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  1. I see where they have released a SWAT version of the rifle with a quad rail. Maybe they got that one right.
  2. I'm gonna save the planet while I kill yer a$$. I always use a little gravel when I plant for good drainage. This shell is like the ones they put your ashes in for the family to blast away.
  3. I know if some girls could hear what I'm thinking I would get the $hit slapped out off me...or maybe not.
  4. No matter how loud you think, the NSA will know and you will get audited by the IRS.
  5. With the reactor accident over there, just wait for the real one to emerge. I warned you.
  6. One trick they didn't think about. If you fail to get insurance and are required to pay a fine, they can only take the money if you are getting a tax refund. Apparently Nancy didn't read that part. So if you say fuck'em, be sure to change your withholding so that you will owe some tax.
  7. It would have been funny if Rooster had reached up and knocked some sense into that bitch.
  8. Those new premiums that are being quoted are based on the young healthy people signing up for insurance. So far, they are not signing up and only the the sick and uninsured are signing up. Many are being referred to the Medicare program. Wait until the insurance companies run the numbers again and your quoted premiums will seem like a bargin. The entire plan will collapse which is the Acts plan of taking it to a single source payer.
  9. He'll be buried in ten days. He'll be swelled up bigger than life by then.
  10. You'd be fine, just get some of those laundry bags the wimin use to wash their panty hose in.
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