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  1. Greg I would like to openly thank you for being the Business man that you are. It is truly a pleasure to do business with a consummate professional such as yourself. Your excellent communication, prompt order processing and shipping are really something to be commended and I thank you. I guess it really shows in the expansion of your product line, it had been awhile since I had visited CSS, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of great new parts available from your site. Congratulations and I wish you continued success.
  2. 0067 Congratulations on your success Mike.
  3. 7) Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence. I think that rule 7 strikes to the heart of the matter media, le actions and public perception combine to make a devisive us and them instead of a united US employed to do so and morally obligated to do so. Although I have respect
  4. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/index.p...products_id=134 You will need to find a good gunsmith to weld them on if you ask here maybe some one lives near you and you can drop it off. It would save the hassle of shipping it through an FFL
  5. Currently in the 111th congress we have the two mexico Assault weapon bills but they will re introduce this sooner or later http://thomas.loc.gov/home/c111query.html
  6. Order # 506X updated to paid and tracking # sent can't wait Thanks You Mr. Davidson
  7. At the top of this thread there are 8 links hit refresh until you see the one for Dinzag arms I think he has what you are looking for. http://www.dinzagarms.com/saiga_12/saiga_12.html or go to the link above.
  8. http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/index.htm Not an S-12 but it does apply to the S-12 this the conversion to do moving the trigger forward and putting a pistol grip on it is the way to go. you will need to cut the hole for the nut its a lot of filing with a file ya and its all worth it when your done. Just a heads up not all parts are drop in and need some whittling the hammer in two spots as well as the BHO and the pin retaining plate (if you use one) and not an e clip or the spring retainer. best to have a belt sander on hand but it can be done with a file or two and some pa
  9. ok good times here is what I have had success with remove the trigger pin 1/2 way grab the corner of the bolt hold open and pull it up and out of the way it will tilt up to almost vertical out of the reciever (I usually slip a 4mm allen thru the front pin to give the BHO a little more play put it in in the direction the pin will push it out and take its place) . drop the spring in between the BHO and the reciever wall long leg toward barrell short leg pops out BHO slot. with a small flat head or tip of a file push the spring down and forward to get the trigger pin through it. Once that is done
  10. He's got me sold, I'll never use a stock again. they're just so cumbersome this will be my "Zombie Uprising" gun
  11. my flacidity will be missed as I now have what is commonly known as the priapism. 50XX I should have it in hand shortly and will be able to go out in public without offending any virgins. Seriously Mike Say Hi to the UPS driver for me.
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