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  1. Everything is pretty much as you remember it.
  2. Savannah Gun Show Jan. 12 and 13. S 12's $420 .308 Saiga $420.
  3. I easily installed the rail on my S-12. It is solid. I sighted in at 50 yds with slugs and had no problems at all. My Trijicon reflex works great and no batteries to worry about. That sight is hard to beat. This is a great combination: sight and rail. I am now sighted in and it is a deadly system. I should have no problem hitting poppers at 3-gun now at 50 yds. 32ndgeorgia
  4. I received my rail a few days ago. It installed easily and seems to be rock solid. I have a Trijicon reflex sight on it. I am looking forward to zeroing it with my slug load at 50 Yds. Later,
  5. What is the latest on the availability of these optic rails? Hunting season is upon us. I need one soon. Thanks,
  6. All type and calibers and gauges. 12s in the $490 range, .308s in the $430 range.
  7. 32ndgeorgia

    Frag 12

  8. I went to the range June 8 and fired the buckshot loads. They all cycled perfectly. Patterning was terrible though. I am now thinking of using a shot cup.
  9. Have the Frag 12 rounds ever been used in combat? They are 12 ga. grenade rounds.
  10. I have never been in combat urban or otherwise. I do know a lot about firearms and am an avid reader of military and combat history. I have watched a lot of Military Channel shows on Iraq lately and have come to some conclusions. It seems that the M4 Carbine and Saw weapons now in use are not ideal for the CQB in places like Ramadi and other cities with narrow streets and lots of parapet walls. What is nice is that they use the same ammo and the ammo is light weight. I am a believer in using the right tool for the job not one tool for all jobs. Consequently, I think that different
  11. I recently purchased some inexpensive buckshot and tried it in the S-12. The cases deformed rapidly after loading in the magazine and caused a malfunction on loading. Since I am already loading my own slugs, I started trying to figure out how to make non-deforming buckshot loads. I think I have hit on something. I am using these wads over the powder AND over the shot. They are plastic and are pretty strong. http://shop2.mailordercentral.com/bpicart/...?number=3221200 I was able to load 9. 00 pellets in the hull and did a roll crimp. They have been stored in a mag
  12. jaak: you should try some of these slugs. They seem to work great. I load them with 43 gr. of bluedot and use a shot cup for the sabot. I use a roll crimp tool in the drill to crimp. Hardly any tools needed and they are easy to make. http://www.gardnerscache.com/12ga_525gr_sa...lug_100pc_.html
  13. When will these be ready? Thanks for any info.
  14. Thankls Sharpshooter225. That really helps.
  15. I see that these hulls take a large pistol primer. How do you prime these cases? Also, I see that the case is thinner and takes 10ga wads. How many 00 buckshot makes a load in this case? I ordered 25 cases, wads and shot from Midway. Thanks for any help. 32ndgeorgia
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