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  1. i LOVE how sharp this rail system looks. This is definitely the handguard I've been waiting for. Good job Cameron! Has anyone mounted an Aimpoint Micro or similar low-profile red dot optic yet? I'm dying to see not only what co-witnessing options I have, but also just how optics look on these sexy rails.
  2. It's not for sale yet, and is undergoing beta testing. I included links and pics earlier in the thread. I found it too awkward to use with the far left offset mount, and ended up selling mine and saving for an Aimpoint. I happen to have a low profile Belarus side mount that is offset just a hair to the right, but otherwise very close to center. Hypothetically speaking, if you had such a mount and you had the Weaver rail version of the PK-AS, would your opinion of it be different?
  3. Can anyone clarify what this "Horse" mount is? I hear it being mentioned here and there, and every Google search turns up nothing. Anyway, I've been thinking about getting a PK-AS as an optic for my Saiga. I'm aware it doesn't co-witness with the irons, but I like how the black dot can still be used if the red dot goes down, acting as a backup and pseudo replacement for the irons. The only downsides I'm aware of are the battery life and having to take the optic off to make adjustments while zeroing. The Ultimak/Aimpoint combo may be better, but those Micro T-1 and H-1 optics are a bit rich
  4. I've been looking at the Chaos Tri and Quad rails for awhile now and I've love to get one to replace my SGM Tri-rail, which is nice but kind of ugly and doesn't work well with most of my foregrips and other attachments. However, one thing that irks me is that all of the Chaos rails seem to be for the Saiga-12 and only the Saiga-12. Why no love for the classic 7.62x39, or even the 5.45x39? I'm kind of surprised that this isn't brought up more often. Are there any plans for a Chaos rail system designed specifically for 7.62x39 and other rifle cartridges?
  5. Currently I'm installing some K-VAR polymer furniture on my Saiga to make it look closer to the AK-100 series. However, K-VAR's site makes no mention of what size their stock screws are and they don't supply drill bits with their stocks. So, what size drill bit do I need to drill pilot holes for these screws?
  6. Call me crazy, but there's just something really familiar about these handguards. ... meh, I don't like 'em.
  7. Time for a report. Two hours later, the dent is only a little bit bigger, and I am minus a drill bit. After two nights and three hours of work, the bit couldn't take anymore and snapped in two. The dent, meanwhile, laughs in my face. I'm throwing this son of a bitch over to a gunsmith. I've had it. I only hope at this point that a drill press can still do the job. I've tried so many times, that I've effectively made a tiny circular Triforce on the trunnion and I'm worried that a drill guide's bit may wander too much to be of any use, unless it just punches through the trunnion like it was
  8. The hell? I just spent another hour on drilling my hole and while I've made progress, I'd say I still have a lot more drilling to do. I'd love to figure out what it is I'm doing wrong, and what everyone else is doing right. Anyway, I'm using an Irwin 7/64" cobalt drill bit and I'm not using any lubricating oil. I'm keeping at a slow-to-medium speed, though what's interesting is that I went full speed a few times out of frustration and I actually got a bit more depth out of that than taking it slow. I'm past my threshold of patience, so I don't think I'm going to tap the hole. Instead, I th
  9. Dear lord, is my luck ever going to turn around? I recently bought a rounded bullet guide from Dinzag for my new Saiga 7.62x39, and I'm beginning to see just how tough this Russian steel truly is. I've done everything that everyone else has recommended while drilling the hole for the bullet guide's screw. I've used plenty of cutting fluid, I'm drilling at low speed, and I'm using a tough cobalt drill bit. After two nights and going through two hand drill batteries, I've only succeeded in making a dent. A puny little dent that refuses to become a hole. After reading through everyone else's
  10. Ok, I checked out Copes and it looks like a pretty good place. It definitely has some of the best prices I've seen for magazines. Now I just need to find out how much their shipping costs and how often they receive new magazines. I don't want to screw anyone else out of getting these pre-bans. I'm thinking I'd like to start out with five of the 30-rounders and two of the 20-round tank mags, then wait a while.
  11. As a New York resident, I am forced to live under the tyrannical AWB and so magazines are hard to come by. My only source of high capacity pre-ban magazines are gun shows and the occasional Gunbroker auction. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend an upcoming gunshow. I'm in desperate need for a regular source of pre-ban, European steel 7.62x39 AK magazines. There are plenty of places that have them, but the trouble is that few seem to have the testicle fortitude to ship to New York, even though it's completely legal. Can anyone point me in the right direction of an online dealer?
  12. This is why I have a Mosin Nagant. =3
  13. I know I'm going against the tide here, and I know I'm going to be lambasted, AND I know I'm going to be a repeat of what everyone has already said ad nauseam. BUT... I'm going to be the Devil's Advocate by saying that I personally prefer the AR-15 over the Kalashnikov platform. The direct impingement system of the AR-15 may be dirtier compared to the gas piston of the AK, but I believe that the extra cleaning is a trade off for the AR's accuracy. The AK's gas piston is an extra moving part that creates more vibrations in the rifle upon firing, thus impacting accuracy slightly. Also, your
  14. After looking at MSA's return policies, it looks like the only refunds they offer are for returned undamaged products that have been bought within the last 30 days. I bought my adapter all the way back in January. So unless Nathan takes notice and makes an exception, it looks like I'm SOL. Should I still send an e-mail and explain my situation?
  15. A refund, eh? Well that would certainly soften the blow of my failure, and it would definitely help with getting a 7.62x39. How do I go about doing this? Do I need to send the adapter back to them? It's pretty beat up from my attempts at getting it to fit, but functions perfectly (as far as I can tell, aside from it not fitting).
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