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  1. us_dragunov over on theakforumDOTnet IS importing 030 models with the trigger in the sporter configuration(no pistol grip)...he is also importing other models its the same as arsenal with the sgl-31....Russian front end the convert the to a pistol grip
  2. MIG works just as good....just use an aluminum backer
  3. some proper music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rakf-LRP0VM
  4. I stick to the hollow points or fmjs for the pigs. They are damn tough. I do plan to try the vmax out this year on a deer if I get a chance. +1 For me its V-max for Humans/Deer GT for Hogs/Zombies
  5. welcome to the club I hang out at theakforumDOTnet more and more
  6. http://www.hornadyle.com/products/more_detail.php?id=72&sID=148&pID=1
  7. Same here, but not at that price. I'd rather buy a SLR-107UR and cut down the barrel. Still, that Krink kit is Russian and looks good, (she'll look a lot better with a receiver). Congrats, Sumsky. waiting patiently for the receiver. dr1553 at the ak forum is replicating a Tula Receiver down to the weld marks. What kinda receiver are you going with again? user name dr1553 over on theakforumDOTnet he is making year specific receivers I think his company is called 74uLLC
  8. same for me 2 products paid for via PP 0 products received
  9. I just noticed that last week on my 2 rifles....nothing big
  10. that is my thinking I would be happy with SGL10 style 12's it take 10 minutes to do the pistol grip
  11. I would hold off on any changes there may be full front end conversions coming in for Saiga-12's if you check Rusmilitary's site he says he will be in contact with a company in the states that will deal with the BATF
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