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  1. I missed this from the beginning , how much did the AGP clear sell for ?
  2. answered pm , thanks for looking.
  3. etpiejr

    WTB. Saiga 12 Wood Handguard

    carolina shooters supply sells them - 74.95
  4. etpiejr

    saiga 12s shipping by the 20 $699

    thanks for the info.
  5. Sorry , I can't do that unless somone chimes in and wants the buttstock. Thanks for looking.
  6. etpiejr

    Just finished!

    Very nice build !
  7. etpiejr

    Just got my bolt back from Pauly...

    I just got mine back also and it looks sweet . Very professional job and always responds to emails and questions. Thanks again Pauly.
  8. Hello. I am selling my brand new , sealed in plastic , Saiga .308 wood set purchased from RAA . I was going to modify it to fit my S12 but changed my mind. I am asking 150.00 for the set , FREE insured UPS ground shipping to US only. The other side .
  9. etpiejr


    I have a set .
  10. etpiejr

    Sold Out?

    Kvar however they are now 519.00