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  1. I now have switch over.. I am going with a SBS. I talked to the folks at Tac 47 and getting it set up. After I saw there SBS I know what i want mine to look like.
  2. Dude after seeing your gun, I just ordered a SBS from Justin at Tac 47. Its truly one of the best i have seen.
  3. Just Ordered my First SBS from Tac 47 Industries
  4. I expected it to at least have a welded plate or something, I ordered a AR15 stock. Charles
  5. Would a real builder use a CAA stock? I will take a picture so you can see the Gap on my gun its 1/8th on and inch.
  6. Guys here is a professional conversion, Please tell me what you think is exceptionable or unacceptable "whats wrong with this build". Would a gunsmith/Saiga builder let a gun out like this. He said the stock was made that way, to have a gap.
  7. Just Checking, is this Gun Converted? to a Pistol grip...fcg moved forward and all that Jazz....
  8. him wont the bolt hold open get in the way if its still in there...
  9. I have had one like that, make sure that all the screws are out, then smack away with a rubber mallet until you get it done... or pry between stock and trunnion.. I dont know but my was stuck like no other also..
  10. Keith or Clifton at TAC 47 713-264-1135
  11. I have a two and four, I have had problems with my four but My two eats what ever I put in it.... I dont think its the number of holes I think its the size and location and obstructed or not... that is the Key... just my 2 cents.
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