPG. (std Hp was 90 HP and 125 TQ, 35 mpg) Carb. No computer. They had the tech back then. All 3 (GM, Ford & Chrysler) built engines and cars and decided not to use it. Now GM is going to use it to meet CAFE standards. Assholes. Profit comes first. Tesla also had some very cool ideas and inventions, but got smothered by Edison, and lost in history, died broke. He was probably the smartest man that ever lived. Einstien
  19. Anything by The Offspring. Intelligent rock with a message. The lead singer is actually a Molecular Biologist, and decided he wanted to write and sing instead.
  20. Smittybilt makes a line of storage for vehicles called G.E.A.R. Back of the front seat covers, back seat covers, overhead shelf storage, tailgate storage, door panel storage, it looks very cool. Even JC Whitney carries it. Uses interchangable PAL/MOLLE storage pouches. Most 4x4 places should carry it as well. Handy for keeping in your vehicle, and when you need to take it with you, unstrap it and go.
  21. Back in the late 80's, they took a lot of precautions, they would fly 5 helicopters with 1 of them having the POTUS. The local utility was advised on several different ground routes, and sent crews out to weld down the manhole covers in the streets on those routes, and a Deputy Sheriff where I worked told me he got to look inside of the "black suburbans" that were on detail, and that they had jump seats that were equipped with flip up seats that had every imaginable kind of auto weapon available tucked inside. I'm sure it is much more intense today, but I have yet to see a street LEO carry wea
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