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    I'd dig a free conversion. Working today, too much stuff to get done and vacation pay isn't so bad. Happy 4th all!
  2. As a heads up I have this listed locally here in Colorado for local pickup as well
  3. duece212

    Does walmart have any handgun ammo left?

    My local walmart had some 15rd winchester slug value packs for 8.50 yesterday, picked up a few. About 2 weeks ago they got a big shipment of federal bulk pack shells, about half an aisle's worth, they were down to 2 or 3 packs left when I went in over the weekend. No handgun ammo of course. I just put an order in online and wait it out though. Sucks to pay shipping, but atleast there is no tax.
  4. What some of these stations are reporting is not news, its an obvious agenda with a piss poor attempt at disguising it as news. Anybody else see a problem with the conservative "news" stations sweeping the ratings but when it came vote time the libs took it home? It would appear that while conservatives are concerned about important issues facing the nation they turn to the news. Maybe libs aren't that concerned, they'd rather tune into american idol and then switch over to a lib run news station once a year for long enough to be told how to vote with the rest of the sheeple when the time comes...
  5. duece212

    Do you think the Saiga will be banned?

    Hard to believe its only been 2 months and so much which would have been considered radical in the past has been done in Obama's first two months. Somehow his political capital doesn't seem to be dwindling even with the screwups and the large spending. Universal healthcare will be next, and I'm sure it will pass no problem. After that, illegal alien amnesty or maybe gun legislation next. This President and Congress is a bad combination, as stated above, look what they've done in 2 months, what do you think they can do in 4 years...
  6. duece212

    Do you think the Saiga will be banned?

    Interesting reading, my guess is you won't hear about that on the 9 o'clock news
  7. When a person wants to shoot and has no ammo, what are they to do though. Some weren't smart enough to stock up when prices were right. SG still has cases for 200...300 is still ridiculous but atleast its not like the vultures on gunbroker raking people for 450 shipped a case. It is what it is, hopefully demand drops soon and prices come back inline with something tolerable
  8. Unfortunately ammo is excluded from the free shipping offer. Seems that 19 bucks covers shipping on any quantity of ammo for me though, so order enough and its cheap
  9. duece212

    IZHMASH 8 round mags

    Too many things I need, not enough money in the wallet. Would dig a three pack of these
  10. Heads up again...Cabela's has wolf MC 7.62 in stock now if anybody else is looking: http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...requestid=23350
  11. duece212

    Arsenal SGL20's

    Took my new sgl20 out for its first rounds last weekend. Got about 40 clean rounds through it then it started having problems with the trigger not resetting. Checked the legs of the main spring and they are still hooked fine. It does reset the trigger fine test dry firing. Will have to give it a clean and relube to see what gives next time.
  12. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/AMM633-5.html
  13. I got in for 1k of 7.62 and 500 of the wolf .45acp this morning, glad somebody besides me was able to get in on it. I have spam cans on order from cabela's as well, the 7.62 says its down to a 0 to 1 week backorder if anybody dares to trust the estimate