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  1. I was going to be out of town for 2 week and my nephew was going to be coming over to feed the fish...at the time I didn't have a safe so I took out the bolt out to be safe. Year later I forgot where I put it How does one check headspace ?
  2. Hi I lost the bolt for my Saiga 7.62. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks Bryan
  3. stupid question: what about fedex? too expensive?
  4. what would happen if you fired a 12 guage shell thru a 12 guage flaregun (3 or 4 inch barrel)....or for that matter 12 gauge flares thru a shotgun. Im curious but not stupid
  5. how do the legalities work out if I got this grip and kept everything else stock on my rifle? dont know exactly what i would use it for but it looks pretty sweat
  6. I see them on ebay new for 10 bucks
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