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  1. A+ for Tritium Great communication and quick payment. Thanks!
  2. These are actually South African MAC 11 9mm mags, NOT MAC10 9mm mags........
  3. SPF... From AK-USA......US made part "The ultimate AK-102,4,5 compensator. Designed to provide legal overall barrel length and yet retain all the features of the original. ATF approved! This part was completely redesigned to provide all the features of the original, including hard chrome lining on the inside, Russian design and geometry including crimped restrictor plate, and wire cutter. Material is 4130, heat-treated to factory specifications. Threads are 24x1.5mm. Part is 4-3/4" length. Compensator has offset indexing notch to match original Russian/Bulgarian sight assembly. Compens
  4. I have what I think are South African, steel surplus MAC 10 9mm mags. They are 30rd mags with two small holes drilled in the side (witness holes?), they are double feed mags. One of them is rough, the other two are very good. Asking $60 shipped for the lot. Email for pics....
  5. never mind, I just read the thread at the bottom of the page regarding Bulgy and Galil mags
  6. I just picked up a Saiga 223, it has a bullet guide installed and uses Bulgy mags, does that mean I can use the Galil Orlites as well? I thought someone said you had to shave down the ridges at the top of the mag, is that true? Thanks for any help.....
  8. I have an Allied 1919 for sale. It has had exactly 140 rounds of SA .308 through it. It was an Israeli kit and the A6 stock, bipod and carry handle are Israeli as well. No trades needed at this time. Feel free to email me with any questions. Buyer pays actual shipping, possible FTF in Indiana. Email me for pics, they are too large for the forum. Caneswin73@aol.com Asking $1400, P.S.- this will be posted on other forums
  9. I have a 2001 SAR1 (not WASR) for sale. It comes with the custom steel stock and the original which matches the handguards. The slant muzzle break is welded on. It is my son's rifle, and now he wants me to build him a Yugo underfolder, so this one is expendable. Maybe had 500 rounds through it. Asking $400 and I will split shipping. It is up for auction on Auction Arms, I will end the auction if someone here wants it. The gun will come with 1 steel 30rd mag NOT the one pictured. Feel free to email me with any questions at Caneswin73@aol.com.
  10. I have a Saiga 12 up for sale. I believe it is factory camo, it has 1 5rd mag, all papers and will ship in a hard case. It is 22" barrel, full choke. I bought it on a spur of the moment decision, and need money for other projects. It has a little wear around the muzzle. Asking $400 shipped. I could only post 1 pic, please email me for more at Caneswin73@aol.com
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