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  1. Good question. I made mine hand-tight. When I function check after I complete my conversion, I'll see if that was good enough. If not, a little blue loc-tite should do the trick.
  2. the ranges here in Vegas all do that too. There's a good reason though. So many people don't know how to handle a gun. they start pulling the trigger all happy and go right through the ceiling, the lane dividers, everything. Personally, I think these people shouldn't be allowed on the range. I can put all the bullets in my magazine on target as fast as I can pull the trigger. The range officer will come SCREAMING at me that I can't rapid-fire, even though every freaken shot is within at least the 8 ring. fuk 'em. I avoid those places like the plague. They won't let you work from th
  3. oops my bad the Glock 45 was from the other guy that shot the pastor... different story. Sorry Anyway, I just read another quote that he had a permit for the two pistols, but no "license" for the long guns. I wasn't aware of any "rifle license," unless they were SBR or full-auto. Very conflicting stories, and truly odd comments.
  4. I read that it was a Glock .45, and he had 3 10 round magazines. They reported he had enough ammo to kill 30 people... haha... Sure, if he was able to line them up and execute them one round at a time.. but when is the last time you heard of one man rounding up 30 people, and killing them all with only 30 bullets? That's just silly.
  5. Not exactly. As I mentioned above, 922r only applies to "non-sporting" weapons. If you make any mods to your gun that make it non-sporting, then you must comply with 922r. By "non-sporting" you mean converted with PG and FCG moved forward right? What if its unconverted with the original sporter stock? No, adding a hi-cap magazine deems it automatically unsporting, and therein lies the problem.
  6. lol.. I know that everyone here understands that no real military force in the world is going to choose a semi-auto rifle to mount an "assault." I didn't know I had to tiptoe on eggshells here when it comes to this issue. The point is obvious, there is a big difference between an assault-style weapon such as an AR-15, and a main battle weapon such as an FN FAL.
  7. This is not exactly correct. The issue with using the US made mags is not the fact that they are US made. The problem is that when you put a 10rd detachable mag on a Saiga it may no longer fall into the "sporting" category. So although using a Russian made 8 rounder MAY be legal because 8 rounds MAY still be considered sporting, it would not be simply because it was made in Russia. That has nothing to do with it.
  8. Didn't know you already had a 30-06. That is a step up from .308, between it and 300 win mag . With the 30-06 in the safe, may as well go with a smaller round then! I think .223 is a good choice for many reasons, but everyone has their own situation. I'd stick with .223 well, because I already have one. it's a 16" Stainless bull barrel free-float AR. Get's it done, and cheap (ish).
  9. Mine is on it's way should be here in a couple days
  10. One question: Other that just looks, is there any advantage to the military handguard vs. the ugly Saiga one? It looks to me that the Saiga HG would be more functional with more options when it comes to positioning your support hand.
  11. hmm... Buy the Dremel regardless. Find a friend who is less sissified than you are, and have him give you a demonstration. Maybe let HIM do the grinding/drilling. I donno. You need to unsissify. Sissification is not allowed for those who own firearms. Seriously.
  12. you just turned 18? so does your dad know you just posted a pic of all his guns on the intarweb?
  13. I love my ARs. But I've never hear of "caliber loyalty." a .308 is a totally different ballgame. An AR-15 is an assault rifle. An FN FAL in .308 is a main battle rifle. The Saiga falls into the same category, I guess. I mean, it just has SO MUCH MORE PUNCH. I'm drooling over a .308 right now, I just don't have any money left after dumping it into ARs and SAIGA 12. lol. And ammo. Etc... However, if I were left with the choice of either a 5.56 AR or a .308 Saiga I guess I'd have to go with the AR, just for the availability of ammo. Not like 5.56 is everywhere and cheap now, but cer
  14. well considering the cost of a dremel and a cobalt bit, and the fact that you will still have them for other shit once you're done with the conversion, I'd say it's worth it!!! a REAL MAN buys tools to use them one time, and before he knows it, he has so many tools he can do anything!!! lol j/k not trying to say you aren't a real man (ok it's true I'm challenging your manhood), but uh, yeah.. lol buy a dremel and a bit. Every man should have a dremel. here's a quick link to show you how affordable a Dremel is!!! I really mean it when I say EVERY man should own a dremel. If you d
  15. right and slavery along with "negro" and all other kinds of colorful language was policy at one point too. This country has been plagued with racism since before it began. Do you know why we were never an imperial power? Because we are so racist, we didn't want to make other races of people equal to us by making them a part of our empire. It is what it is.
  16. Hmmm... I was told by the folks at CGW to use setting 2 for everything but 3" and 2.75" Magnum plus or Turkey loads. Mine cycles 00buck on setting 2 but not on setting one in the 2.75" variety.
  17. isn't a .308 the same (or pretty much) as a 7.62x51?
  18. Man Corbin.. you are a walking, talking, injury. If it's not a shotgun blast, it's a shell to the face or a pellet in the eye or a dental tool through the hand. One tough sonofabitch though, I never hear you whine!
  19. Why not get a bolt-gun that's capable of taking down a real threat at 500+ yards? .308 is an excellent choice if you're gonna go through the expense. If you really don't want to though, I think they make Remington 700 models in .223
  20. I think you need to email him directly...
  21. This is how they roll. When my wife lost her job and we could no longer afford our house, we tried to sell it and downsize. My credit score was 740+, everything was always current and on-time. We kept low balances on all our cards although we'd use them for EVERYTHING. Huge payments every month. It was just easier to send a couple CC payments, than try to keep track of a billion little debit-card transactions on the checking account. Well, when we found our home was $300k upside down in equity (close to 60% loss) from when we purchsed in 2005, and learned that we weren't going to be a
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