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  1. seems like a sheet-metal box that covers the release so you couldn't operate it by hand, but left room to shove a flat-head screwdriver in from the bottom and pry the lever forward, would still be compliant? donno, I moved out of that shit-fuck state that I was born and raised in for 26 years, so I'm not familiar with their new improved nazi regulations. I'm sorry, but I agree with the guy. I love my home town, but I will never move back because it is still in CA.
  2. so, you got such a great deal on your Saigas, you decided to wash your car in a rain storm? must have made you all goofy I guess lol.
  3. Regardless of his intent, the citation was not to punish him for helping them cross the road. However, it is not appropriate for the driver to be handed full responsibility. Without the citation, there is no supporting evidence that the pedestrians were crossing the road where they should not have been. Without that evidence, the driver could be punished as if he hit pedestrians in a crosswalk, and that is neither fair nor appropriate. That is the way it is. Before you take any action, be prepared to accept the consequenses. Breaking the law with good intentions is sometimes acceptabl
  4. parts for restoration of a stock IZ109? what am I missing? Anyway, so far mine has been nothing but trouble and for the money I have into it, it's frustrating. Still it will be worth it in the end once all the kinds are worked out.
  5. That was my first impression as well. However, if you read the article, the man didn't dash out into the road to save the ladies' lives. He was actually assisting them to cross the street illegally. Sure, he pushed them out of danger and took the hit, but his negligence contributed to the accident and the citation is relevant. When it comes time to decide who is financially responsible for damages incurred from the accident, this evidence will be crucial. Contributing negligence is a factor when deciding insurance settlements, or deciding which insurance company will foot some or all o
  6. WOW.. .A favorable response from Pelosi? What is this? the Twilight Zone?
  7. You want to see a glock get through a full mag with no jams? here... watch this stupid little vid I made last year when my wife and I showed up for some handgun training with our Kahr CCW pistols. I carry a P40 and she carries an MK9. After the first day of training, our hands AND Kahrs were beat up from the pounding, and our trainers graciously let us use their Glocks. I am using a G22, a service pistol lent to me by the deputy sherriff. My wife is using the head trainer's G17. Our Kahrs fell victim to many failures, they obviously aren't designed to fire 1000 rounds with no cleaning
  8. I'd bet money that the pellets will fly out of the barrel at a reasonable high velocity, effective to about 20 meters?
  9. I have a stripped S&W MP15 lower receiver. So far, I haven't had any problems with it, it's been 100% reliable. /me ducks to avoid flying objects Anyway, I know that isn't helpful but I haven't heard a single bad review. You'd be better off checking AR15.com for that info though. I'd certainly take a Smith over a few of the other brands, that's for sure.
  10. seems like a great value. Anyone here have much experience with these types of things and can give some advice? I've been thinking of buying something like this for my wife and I for a bit now... I'd jump all over it if it's a good as a value as it seems!
  11. I'd also recommend teh 23. In NJ can you carry mags with more than 10 rounds? If not, get the 27. The 27 is actually quite easy to shoot thanks to it's dual recoil spring system. I'd stay away from the 9mm with FMJ. At least with the .40, fmj bullets are flat-nosed, like wad-cutters. Actually, I'd probably recommend the Glock 30 or 36 now that I think about it. With FMJ, you want the biggest bullet you can get. Big bullet, low velocity. Better chance of transmitting max energy into your target, and staying there. I wouldn't want a 9mm that's for sure. FMJ 9mm is going to punch holes
  12. The bill has been introduced and now sits in the judiciary committee. Those ayes and nays you see are not official.. that's just people who register and click the box.
  13. In all honesty, Texas isn't telling them to do anything just yet. When a bill is introduced in either the state senate or house (assembly), it's just a bill that's been introduced. Thousands of bills are introduced that just die in committee. These states aren't telling the feds ANYTHING, until one of these bills is actually passed on the floor of both sides of the state legislature. Good luck, I hope they get it on!!!
  14. we could just call 7.62x39 "kal" .... afterall, I believe it is the original caliber the Kalashnikov rifles were designed for? So why not just Kal? lol seems kind of endearing in an odd kind of way doesn't it?
  15. wow. I had no idea kilmer was such a tool. He just went WAY down on my list of favorite actors.. was up near the top. Now he's just a dirtbag. moron.
  16. read comment #12... I mean, where do peole like this come from? That has got to be the most uneducated, illogical, and completely stupid thing I've ever heard!!! Way to go taking out the bad guy.
  17. hmmm. suarez eh? have to look into that.. got a link?
  18. In Nevada, other than Clark County, no firearm registration is required. Only the NCIS check. Cash, carry, no wait.
  19. Mine was off to CGW and somehow, it seems they got it and I've received tracking info for the return shipment only 5 days after I dropped it off to UPS. Great turnaround, I am SOOO excited to get it back in hand.
  20. I had a suppresor for my paintball gun back in the day. In fact, we all did. Then one day I got in some "trouble" with the cops and they confiscated (stole) my suppressor. I'm pretty sure at that point they were not illegal yet, at least not specifically. I was never charged with any crime, nor was my suppressor entered as any kind of evidence... lol Not really adding to the discussion I guess, just thought I'd share
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