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  1. I believe I will leave the muzzle unmolested. It has a different look than most 16 inch AR barrels and I do not wish to be accussed of being gay. So I need a lower receiver, lower parts kit, and a stock to complete the rifle? I think I'll also go with a fixed buttstock.
  2. I didn't know they made side charging uppers for AR's. Maybe I'm dumber than a bag of hammers but I am going to look into buying one of those. I hope they are not too expensive.
  3. That makes sense. I'll go with a Bushmaster lower. Not that some are better or worse but perhaps the carpets should match the drapes. I owned a DPMS AR years ago. I shot (1) 30 round magazine through it and placed it back in my safe. It sat there for years. Then, when Obama got in and AR's were popping up everywhere I handled a Rock River at my local gun shop. I liked the trigger on the Rock River better than the DPMS. I traded in my DPMS for the Rock River AR. Then, a couple of days later, I purchased another Rock River AR exactly like it at the same gun shop due to the fear AR's were to be banned. I have never fired either of the Rock River Ar's. One is still in my closet in the plastic carry case in the original wrapper. I just don't like how AR's are set up. I much prefer Kalashnikovs. You have to punch yourself in the nose to chamber a round in a AR while prone. I have eight Kalashnikovs and they are fun. Four converted Saiga's. I don't like the idea of direct impingement and all the fouling it causes. Thanks for all the help and advice with this Bushmaster upper. If someone has a Saiga to trade I will deal.
  4. My family has been in the car business for the last 65 years. I remember when people thought 100,000 was near the end of the service life of a automobile. Vehicles running well after 200,000 to 300,000 miles are routine now. We see some with 500,000 + but they are usually not worth re-selling to the public so we just scrap them. I don't want to sell someone a car that will probably eat them up in repair bills. There are some motors today that have bad reputations....2.7 chrysler/dodge.....6.0 Ford diesel.....3.5 chevy and others. However, across the board, most motors, properly cared for will last long after the car is ready for the junkyard. Even some of the problematic motors I mentioned above can still last a long time absent abuse and proper maintenance.
  5. Okay. Like I said....I don't know much about AR's. I'll figure all the aftermarket stuff out. I'm on AIM right now. My gunsmith is a close friend. He'll make sure it's all done correctly.....I hope.
  6. Thanks guys. $50.00 or less to complete a AR rifle looks pretty sweet to me. Maybe I'll grow to like it.
  7. I'm sure many of you have seen this before but I'll post it anyway. I enjoyed reading it.
  8. For better or worse I now own the upper. Here is a couple pictures of what I purchased. The upper doesn't look to have been used much. I'll have my gunsmith check it out to make sure everything is in spec and safe to shoot.
  9. Thanks for the replys. I went ahead and purchased the upper for $250. I haggled. It includes the bolt and charging handle. I just thought it strange a 16 inch barrel wasn't threaded. I don't ever remember seeing one that short absent threads. I admit I do not know much about AR's. I was told it's 4150 steel and chromed lined.....if that makes a difference. Again, thanks.
  10. I have a chance to purchase a AR-15 Bushmaster carbine upper with the fixed carry handle. It is chambered in 5.56 Nato. There is no threading on the barrel for any muzzle device. The gentleman selling the upper claims to be a retired Illinois State Trooper. The upper is in almost new condition. He says he received it from the State of Illinois upon retirement. The price is $300.00. I don't visit AR forums often due to all the rudeness. I just got tired of fighting with folks all the time. Can anyone give me any advice on this upper. What's it worth? Why no barrel threading? I'm not a big AR fan (love Kalashnikovs).
  11. I know it's too early to know what type of weapons were used but that doesn't stop the news media from peddling tripe. First I heard AK 47 rifles were used. Then it was AK 47 "type" rifles. The LA Times is now saying there was at least one AK 47 type rifle. Those liberal news media idiots have wet dreams just hoping a crime is committed with anything which will allow them to spout "AK 47" even if it isn't one. I haven't seen any video and have no idea what type weapons was used. It's also going to be interesting just who shot the hostages. That vehicle the robbers used looked like swiss cheese.
  12. I know this thread is 3 months old but the topic did make me curious how the bullet guide in my 09 built Arsenal SGL 31 was designed and attached. A picture speaks a thousand words.
  13. I can only wonder if the assistant principal had his firearm closer to him if he could have saved any lives in this school.
  14. Allright...lets stop all this bullshit. Who here as actually been there and done this? Fought against individuals for their life...hand to hand. Talk is cheap. Keyboard commandos are not allowed. Be honest. If you have not actually been involved in a real fight for your life against a mentally ill person then please don't respond... how can you honestly say you know what it is like to fight for your life and act like you know what you are talking about. You want to get mad at me then get mad at me....but you have to look at yourself in the mirror and answer why you would question me. God knows I have stood there and looked at myself in a mirror trying to figure why people I never knew, or knew nothing about me, harmed me. There is nothing special about me. I took a job and that is that. I knew the risks. The number of times I have went up against individuals with mental problems has left me with convinced they are the most dangerous people I have ever faced. Why in the hell both pro-gun and anti-gun proponents cannot understand this is simply beyond me. I've talked so much since the tragedy in Connecticut I'm almost ready to pass out. At least this time there seems to be a greater interest in managing the relationship between mental illness and limiting their oppourtunities to do their fellow man (or children) harm. Gun control has never worked and it never will. A definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Other countries have tried to do the same thing with not only guns but other weapons with the same failed results. The common denominator has almost always proved to be individuals with serious mental illness prone to violence. I'm not an unfeeling monster. I have two children in public school and pray nothing like what happened in Connecticut ever happens in my home town. But I also hate having to explain why I enjoy owning and shooting my firearms to my friends and family who do not share my interest. And all of this because they keep refusing to blame the perverted thinking of a mentally ill person and choose to blame an inanimate object. Maybe I should just climb down off of my soapbox...maybe I'm just wasting my thoughts.
  15. I appreciated your facetiousness Risky.