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  1. Army Rangers? mid-eighties? Mind if I ask where? Curiosity gets the best of me BTW, thanks for your contribution and sacrifice. Hope the little dental pick wound heals up smartly.
  2. I can't believe someone who works for/with a gunsmith/ffl whatever, would say such illogical nonsense! Simply purchasing land and saying "no firearms on this land" will do nothing to stop you from being robbed or murdered while on that land. I can't believe I've got to start preaching to the choir here. Don't you know what happens in "gun free" zones? We like to call them "victim disarmament zones" or "Victim Rich zones" or some other such moniker. You seem to think that banning guns somehow protects you? Is this the official opinion of CGW? Just curious.
  3. Wheel


    Yes, it was designed to fire, and even states in the paperwork that comes with it, 3" magnum and 2 3/4" magnum shells. In the user's guide where it tells you how to use the gas setting knob, it only mentions magnum shells. I've never seen 2 3/4" shells marked as "magnum," (I'm new to shutguns.. donno) but I'm assuming they mean high brass. So they were never intended to fire the low-brass WW specials. However, I can't afford to "play" with it, or "train" with it, very often, with the expensive high-brass loads. At WW, the Winchester Super X is $5 for a box of 5. that's $25 for 25.
  4. I dropped mine off at the UPS store yesterday to be shipped to CGW. I can't wait to get her back!
  5. say what? lol... I'm ev-5103... are you saying I won't get my drum for a year or more? you've got to be joking.. lol
  6. LOL... that goes up.... Sick mod man, I'd leave it that way!! Make it out of cardboard so it's lightweight lol
  7. dude that is nasty! You still have that hand? does it work at all? sorry, don't mean to be nosy but OMFG. How did that happen?!
  8. ooooh marshmallows!!!! I gotta get me onea those!
  9. Just to clarify: if you add a foreign made pistol-grip, you are adding an imported part that is counted for 922r compliance. I'm using the CAA pistol grip with the different front and back strap inserts, so that makes 15 counted parts. I have to now replace at least 5 of those counted parts with US made parts for compliance. I'm doing: stock (1) FCG (3) Gas piston (1) This brings me to 10 foreign parts regardless of which mags I use, so my factory mag is no less legal than my AGPs.
  10. Wheel


    I prefer the folder, because it makes the weapon the smallest when not in use. Easiest to store, transport, or carry in a sling on my back. I also have an AR (or two wink wink) with collapsible stock. I like that it will make the weapon smaller or longer depending on my needs, but it will never get as small as a rifle with a folder. IMHO, the folder is the best choice for general home/homeland defense rifles, in basic combat format. If you want a sniper rifle a fixed stock is best, but a Saiga12 is not a rifle.
  11. no, it's the slowest forum evar. Someone thought they had a dinosaur computer and dialup so it was their problem, but I couldn't mention I have 20meg connection and a quad core... still slower that all hell. But I deal with it.
  12. I want to know why you would be worried about scratching your barrel if you were using it, with bayonet mounted, in "true extreme use." I think if I'm engaged in "true extreme use" with my S12, I am not giving two shits about a scratch under the barrel.
  13. why would it be illegal? If the IZ-108 has only 13 counted parts for 922r, then wouldn't adding a USA made mag bring the total parts-count down to 10, therefore being legal still?
  14. According to the reviews at cheaperthandirt, some people bought the O.D. model and the tan model as well. They say the O.D. model has thicker padding and better zippers. I ordered 2. Also ordered the UTG side scope mount that has 2 picattinny rails for $25....
  15. thanks for correcting me. I had a feeling I was going to be wrong after posting that without double checking. Sorry! I know better.
  16. I love the door breacher looks, in fact I've already pre-ordered. I also love the fact that it adds functionality. I don't PLAN on having to blast through any doors any time soon, but should the need arise, I'll have the perfect tool. That, and it looks menacing as hell. That's a good thing. I can't wait to get mine. Thing looks BADASSICAL.
  17. It's illegal to ship a firearm directly to someone that doesn't have an FFL, AFAIK. You'll each have to ship it to an FFL (gunshop whatever) and pay their transfer fees.
  18. +1 I've already considered this. I see it myself. I'm no expert like "that guy," but I can see it coming. Hence the reason for spending ALL of my disposable income on food stocks, guns, ammo, and education.
  19. yep. Live within your means. Don't forget, Ammo is important too. Without it, mags are just.. well... empty. I'd prefer to have 1000 rounds of 7.62 and 1 mag, than 1000 mags and one round. of course that's an exaggeration. But still, even things out. I recently bought 10 Glock mags and I don't even own a Glock (yet lol).
  20. That literally had me LOL! Thanks for the heads up on the possible interpretations of the "barrel attachment" item for 922r. It doesn't seem logical that threads would meet the definition of "attachment," but better to be safe than sorry. I've seem more than one statute interpreted in a totally illogical manner, so I'll play the safe side on that one.
  21. The only thing I would worry is that you have a good safe. Now that person knows what you got, and where you live. Make sure all your paperwork is in order, as usual. I doubt he will start shit. I mean, what can he do? call the BATF and tell them he delivered a shipment of bullets to your house? That will garner no attention. As for the spam cans, I have one full of 7.62x54R. I just figured I'd leave it sealed. Thought the ammo would be better kept that way? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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