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  1. I like mine and also think it cleans up the look of the gun!!
  3. COS


    No one has used any iTac Tactical products on here... Well I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get this and see how it works..... Anybody???
  4. COS


    Not really looking for the "EXTREME" looking more the compact features of this unit they sell.... Do not care much for the laser... but it is there.... Do like the features of flashlight it self i.e. compact size (think Bob Ash light) and front grip all in one...
  5. COS


    Anybody ever use any of ther products?? I like a light set up they have but it is not all that cheap and would like to know if they are worth a shit before I drop the cash... -COS
  6. COS

    Rio Royal 00 Buck

    Shot Rio 00 9pel and it worked great in my gun.. Will NOT work in drum!!! Too LONG!! -COS
  7. I have been asking the same questions for a while on here... I would love to get ahold of this too!!! I think Nate at Magnolia??? is working on one of these but can't get an answer as to when or how much?? -COS
  8. Been wanting to try these myself... One question will these work with the MD20... Are they a true 2 3/4 round or are the rolled crimped so they will not fit in the drum??
  9. Looks great!! What finish are you thinking? Also will it clear the MD20?? -COS
  10. COS


    First off thanks for all the info guys!! This is the mount I want to use... The Mako ergo grip one with triger!! I am looking for something that will work with the mount below that will not stick out to far I like Bob with out all the skills want something that is compact but will produce a bright light with a long run time!! I like this one as well because of the way it brakes down to a shorter light... I am sure this effects run time but I do like the size.. Would like that the only thing protruding from the above mount would be the light fixture it self...Where could a guy g
  11. COS


    Thanks man.. That one looks good but the run time seems so so low... any one else???
  12. What are you all running for a light on your S12?? Bob Ash need not apply (your set up is F'n badass) Looking for some thing small bright and long run time... Would like some thing with tail cap button and 1" round body.... So post some pics and specs of what you are running!! -COS
  13. Nathan I would like to add to the above post... I have my S12 out getting converted will YOUR folding stock that clears the MD20 and ISA need to be installed at the same time as the conversion or is this some thing I can up grade to latter once is is avaliable or would I have to do some more cutting and welding to get this installed after the conversion??? -COS
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