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  1. long time aqo you had some Izhmash triangle patches made up. Any chance you might still have one available. Thanks, Jerry Jerry6075@yahoo.com

  2. long time aqo you had some Izhmash triangle patches made up. Any chance you might still have one available. Thanks, Jerry Jerry6075@yahoo.com

  3. Got it! The set with newer bolt is yours Corbin. The top cover, and buffer as well. 1 set of spares left Gentlemen!
  4. Howdy All. All Sold Pending Funds Crazy Dodge is selling crazy rare items. Tonight I'm putting up Extra Spare Saiga-12 Bolts, Bolt-Carriers w/ recoil spring assemblies. I have 1 slightly used, and another that appears to have a brand new bolt that has NEVER been used/cycled/fired. I will sell the complete assemblies for the same price. So the first " I'll take it", gets the new unfired Bolt assembly. Both carriers appear to have the usual wear marks from pulling of the charging handle in receiver. But one bolt is insanely pristine for a Saiga. Never seen one like this. So I never used it. Even to just assemble. Some of You may remember over 5 years ago when Tantal aka Doug Ford had spare Bolt assemblies for sale. well like all things Saiga. I pounced. Doug's spares have all but dried up for years. Take Your chance now to have the CRUCIAL extra moving parts to keep your S-12 up, without having to buy a second shotgun for parts. (not that many would) I also have 1 Saiga-12 Top cover in excellent condition. Has small paint wear on the front part of top-cover that goes into Rear Sight base of shotgun. But otherwise extremely nice. Whoever buys the spare S-12 top-cover gets a Black-Jack Buffers S-12 buffer for free. (it's in the photo) I am asking $125.00 shipped/insured for each BOLT, BOLT CARRIER, and RECOIL ASSY. If You think about what these are. It's worth it. Or your thought curve is different about your guns then mine. lol I am asking $40.00 shipped/insured for the S-12 top-cover( and free buffer. If You buy all in the photo.(You'll have to be first with an "I'll take it ALL", Instead of $290.00 shipped/insured total. I will ask only $250.00 shipped/insured for ALL of it!!!! Diz Guy is Kwazy!!!! If You are hemming and hawing about buying. Don't. This WILL be the last time You have a chance for spare bolts, and parts like this for your S-12. I accept Paypal(add 3%), or USPS Money Orders only. No other MO's, or personal checks. Located in Central Texas. I will ship UPS unless the buyer states otherwise. Thanks All. I shall be posting this on theakforum.net as well. Link to theakforum.net to see if anyone's TOOK IT! My linky!!!
  5. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Howdy All. More Izhmash goodies for those who like keeping their Russian beauty Russian. I have a complete Factory Izhmash AK-74M/AK-100/S-12C Folding stock with ALL parts needed to put together. This has been assembled, and taken apart. Never together when fired. Minimum wear on parts. You will receive Izzy stock. Folding rear trunnion already shaved to fit S-12 Bolt.( don't think You can just put an AK-74 folder on your S-12 without fitment. You CANT). Has all rivets. Has stock latch spring, and spring latch pin. Has folder pin. I have all complete parts for Front Latch Kit for S-12C. NOT AK-74. important. Because they do not match. Been there done that. Learn from others trials. Right? In photos. You see the trigger guard, and selector stop. These were made by that artist/member/saiga-man named sKott. This is right-on for an S-12C. (only non-russian part, yet cloned after it.) I am including an actual 3-1 marked Russian AK-74/Ak-100/S-12C pistol grip, and for options, the new Izhmash marked pistol grip found on the newer EXP S-12 shotguns. Also throwing in the Izhmash marked buttpad for the folder Saigas. And throwing in the Izhmash pistol grip screw, and nut to mount em. Back up spares for You. Spent over $500.00 on these items. How's $300.00 shipped strike You all? I know. I'm nuts. But it should go to You guys. Not GunJoker, or other site. I accept paypal(add 3%), or USPS Money Order. No personal checks please. I am located in central Texas, and will ship UPS, unless otherwise noted by buyer. I will post this for sale on theakforum.net as well. Thanks All.
  6. Sold Pending Funds Hello all. Selling off my trusty Trijicon ACOG. SBR'ing my rifle, and don't need the range of this 4x scope. So if You have a 16" barreled AR, or such in 5.56x45mm, or .223. This is your THANG! Comes with the scope, Trijicon Lens Pen, Case, and Tenebraex/Trijicon ARD Anti-Reflective Device aka "killflash". What You see in the photos is what I'm selling. Minus my patio furniture of course. I see folks asking 900-1000 for an used ACOG. They don't sell. And I wouldn't pay that much without saving a couple hundred bucks more for a Brand New one either. So get your deal here, on a nice scope. Most accurate AR optic I've shot with. Except my Leupold Mark 4, but that was like $1,400.00(not to mention the last time a put an expensive scope on an AR!..lol) I accept Paypal( ewww)ADD 3%, or USPS Money Order Located in Central Texas, I will UPS to You unless otherwise asked. Asking $550.00 shipped/insured. Crazy deal on a used, but perfectly working ACOG. Also. Because folks often assume. This is perfect for a 16" .223 AR. It is NOT reticled for a 7.62x51/.308, or other ammo. Nor is it the scope that Trijicon states to use with 20" M16A2/A4, or 20" AR type rifles. It would zero fine but adjustments would be slightly off. This is for your basic type 14"-16" M4 wanna-be AR. Nothing wrong with wanting-to-be something. lol I will post this on theakforum.net as well. Thanks All. sorry about shitty camera-work. No awards for photos here! link to theakforum.net My linky SPF SPF SPF on theakforum.net Thanks All!!!
  7. SOLD PENDING FUNDS to scoutjoe Hello all. Again liquidating my rare accessories for my Saiga-12. Spent 7 years dealing with folks from Ukraine, Russia, England, and Finland. I made it my life's work, and many butt-chewings from my wife to find everything I could about this gun, it's variants, and it's accessories( the FACTORY ONES). I was all about using only Russian parts. And not even aftermarket parts that were made in Russia. Cataloged items for our S-12's that were shipped initially to EAA in 2004, and stopped because they knew they were dropping the Saiga's(bastards). Now I feel kinda ill selling these. but I just have to. I bought my first home, and i'm needing funds. Plus Class 3 goodies aren't cheap. lol. 1.) I have the original barrel wrench to tighten the thread protector, and chokes that were available. It is un-used in the original baggie with Izhmash stock number, and EAA info, w/card. 2.) I have the original thread protector from my barrel. 300rds approx on it. I doubt that much. It sat for years. 3.) I have the 0.5 Modified choke that some of You may still find around. less than 100rds. 4.) I have the 1.0 Full Choke that You can sometimes find. less than 100rds. 5.) I have the hard-to-find PARADOX S-12 Factory Izzy choke for 1oz slugs. Fired a few of these. Like 1 mag. (ouch.my shoulder!) 6.) I have the impossible to find. I'd bet a case of DogFishHead Ale(spendy) if You could find one, Factory Izhmash Barrel Extender. WTF is that You ask? Well. Some people like to SBS their barrel right? Some of the original S-12's came with a 330mm barrel. Around 13-14" like on the front forum page(my original dream gun). This brings your shotgun back to length for bird hunting, or for range to your weapon. Threads onto your threads, and has threads on its end for your added chokes/paradoxes/thread protectors. Options baby! Options! I have paperowrk for all chokes, and for the paradox. The barrel extender, and a few rare AK-102/104/105 tm manuals I got from a guy named urals who used to frequent here in about 2005. He is still a seller on ebay under that same name. He is saying He cannot get them anymore. So step up and get the only know s-12 Factory Izzy barrel extender, and rare chokes, and wrench now. I paid north of $400 for all. How does $250 shipped/insured strike You all? I know. I'm crazy. But So are You if You are a Saigaphiliac! I accept Paypal(add 3%), or USPS Money Orders. Sorry No persoanl checks. I am located in central Texas, and will UPS these to You immediately upon receipt of funds. If You would like other form of shipping. Cool beans! Let me know. Thanks Tim I will post these on theakforum.net as well. First I'll take it! gets it. SPF SPF SPF
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