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  1. Donno if that is true or not, but it appears the last mortar he loaded into the tube blew up in his face. I think that kind of stuff can happen when you play with old shells, but I don't really know. Just making a guess based on the timing of events, and the fact that the camera wasn't damaged. An artillery shell would have taken out more than just the guy with the mortar.
  2. I have 4, and an md20 on order. I think that is enough. Sure, more of something that is hard to get is good, but do you really need more? Could you spend the "more mag money" on other, more practical things, like, say, a new Glock or something instead? You live in CA so that seems unlikely, but who knows. I have 13 Pmags for my AR15s. I wish I bought more of those, when they were readily available for $13 a pop with the chrome silicon spring. Still, truth be told, if the zombies are coming, an S12 with an md20 loaded, and 4 AGP 10 rounders in reserve along side a couple ARs with 1
  3. I'd like to see those vids. I suspect they'll be closer in total time than you think, assuming an experienced shooter with the pump. Still, I'm sure the Saiga would win.
  4. 34 lives lost because you got some little scratches on your truck? It's no wonder we humans are in so much trouble!
  5. The 10 rnd mag throws the Saiga 12 out of compliance also... The easy ways to get back to compliant: Polychoke US Gas Piston US Foregrip I was under the impression that the IZ-109 with threaded barrel contained 14 counted parts for 922r. Using a USA built Mag brings the count to 11. The simplest way to make it compliant by bringing the count down to 10 would then be to remove the thread protector on the end of the barrel. Yeah, I know... not the best idea, but it would work in a pinch if you want to go "test-fire" your new S12 while waiting on all the other USA made parts y
  6. Sounds like he is being a good sport. Lighten up guys. He took the hit and has been good about it. That brake looks MEAN Cameron. I want one.
  7. So does the DIY triggerguard move the FCG forward? Also, what "machining" is eliminated with this part? Seems in the DIY video I just watched, the only machining going on was to cut down the factory trigger guard?
  8. Received my four AGP 10 rounders from FedEx today, MLK day. I couldn't be more happy! Thanks!
  9. Wheel


    I've been calling it an AK-12 because it's easier for people to understand. Just like everyone else says. I don't mind it at all. I mean, it IS an AK basically.
  10. To be honest, I'm not 100% clear on the PolyChoke. Removing the PolyChoke from your equation and adding in the gas piston, you would be compliant at that point. As a personal preference, I don't like to count on a mag to get me to the compliant mark, but if you want to that is certainly your prerogative. I read elsewhere that the IZ-109 has only 14 parts as listed by the BATF for 922® compliance. This form would suggest 15, after unchecking the pistol-grip. Which *other* part on that checklist does not apply to the IZ-109?
  11. Hey! Just joined the forum a bit ago, and finally came across this thread. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Spyderco Endura with Emerson wave. I visited several gunshows, gun shops, and read countless "EDC" knife threads at different gun forums I visit before deciding on the Endura. I'd had one of the original Delicas and Enduras when I first saw them in the 80's (pretty sure it was 80s). This New Endura is rock solid, and the Emerson Wave feature is terrific. It comes out of the pocket open, blade down. I'd considered the CRKT M16 or M21, but after handling them in person, real
  12. Got 4 thanks!! Now to cancel my order from agp, as they are still showing OOS.
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