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  1. Just got a ProMag 12 round drum and it works great. Have put about 5 mags worth of shells through it with no problems. I like it being small and doesn't stick way out like some 12 round straight mags. I haven't heard great things about the products ProMag puts out though. What kind of reputation do these 12 round ProMags have? What other drums may be more reliable in the short and long term? TIA, Allan Schisel
  2. OK, problem solved. Took the bolt apart, cleaned and lubed it. Checked the firing pin. Everything seemed fine. Took it out to shoot again and no ignition. "Always try different ammo 1st" -- should of been my 1st attempt at fixing the problem. A buddy left a box of 16ga out and that's what I was using at 1st. Tried 12ga and it worked fine. I was trying out a new Pro-mag 10 round drum and it worked perfectly. Thanks, for all the help. Allan Schisel
  3. Yes, it's sticking out. How far (range) does it need to protrude to make hard enough contact to set the primer off? Allan Schisel
  4. Yes, it sticks out. Not sure what that means, but I never messed with the insides. I'll take it apart and see if anything is broken, that's good info. Thanks, Allan
  5. Never had any problems with it before. Feeds fine, but there isn't even a dent on the primer after pulling the trigger. Firing pin tip doesn't look broken. How far should it protrude when hit by the hammer? If the firing pin is damaged, does it take the same one as any other AK? If not, what's a source for a new firing pin? What else could be wrong with it? TIA, Allan Schisel
  6. My converted to PG Saiga has an AK74 muzzle break and a Limbsaver recoil pad. Kicks like a 22 magnum. The AK74 break sure is LOUD, but it works great. Allan Schisel
  7. It's as accurate (maybe better) than the NATO surplus Portuguese and Radway Green I tried. It's good ammo. Allan Schisel
  8. Limbsaver also makes slip on pads. Allan Schisel
  9. I put a grindable Limbsaver recoil pad on mine, but my Saiga is converted to pistol grip with an AK (not original Saiga) buttstock. Check Brownells for sizes and see if it will fit your stock. With that buttpad and an AK74 type muzzle brake, it has very little recoil. Allan Schisel
  10. I ordered two about a month ago via their website and received them in about 10 days. I called yesterday (2/28/07) to order a couple more. The person who answered the phone was polite and helpful, but said I had to order from their website. Since it is set up as a shopping cart, it's much more efficient to take orders that way rather than tying up a worker to answer the phone all day. He did tell me the mags are in stock and mine would be shipped shortly. I also noticed they ship UPS now, not USPS. At $45/mag and people ordering a few at the time, it's better coming in box from UPS than an en
  11. They may be rock solid, but you are doing away with the quick release and back to zero feature. If that's no problem, they sound like the way to go. I've purchased "$40 mounts" with quick release lever and they either fell apart are were too out of spec for shims to correct. Finally, I got a couple of KVAR quick release mounts and they work as designed, but they go for $90 or so. I also bought a variable power Russian scope that has a quick release mount as part of it and it works great too. Allan Schisel
  12. I have a Krink type muzzle brake and a Limbsaver buttpad on my converted 308. It has very little felt recoil. Maybe I'll add a buffer now so it recoils like a 22LR. Allan Schisel
  13. Acca47, people who claim they didn't get the merchandize (that did) and do charge backs may be committing fraud, and you may be committing a crime for suggesting they do this. I feel bad about what happened to you, but this plan may make things much worse and for lots more people. BTW, why didn't you just take credit cards? It's easy to get set up for that and only costs you 3%. If you haven't at least consulted with a good lawyer, I suggest you do. They will tell you the best way to recover your money, or tell you there is no way and chalk it up to a business lesson learned the hard way. Tha
  14. Yes, I'm very special. At least my mommy always told me that. Your're special too, I come here to read your posts. Allan Schisel
  15. Hey, this is getting interesting. I thought this would be an informative thread and let people know my experience with FBMG. That seems to of added fuel to the fire which was not my intent. Yes, time to microwave more popcorn read how some people think arguing is worth their time. Someone once told me "Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics." It's a choice that some people make. People with thin skin are amusing for sure. Allan Schisel
  16. I got my FBMG mags this week about 8 days after ordering. They look and work GREAT! They are expensive, but well worth the money. Thanks FBMG! Allan Schisel
  17. I ordered a couple and confirmed by phone that the mags would get shipped after the base plates came in. I have no complaints so far. I'll post again when the mags arrive. I'm keeping an open mind for now. Allan Schisel
  18. As I stated in another thread, Kalinka has no phone number, took a week to answer my email, their email was vague. I ordered from Nigh Vision instead. BTW, customer service is still alive and well. I know because I give good customer service in my business. That's why I have so many repeat customers. If a company runs off too many customers (or potential ones), they won't be around much longer. Allan Schisel
  19. danny boy, are you talking about Night Vision or Kalinka? TIA, Allan Schisel
  20. I wanted to buy a POSP 4-8x42. I had a few querstions and noticed Kalinka has no phone number (red flag). I sent them an email. After a week, I received an answer to some of my questions, but some of the answers were vague and lead to more questions. I decided to go with Night Vision instead. Less selection, but they had the scope I wanted for the same price. Even if it was a bit more, I would of chosen that company based on ease of communication. http://www.nightvisionweb.com/ak_svd_scopes.htm I hope these guys don't have a bad rep. Allan Schisel
  21. I wonder why their site is down? Have they changed URLs? http://www.raacfirearms.com/test/index.htm Allan Schisel
  22. I used Acgraglass epoxy with black pigment to install the stud and the Harris bipod has no back and forth movement. I smeared a bit of epoxy on the inside of the foregrip to add to the internal surface holding area of the stud. If it breaks, (I don't think it will) I'll add more epoxy. I haven't shot it yet, but I think the bipod will be a great help in stability. No more looking for a log to help steady the rifle while firing. It also adds 1000% to the cool factor as far as looks go! Allan Schisel
  23. I haven't checked it out in the field yet, so I'm still unsure of which height to get. Why did you get a 9"-13" rather than a 6"-9"? TIA Allan Schisel
  24. Now that my 308 Saiga is converted to pistol grip configuration (kept same handguard), I'd like to add a bi-pod. I was considering a Harris, but realized when folded forward, even the short 6" to 9" ones would be right under the flash hider. Wouldn't that fry the bi-pod? Do they get shorter when folded forward? I don't think I'd want it to fold backward, then they'd be in the way for holding the rifle? What does everyone else use? Is the 6" to 9" one about right for shooting prone? Is there a better choice than Harris? I would be attaching them to the QD swivel stud and would like to attach my
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