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  1. Steelin' Ducks

    First 3-gun match, questions

    3 gun is I my near future also. I too have these same questions. I have watched a lot of vids on YouTube as well. I believe I'm going to just show up at the next match and watch. I will not enjoy showing up unprepared.
  2. Steelin' Ducks

    New "Sneaky" Rifle bag.

    I have a bag similar to these made by 5.11. Do these have molle straps in the pockets?
  3. Steelin' Ducks

    The Nemesis for Saiga 12

    Sign me up!
  4. Steelin' Ducks

    CCW prints. I don't think I care.

    I carry my full size 1911 in a Crossbread SuperTuck Deluxe. Very comfortable.
  5. Steelin' Ducks

    Want to play a game? Part 5

    307 903 1020 Thank you
  6. Steelin' Ducks

    Slug-O B-Day give away.........

    303. Thanks and have a good birthday.
  7. Steelin' Ducks

    Attention!!!!!!!!!! SAIGA 12 F

  8. Steelin' Ducks

    Attention!!!!!!!!!! SAIGA 12 F

    How do you enter?
  9. What kind of camera system do you have? I have been looking into them lately.
  10. Steelin' Ducks

    What to play a game? Part 4

    777 , 9999 , 5555 Thank you.
  11. Steelin' Ducks

    New LOW Price on the MD-20 from MD Arms, Ltd.

    Mike, Keep up the good work. As a business owner too, I support you 100%. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. It is the best for the Saiga world. I have three of your drums and Im waiting on your new products to come out.
  12. Steelin' Ducks

    Etin Thrasher 3.?

    I like!
  13. Steelin' Ducks

    Slug-O's early christmas give away......

    316. Thanks.
  14. Congrats. And thank you for your service.