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  1. The only other issue I'm concerned about (since it appears the polymer has sufficient strength) right now is, I picked through a stack of 5 mags at the gun show, and 4 out of those 5 had followers that were coming up past the stops and hitting the feed lips. This isn't good. The bolt is going to slam right into the back of the follower. And before people start seeing that and getting LRBHO jollies :rolleyes: ...the mag is probably not going to take that kind of abuse for very long. I have seen this same thing happen with some AGP mags too though.


    I had that same issue with the one I bought for testing. I fixed the problem easily. When you take the mag apart you will notice the follower is too narrow in the mag. The lugs on the follower that are supposed to stop it as it rides up in the grooves on the mag do not catch at the top. The follower has 'shrunken' after being molded.


    THE FIX:


    1) Take a wine cork and stab it with a fork. (Fix works better while drinking the wine!)

    2) Insert cork/fork into follower causing the follower to bulge out.

    3) Get a coffee cup big enough for the follower/cork/fork to fit into, and fill it with boiling hot water.

    4) Using the fork, dunk the follower/cork into the boiling water for ONLY 10-15 seconds. IMMEDIATELY rise with cold water.

    5) Remove cork from follower and test fit follower in mag. Repeat as necessary.

    6) OPTIONAL: Finish bottle of wine to celebrate fixing your mag!

    6A) OPTIONAL: Try saying 'follower/cork/fork' quickly and repeatedly after drinking bottle of wine. Hysterical!




    Jeff, how is this fix holding up? Any problems with the follower returning to it's shrunken state, after putting some rounds through it?


    I've got a ProMag and it seems I have the problem. See my pics in this post: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=322154 .


    Also, it seems I'm going to need to fiddle with it to even insert into the gun more easily. It's a pain, as is.


    My mod is still fine. I don't expect it to change. The follower probably 'shrunk' originally due to too rapid of cooling after being removed from the mold. Once heated and reshaped it shound retain its new shape.


    Almost EVERY mag will require some degree of fitting to work in a Saiga. It's not so much to do with the mag but with the manufacturing variances in the Saiga itself.


    JD 8^)

  2. Promags vs Surefire, which do you prefer? Which is more reliable?


    I own, and have tested: AGP, Surefire, Promag and Mike Davidson (MD20 drum) products.


    I am unaware of any Promag ever breaking as do the AGP and Surefire mags.


    The Promag has metal feed lips.


    The Promag body is thicker and has more reinforcements.


    The design of the Promag floor plate better protects the end of the magazine and provides a better seal against contaminants.


    The Promag is DESIGNED to be shortened. (Cutting the body and spring is all that is required.)


    The Promag is cheaper.


    The Promag has a lifetime warranty.


    The Promag 'looks' (My opinion) beefier and more military not 'toy like'.

  3. I want to order it on Friday, but can't find anyplace that has it. Maybe I am just missing it, which would not be a first. Does Gunfixer have a web site ?


    I thought I got the last of gunfixr's hand made gas knobs. It turns out that although I have a 'one-of-a-kind' knob, he did have a couple more as a result of cancelled orders. I suggest you contact FireArms Sales Co. and/or gunfixr directly and quickly.


    You may also contact MD Arms who has taken over manufacturing gunfixr's gas knob. MD Arms made a few tweeks and is now selling their version. Check the MD Arms website. NOTE: I believe there is a minimum 4 week wait before any start shipping.

  4. My drums arrived yesterday, and I just wanted to let my fellow MD noobs know that it is very easy to mistakenly overlook the need for an "a" fitting. I am very glad I paid close attention to MikeD's instructions and especially the diagram; the mag LOOKED flush to me, but even the tiniest sliver of the metal feedlips showing means I need to do the "A" fitting. Just wanted to put that out there. Great product and service. Going to the range today!




    Read and understand instructions before doing any fitting.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mags breaking. Every mag out there has had someone experience something bad with them. EVERY mag. Even the drums have had some problems.


    Here's a short list I just put together using the search engine. As you can read, every mag has at one point or another had issues. Most have pretty good warranties though, so that's the good news.


    "Same thing happened to AGP mag on first shot" thread




    ProMag thread


    Another Promag thread


    AGP complaint thread


    Surefire thread


    "Which mag is best" thread



    I myself have had great results with my Surefire mags.

    a video of me at the end of a shooting day firing off my last 8 rounds really quickly through a Surefire. This was after having put through 100+ rounds through it in 3 hours in about 16 degree temperatures.


    It was on this same day that Juggernaut's AGP mag broke the front tab off on the first shot. I was the one that shot it when it happened. I had thought the mag catch wasn't locked all the way at first.





    I think I have commented in all/most of the threads mentioned by Corbin...


    I own, and have tested: AGP, Surefire, Promag and Mike Davidson (MD20 drum) products.


    FOR THE RECORD: I am unaware of any Promag ever breaking in this fashion. Can someone prove otherwise?

  6. I have 2 new PROMAG'S they work great now!!! took a little breaking in.. now they perform with out as much as a Hick-up!! One of mine does hold open the bolt after last round at times....if this does not cause issues?? I would like that on the mags...lets you see your empty.


    I don't think the follower in the magazine will take the punishment of the bolt slamming into it on the last round for very long.

  7. I know there's several threads on here talking about the reliability and problems folks have had with the different mags. Read up on the different opinions people have and decide what you want. I myself have mainly stuck with the Surefire mags, but that's just me. I've got a clear AGP coming soon though. An MD-20 drum will be on its way soon too. :smoke:



    EVERY mag has had some issue at one time or another. EVERY mag. I've read threads from people that had AGPs come apart and throw shells everywhere, I've heard of people breaking the front tabs off the Surefires (I did on an AGP 1st shot), others have had their Pro Mags malfunction. I've even read where a factory Russian 5 rounder had the metal feed lips come off and launch the rounds everywhere.


    My opinion is to read up and compare what exactly you're looking for (price, capacity, customer service, etc) and then just get one. Better yet, get several. Try out a couple different brands and see what you and your Saiga like best.





    See my Surefire go through 7 or 8 rounds in a second







    *Edit* Wasabi, I cut one of my 12 round Surefires to an 8 rounder and it's perfect for me. /i suspect the factory ones will be similar.


    +1 Corbin. WELL SAID! :super:


    I own some of each: AGP, Surefire (Just got one), Promag and MD20 drum. They all function well.


    I PERSONALLY prefer the look of the Promags. The Promag also seem to be the easiest to modify to 5-rounds. I've also noticed that many of the latest pics on the picture thread are using Promags too.





  8. It's a 'signature edition' and a one-of-a-kind... I'm honored!


    I will cherish it and use it well!


    Hopefully it will be going with me to Afghanistan in a month. :osama:




    I wasn't taking a dig at your product, I was just answering the question.

    No, I didn't care about mass producing it. I only made a couple by hand, they were pretty crude.

    Your's is much nicer looking for sure. I think you did a great job. More power to you.


    The reason I stated that I had come up with the idea? My understanding of the component was relevant to my opinion in the post.

    I wasn't trying to poopoo your work. Like I said, I think you did a beautiful job.

    Mine never had reliability in mind, so that is what I thought of yours when I saw the photo. I had no idea it improved the reliabilty. If it does, then we will need to get a couple from you :)


    Anyway, since you never seen mine, here is a shitty pix.



    We will holler at you this week to order a couple.



    Fair enough, I wasn't sure what exactly you were getting at. It also seems that Tony had come up with an idea also, that he hadn't gotten around to trying, and there was someone else who tried one once, that had like 6 settings. Somebody posted a link to the thread when I posted my original thread of what is now considered the prototype. Most ideas that come out are thought of by several people acting independently, often at near the same time. One or two pursue it, and the rest just sit back and say "I wish". Your pic ain't shitty. I thought of doing mine with a lever type end like that at one time, as it was suggested to me as being easier to turn, but I was looking to hollow it out to get rid of weight.

    It doesn't seem to improve the reliability on the newer guns as much as it does on the older guns. Several customers with newer guns have never even used setting 3, and the older guns need that setting to reliably cycle the cheap low brass stuff. I also completely changed the gas moving end, as well as changing the sizes of the end. It actually channels the gas flow directly to the piston, almost at the center, instead of coming into it at the side and having to flow around. The end diameter has been changed to fit closer, and the center high point replaced with a counterbore. This keeps the gas and fouling more in the center, and very little gets to the threads, or builds up around the outside. Actually, what makes it hard to turn is the wadding that gets lodged between the channel in the plug and the clearance hole in the gas block. Usually, once it's broken loose, it moves freely.

    As for availability, Mike has them on his site now. I do actually have 2 or 3 of the original hand made ones still. I told JeffD that he got the last one, and at the time he did. But several that were "sold", the money never showed up for. I think that they saw them on MDArms' site for half the price and changed their minds. No biggie, I get paid for those too. However, JeffD does have a one-of-a-kind plug, as I added holes to his that have been added to no other.


    I still have the original prototype plug. It was in my gun, but I sold that last weekend. I did keep it, though, as I will be getting another S12 in a week or so, and it will go in that one.


    BTW, where did you get that insert for the HK front sight? I have a customer who is looking for an insert like that.

  9. I believe I have the LAST hand-made gas knob from gunfixr. (I call it the 'signature edition!') :super:


    It a beautiful thing! Works great. No issues now with Wally-World brass. (I have also polished and smoothed all the recommended parts and have 3 unobstructed gas ports.)


    I really like the ability to adjust it by hand without having to take a chopstick to the range.


    I have not had any issues with it becoming stuck. I have only fired about 100 shells with it and I clean my guns after each trip to the range.

  10. Thanks for the info Mike.


    I checked the UPS tracking number for the return shipping lable I put in the box and I don't see any activity. Did you create a new UPS shipment? Do you have that tracking number? Did it actually ship today?



    Jeff, It is packed up and ready to go. It will be picked up tomorrow by UPS. Your gas plug will be included as well. Sorry for the delay.
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