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  1. cliffevans

    Is this quality of a professional builder.

    I now have switch over.. I am going with a SBS. I talked to the folks at Tac 47 and getting it set up. After I saw there SBS I know what i want mine to look like.
  2. cliffevans

    My new Toy!

    Dude after seeing your gun, I just ordered a SBS from Justin at Tac 47. Its truly one of the best i have seen.
  3. cliffevans

    What was your 1st?

    Just Ordered my First SBS from Tac 47 Industries
  4. cliffevans

    Krebs custom safety TOO loose

    Lika Banana B A N A N A...
  5. cliffevans

    Is this quality of a professional builder.

    I expected it to at least have a welded plate or something, I ordered a AR15 stock. Charles
  6. cliffevans

    Is this quality of a professional builder.

    Would a real builder use a CAA stock? I will take a picture so you can see the Gap on my gun its 1/8th on and inch.
  7. Guys here is a professional conversion, Please tell me what you think is exceptionable or unacceptable "whats wrong with this build". Would a gunsmith/Saiga builder let a gun out like this. He said the stock was made that way, to have a gap.
  8. Just Checking, is this Gun Converted? to a Pistol grip...fcg moved forward and all that Jazz....
  9. huhhhh.. gun ban for Illegals ...
  10. cliffevans

    reverse conversion

    him wont the bolt hold open get in the way if its still in there...
  11. damn wish my internet was fast enough to see the video....
  12. cliffevans


    I have had one like that, make sure that all the screws are out, then smack away with a rubber mallet until you get it done... or pry between stock and trunnion.. I dont know but my was stuck like no other also..
  13. cliffevans

    Tig Welding in Houston??

  14. cliffevans

    Tig Welding in Houston??

    Keith or Clifton at TAC 47 713-264-1135
  15. cliffevans

    How many friggin ports is it supposed to have??

    I have a two and four, I have had problems with my four but My two eats what ever I put in it.... I dont think its the number of holes I think its the size and location and obstructed or not... that is the Key... just my 2 cents.