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  1. Don't be afraid! I have a few high priced guns, (to me anyway) and the S-12 was pretty high priced when I bought it at the height of the frenzy. This was the first gun I had ever really done anything to, and I ended up changing the trigger, then decided to take off the side optic mount - long story short, I cut,drilled and beat the hell on this gun like I would have never, ever imagined doing to any other gun I've ever owned, and I'm not done yet. It really is a satisfaction moment when you do a mod and can step back and say you did it yourself (with a lot of help here from the guys on this th
  2. OK, stupid question time, can you put those "snap in plastic covers" into the sides of the rails to smooth it out? or are they only for a certian manufacturers rails? Your work is very, very bad ass.
  3. I have to tell you, that that is a cool story! I hope nothing but good luck and success for you. I kinda wanted one of those Porky Pine things, but thought that they were a little cheesy, and finally bought one when you had them on clearance. As soon as I recieved it, I was amazed at the quality! I just kept thinking that this was one ingenius piece of artwork. It was NOT the cheap quality crap like comes from off shore, it was a precise, machined, heavy piece of equipment. Way better than I expected, and I'm proud to have it on my shotty now. Not mall ninja in any sense of the word. Mall ninj
  4. Damn, Boba, you have vision and talent! I'm still stuck on how your second pic looks though. An S-12 in that config would be cool, and I've seen where people have added a rail on the dust cover for optics instead of having the front sight sit so high. (no front sight, just an optic, or the side plate to mount an optic) Would anything like that be feasible at all for an S-12? Thanks.
  5. I think the second pic looks better to, but that's not the point. The point is, it's his gun to do with what he pleases.
  6. And for a real pistol, no one has brought up the Kel-Tec PLR-16. Reliable and accurate. Conceal? Not so much.
  7. I have 3 goats I will trade for your AK. Please email me. That is THREE times what AK is worth. I am willing to trade chickens for ammunition. We must talk. I will throw cat in for free.
  8. Congrats! But it does remind me of a Readers Digest thing I read where the guy going off to service is telling his folks he gets to learn how to shit, shower and shave all over again, and his younger brother who is about to get married says, "me too". lol! Good Luck to you both!
  9. Hey, It's your gun, and you can't take it with you, and it means nothing to you when you are planted in the ground. Do with it what you want and enjoy it. It's a gun, it was meant to be shot. Same with the people that have "rare" muscle cars. It's a car. It was meant to be driven. Enjoy it while you can. Do whatever the hell makes you happy doing with it, and enjoy the memories.
  10. Bubba Ho-Tep rocked. Bruce Campbell did an excellent job of portraying Elvis! I had no idea what I was getting into when I rented this movie. But it was cool.
  11. Boba, would something like Cobra76 gas tube cover and a Galil (sp) front grip work? Just curious.
  12. BP, Damn that looks cool! Maybe you can post a "how to" thread for us!? And Boba, I really like the plain jane simple look of your .410, you sure you want to put a rail on it?
  13. That was one of the coolest vids I've seen in awhile! Thanks. (I have 3 nephews that are all Eagle Scouts, and have forwarded this vid to them).
  14. Seriously, why would a tomahawk be illegal? Just curious. WTH?
  15. For a second there, it looked like what God would use to slingshot at us from outer space! lol Very cool. Back in the 80s, before Challenger exploded, I used to go to Johnson Space Center all the time and hang out. You could virtually go in any building you wanted and around the entire place. I watched Astronauts training in a huge pool, learning to use tools in space, etc. One day, I was in a building where they had moon rocks in aquarium type enclosures with sandblasting type gloves installed, where they were slicing them apart, etc. There was absolutely no one around. I could have had all t
  16. Classy, as well as all the others here have a good point. Ergonomics. I tried a buddies single stack 1911, and it wobbled in my hand. It was too thin. I tried a buddies Israeli Eagle 50 Cal, and it felt great, but was heavy and the way the spent shells ejected gave me a bleeding forehead. I bought a Glock 10mm, and was able to put bulls eyes out of the box, felt great. I put a Pachmyer slip on grip with finger grooves (old model) on it with some tritium sights and love it. If you can get the tritium sights, go with one color in front and a diff. color in rear. It's too easy to get cross-center
  17. This stuff would be outlawed if they tried it today. These girls have some serious flex!
  18. Keep your priorities, guns, cars and women, in that order and you will do well in life.
  19. Nothing better in the world than just kicking back with your dog or dogs at your side. Nothing. Enjoy.
  20. Be amazed, very amazed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNR74UCidBI&featureemail
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