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  1. Ill second Indy Eastwave Mounts are excellent. Been using them for years. They come in hi and low variety
  2. I use the setup that came with the tapco stocks and have found them to be very durable...tho I've never used an echo so I have no basis for comparison. I run single and double point slings. Drop tests have shown then to quite sturdy.
  3. I've been using the BP-02 mount from eastwave.CA for many years. Comes in low and hi variety. Very robust. Price is around $70 and ships straight out of the mother land.
  4. Looking for a two-tone Springfield XD-M 3.8" 9mm in the $500 range. if not make me an offer. THANKS HOOP
  5. Wont let me edit my original post, but the Sig has been SOLD. Thanks for the interest guys!
  6. Of course! This is the 8.5" model, plus an extra .5" for the recoil pad. Total length of the entire unit from the back of the receiver to the recoil pad is 11.25"
  7. *******STOCK IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS********** *******STOCK IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS********** *******STOCK IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS********** FOR SALE ACE side-folding skeleton stock. INCLUDES Skeleton stock with recoil pad Folding mechanism ACE no-mod receiver mounting block with side sling loop Stock was installed on a rifle but never used. LIKE NEW condition. Price is $125 shipped
  8. ******SOLD PENDING FUNDS****** ******SOLD PENDING FUNDS****** ******SOLD PENDING FUNDS****** ******SOLD PENDING FUNDS****** NEW PRICE $200 SHIPPED Sig mosquito sport for sale INCLUDES: Sig Mosquito sport with 4.9" barrel One (1) 10 round magazine Original case and paperwork Low, medium, and high interchangeable front sights (high installed) Low power and high power recoil springs Key for activating/deactivating locking mechanism inside grip Original lubricant Allen wrench needed for takedown Approx 300 rounds fired. Functions very well with CCI st
  9. anyone know a good source for 762x39 bolt carrier?
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