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    MD Drums shipping with all 3 covers now

    Both places have it for $100 while shipping at Cope's is $10 and CSS is $9. Plus at CSS you get $5 off with the 5% coupon code. I'm not seeing how Cope's is ten dollars less unless they changed their price up since the previous posts.
  2. saiga875

    Found New Pro mag 20 round drum for $69

    Natchez is one of my favorite places to order parts and ammo from. Their online catalog is not browsing friendly but if you know what you're looking for you can find it. And once you figure out how they number their parts you can figure out what the part you're looking for should be. Rep'd the OP for the deal and Mullet Man for providing the part numbers.
  3. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    Yeah, I'm gonna say no to that idea. I think he genuinely heard what he said BUT then decided to extrapolate what that means because lawyers think they're smarter than everyone else. It was not an unreasonable assumption but it was still an assumption and should not have been posted on the blog.
  4. saiga875

    Removing ADJUSTABLE SIGHTS for S12

  5. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

  6. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    Bad timing on a price increase. There's a lot of talk about vendors gouging right now so everyone is on high alert for examples of it.
  7. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    No he doesn't. He specifically says, "I got an email from a work associate who attended the meeting."
  8. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    Let's not get into the whole NRA thing AGAIN. The NRA is a huge organization and it serves a huge number of people. Some want their hunting rights/lands protected. Some want their right to have whatever gun they choose. They can't be all things to all people and so they focus on the meaty part of the curve. Nothing precludes you from joining other organizations that focus exclusively on the rights most important to you. But the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla and has the most clout of all of the firearms organizations. Considering the huge diversity of the membership I think they do a fine job. Of course I don't agree with every stance they take but I've never been a member of any organization that did.
  9. saiga875

    Goodbye Sagia,Hello Knock ON Your Door From Batfags

    Why are people still posting in this thread when it's been stated multiple times we already have a thread on this? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=62170&st=0
  10. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    What does "set up like an AR15" mean? Do you have a link to that post?
  11. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    Another forum has people at the SHOT show saying there is a rumor going around the ATF will ban Saigas on Monday, so no, this isn't the only source. In any case, we'll know Monday what this is all really about. Link to said forum/post please. Will the announcement on Monday be on their website or at Shot Show? I will be surprised if the Saiga shotgun is banned since they allow the Saiga rifle to be imported. The Saiga rifle comes in with a low cap magazine, just like the shotgun, but aftermarket hi caps are available for it. Both require 922r compliance once the hi cap magazines are used since they are no longer in "sporting" configuration. Neither have a bayonet lug or pistol grip. But we'll see what Monday brings.
  12. saiga875

    Uh Oh...

    Am I the only one that finds it strange that this blog is the only one reporting this? All other posts I've seen online reference that blog. There's a lot of people at Shot Show so you'd think there would be plenty of sources to back this claim up. Maybe it's true but I find it suspicious that no one else is writing about it, especially on this forum.
  13. saiga875

    Russian 8's in stock

    Shows in stock when I look.
  14. Just saw this on a site I frequent. Delta Arms Saiga 12 review
  15. saiga875

    Black Friday Sale!

    Why are none of the products on the black friday sale clickable? They're just product numbers, no description of what they are and no links to the product.