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  1. By the way Cobra, how's your lady and her son doing. As I recall, he was about to be a father. How'd all that turn out? I don't mean to pry. I am just wondering.
  2. Damn man, that sounds just about like a union I once belonged to (ALPA) except change "downtrodden" to democrat political candidate du joir and change "those that run the charity" to fat ass union-thug bosses. LOL I couldn't resist.
  3. Thanks to all that replied. That's great about ST and Cobra. Fuck yeah! Pauly, congrats on stepping out. Comfort zones are EVIL. They're ACHIEVEMENT KILLERS. However, stepping out of them is scary as hell. You think that little voice in the back of your head that warns you about shit is keeping you safe, but it's not. Its warnings are vastly over rated and I learned to call it "STINKIN' THINKIN'." It took me a while to realize that the concept of failure is really no big deal and get comfortable with it. I fail all the time, but I also succeed all the time. I fail my way to su
  4. I am getting close to the two-year point and I'm still cancer free. The doc says that I have a 95% chance of staying clean now. How are Cobra and Saigateen doing?
  5. Hope things are going well for ya bro! Check in and say hi when ya get a chance.

  6. It doesn't matter that he hasn't kept any of the promises, just as long as he keeps making new ones... right? .. oh wait that's retarded. Good point. To the lib-tards, all that matters is how great he sounds. Ahhhhhhhhh..... it's so refreshing to hear how great he sounds, isn't it? It kind of takes your mind off the fact the country is sliding into another Great Depression. Oh well... at least we can all FEEL GOOD about voting for a historic president.
  7. I make no excuses for Bush and what he did, but when are the liberals going to awaken from their delusions and realize that 0bama has kept ZERO of his campaign promises. Every single time he opens his mouth, lies, incompetence and destruction come out.
  8. SORRY It did kind of morph into that - and then into a fight club post - LOL
  9. You should learn to set your cruise control. It works well for people who are easily distracted and can't keep track of how fast they're going.
  10. I was more than a little surprised that my log-in was accepted today - after yesterday's tirade. At any rate, here's the outrage of the day. The cartels are buying up property here to use in their take-over. It won't be long before THEIR civil war, is OUR civil war. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=78548
  11. If he said he'd deputize us and give us legal protection, I'd volunteer to go down there. I think a lot of people would - and we'd bring our own guns. But just asking for money - especially in this economy - probably isn't going to be all that effective. http://www.kpho.com/news/24478958/detail.html
  12. Good point on this being EAST St. Louis. This could just be a hardball negotiating tactic. If the police won't give, just lay them off and make them negotiate their jobs back. That process will be, obviously, unmerciful to the police. Then again, maybe the police have managed to piss the powers the be off so bad at this point that they want PAYBACK and they're not willing to negotiate this. It may be about getting rid of a bunch of malcontents. However, when Reagan fired the PATCO air traffic controllers back in 1980, the controllers didn't just "go away." Many of them had air-
  13. Sounds like a serious, "NO SHITTER" to me: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/illinois/article_dfb230c2-9bf3-11df-9731-0017a4a78c22.html
  14. I wholeheartedly agree with you Chili. When this guy said he was going to call his own SWAT to face down the Fed guns, I was ready to start cheering. Then, when he met with them and started explaining the CONSTITUTION to them, I was REALLY ready to start cheering. The fucking Feds are bat-shit crazy drunk with power they don't own. It's not their RIGHT to do the shit they're doing. However, you're correct in saying they've infested themselves too deeply at this point. I honestly don't think we can save this thing. Even if TRUE conservatives retake the House in November, it's too d
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