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  1. I have the Saigatech PG conversion piece on my personal Saiga 12. I really like the build quality and the solid mounting. Not to mention the built-in safety stop. (You will need to fabricate one once you remove the factory part.) I bought the 'steel AK' version because of its flexibility to mount different style grips. I have tried a generic AK 'soft' grip, a TAPCO SAW and the CAA UPG47. All of these fit perfectly. I decided to go with the CAA UPG47. Great feel. Awesome quality! Nothing like TAPCO stuff.
  2. AWESOME! When will you be accepting preorders for GEN 1? Antisipated delivery... 20XX?
  3. The real question is how many people slammin' Promags even OWN one or have done ANY testing? I have one I bought specifically for testing. I have shot over 500+ rounds of high/low brass without a single incident. And how many Pro-Mags are out there to provide significant data for comparison...
  4. I am a BIG advocate of the Streamlight TLR-2. Its a combination light and laser. I've posted some comments and a link to a review elsewhere on this forum. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=33319&hl= Excellent unit and very compact. You can use it on a long gun or pistol. Great versitility. I was recently at a large gun show and saw several M6 clones of this unit which I REALLY liked for the price. I see them going for about $100 on ebay now. See Item number: 350119008500. Make sure you get the one with machined lens and not the xenon version. (MUCH bright
  5. Mike - Could you please give me an update in the drum I sent back for repair on January 22nd? I'm deploying to Afghanistan VERY soon (34 days left at home)... hoping to take Saiga/drum with me. JD
  6. Very interesting... Check out my comment made on Jan. 6th in this topic: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=33852&hl= If HK sights are so difficult to get, try SIG sights. I really like the 550 series weapons I have shot.
  7. Small circullar imprint. Year in the center with an arrow pointing to the month. Where did you find the date codes?
  8. Read this topic as well: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=33836 If in fact you guns had blocked ports remember Cadiz is doing the warranty work. Know you gun and research this forum throughly before doing anything. It's not unusual for the Saiga 12 to take quite a few rounds to 'wear-in' and start functioning properly.
  9. Good write up. Thanks for the info. I think it can be fairly said that ALL of the aftermarket Saiga 12 mags have issues to some extent. And because of manufacturing variances in the Saiga 12 (Vodka Specials ) some magazines will also require fitting.
  10. I had the same failure on one of my AGP mags. I was NOT firing 3 inch shells. I also traded one of my unfired AGP mags to a fellow member of this forum and he said it broke just like this too. I contacted AGP and they said the would warranty the mag. I'm waiting to send it back until I have tested all of the AGP mags I have. The date codes on both were '11'. I wonder if there was a bad batch?
  11. I don't have a vested interest in promoting Promags... As a matter of fact maybe I should just say they are crap so nobody would buy them, and then those of us who 'know' will be able to continue to get them for $30. I have never bought a Promag for anything but my Saiga 12, so I did not have a negative bias going in. I bought one to 'test'. I was skeptical due to the cost being HALF of the competition. I had a single minor, and easily fixable, issue with the follower. NO other issues. I own 10+ AGP mags. I have not even shot them all, but I have had two that broke on the first
  12. WTS Tapco SAW grip. I installed this grip on my Saiga 12 but changed to a another style/manufacturer grip before ever shooting the gun. In 'Like New' condition in original box. Shipping included to the lower 48 states only. $25 (Paypal or Postal money order)
  13. I had that same issue with the one I bought for testing. I fixed the problem easily. When you take the mag apart you will notice the follower is too narrow in the mag. The lugs on the follower that are supposed to stop it as it rides up in the grooves on the mag do not catch at the top. The follower has 'shrunken' after being molded. THE FIX: 1) Take a wine cork and stab it with a fork. (Fix works better while drinking the wine!) 2) Insert cork/fork into follower causing the follower to bulge out. 3) Get a coffee cup big enough for the follower/cork/fork to fit into, and fill it
  14. ajaxgrips.com will take an order- but I emailed them, and they're NOT in stock... will be about 2 weeks before they get the next shipment That being said, Ajaxgrips has the best price I've seen that can be ordered... there a a few other sites listing them around $25, but they list as backordered, and are not accepting orders... I love to see $30 become the new standard price for 10-round Saiga-12 mags, I have a hard time paying $50 for 'em.. no offense to those buying/selling at that price- I believe in a free market- I just won't pay that much, which is my freedom to NOT buy.. b
  15. I went to that gun show... Unlike the previous gun show two weeks ago, this guns show was VERY large and PACKED with vendors and buyers. There were several good deals to be had as well. I saw several booths with surefire mags for $60 as example. Not everyone is price gouging. PS 'DTrom' I picked up that item you wanted from the show for you... I just need to add my 300% markup to cover the admission fee now!
  16. I'm quite certain that it's a CAA UPG47. This grip has interchangeable front and rear sections for customization. Look here: http://www.commandarms.com/product.asp?pID=153&cID=11
  17. Do you have a buffer installed? If yes, remove the buffer and see if that solves your problem.
  18. +1 Gunfixr I've done several conversions be reusing/reshaping the original spring. I took a good pic of the modified stock spring on some grid paper, knowiing someday someone would ask. I will post the pic in the morning. Here's the pic:
  19. I'm using the same bag for mine. The bag is black even though it looks blue in the pic. The large center pocket on the outside was made to fit one thing perfectly... A MD20 drum!
  20. You may want to: Click here! There are pics in the topic that will help you to understand the problem with the gas ports. I have talked to RAAC and they will get any issues resolved. Great people. CGW is repairing guns for RAAC as I understand. Don't throw in the towel until you have fully examined your gun and/or fired 200-300 rounds.
  21. Hey Jangles - Yes indeed, CGW is doing the RAAC warranty work from here out. For the rest of you, this information and procedure for warranty work will be posted this week in our business section, and is supposed to appear on the RAAC site sometime soon, as well. Ms Vicki was working on the draft of the warranty order form last night. I would like to note, that although this thread is a good one, if it fails, it will VOID your gun's warranty, and you will have to pay to have it fixed. Please do be sure that this fix is going to work for you and that you can accomplish it before you try to
  22. +1 22 Shooter. Page loading taking over 20 seconds each. Attempted post getting errors (You know what I'm talking about). This has been going on for at least the past 72 hours. It is bad enough that it is affecting the number of times and length of time I visit the site, as well as the number of posts (Interaction) I have on the forum. PLEASE do something before it causes serious damage to the GREAT community you have built here.
  23. VERY SLOW today. And the dreaded I** (Dare I mention it!?) error is back too!
  24. As I had posted elsewhere... Make your own with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and $1.50... Go to your local remote control hobby store (HobbyTown etc.) They will have a section that has spring steel rods in various lengths and diameters. (Not to mention brass, aluminum and various plastic pieces in all shapes and sizes.) Find the right diameter rod you need. Should cost about $1.50. Use a screwdriver, socket wrench extension, or what ever metal shaft you can find of the proper diameter to use to wrap the spring steel around. trim to length with wire cutters. It may take
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