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  1. I have a converted .308 that is unfired if your interested. It also comes with several of the factory magazines and bipod. I just lost interest after my AR10 purchase but would also be interested in trading for a Saiga 12 or .410........................................
  2. leo@VKA mentioned the .50 Beowolf and the .450- and it turns out Cabelas has assembled uppers free floated barrels and magazines for about $750.00 as well as the .204 which is my personal favorite. The .50 Beowolf kit is from Alexander arms and the .450 is from Bushmaster. The .204 is from DPMS and I am using the same basic configuration with a high rise upper. It consisantly shoots .5" groups and I hate to say it but I was in the middle of a Saiga .308 conversion when I first shot this and never touched the .308 again- it's still in the closet ready for the trigger to be installed. RSH
  3. "It sort of looks okay...a little "skimpy" I think." Yea- a little skimpy! Not really the look I am going for. I want an original thumbhole type synthetic stock. RSH
  4. I have an unconverted unfired .308 22" barrel with a tapco folding stock and a rockmount bipod. This gun has the original FCG removed and the receiver worked for a dual hook fcg. I have a brand new tapco g-2 FCG with the pins and springs. I will sell for $350 (not including shipping) or trade for ?????- I like ar-15 stuff/ammo .223/ .204/ 12 guage buck, shotguns, kayaks and canoes. This is in new "UNFIRED" condition from EEA arms purchased years ago and in storage. Let's deal!!!!!!!!! RSH
  5. My "crapco" piston was pushing a .25" out but it workes fine. Seems like a big window of tolerance even for a aresenal based weapon but like I said mine works. Let us know if it works. RSH
  6. Hey guys- what is a good case to take the rifle out state and is airline approved? Need a good one as I travel extinsively. Please post a part number if possible. RSH
  7. Nice! What did you use to bond the plastic?? a-b epoxy? Have to add a new spring? Those mags are so hard to come by I have been afraid to experiment even though I am sitting on 5 of them. RSH
  8. rscotth

    .308 Questions-

    The bipod mounted is a Rockmount which is a Harris knockoff. The Rockmount looks similar to the Harris at about half the price and so far I really like it. I can't seem to add a picture as i get the can't add dynamic photos or some other bs so here is a yahoo photos link. Everyone has a yahoo account- right? RSH http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/slowdriftn/d...scd.jpg&.src=ph]yahoo photos[/url]
  9. rscotth

    .308 Questions-

    Much like Tokageko stated- I have found the average .308 tends to shoot between 1.5"-2.0" high under 50 yards and about dead on @ around 200 yards. I have a Saiga .308 that I have totally lost interest in after my last AR build. I picked this up partially converted w/o a fcg and have since gathered a Crapco g2 for a conversion just pretty much to sell it. It has a fal grip on it and a bipod. I also have a psop6x scope that has never been mounted as well. The thing that really pushed me over the edge is the fact I bought some bulk .308 Indian ammo that I am afraid to shoot. just for reference a meter is 39" as opposed to the 36" in a yard. Have fun with dialing in your new Saiga and post your next range report. RSH
  10. Hey Bob! This stock is for a stamped receiver? The milled take a different stock..... anyway, you have a pm RSH
  11. Do you mean from Izhmash? Cool! RSH
  12. rscotth

    Indian .308?

    Anyone notice the crap ammo is coming from countries that the weather is hot and humidity is high?? coincidence?? Anyway I just bought some super incindiary Raufus ammo and supposed to burn at 5000 degrees on impact. Don't know why I bought it but sounds like some bad ass rounds.
  13. I am looking for the type from the Romanian AK. They just appeal to me for some reason. I may go with wood furniture for a change. Thanks. RSH
  14. I am looking for a black thubmbhole stock for my Saiga .308 but can't find such a beast anywhere. I can only find these for a milled receiver. Anyone know where I can aquire one? Thanks RSH
  15. rscotth

    Indian .308?

    Has anyone shot this "crap"? I have heard of this ammo literally blowing up but noone at the local rod and gun club knows much about his. I am sitting on several hundred rounds and not sure what to do with it. I have been really tempted to shoot this stuff. Anyone know the real story or is it an urban legand? RSH
  16. Awesome Veho! Nice post and just to report the Saiga is up and shooting. Veho hit the nail on the head as the cutouts were the culprit. Thanks! RSH
  17. That Brownells sounds like the way to go. What's the temp range of the BBQ paint? I have been using the engine enamel from any autoparts store for all types automotive products and the receiver of my .308 conversion. These are cheap spray cans but the paint is fuel/ oil resistant, looks good and rated for up to 500 degrees. The max temp may be too low for for a gas tube application. Just a thought. RSH
  18. Are you maybe talking about RSA and their adjustable FCG? http://www.redstararms.com/ RSH
  19. Wolverine- I would hate to see you go as you offer a lot of insight and experience to the forum and with being a contributor the site would be looser of that deal. I feel there are a few people who make this forum work as well as it does in the areas I haunt. I look forward to their posts and input. Wolverine is included in my list of a few good people who honestly help other members in this forum and also includes cobra 76 two as well as BattleRifle3G, smithmonsters, and IndyArms. Your input does not go unnoticed. RSH
  20. So you replaced the whole FCG? Did you come to a conclusion as FCG didn't operate correctly? Almost sounds like spring may be the culprit. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. RSH
  21. I would like to say I'm glad someone else has experienced this problem but the whole situation really sucks. There are too many mods to get the Tapco to work. Ya know with the spring hole and grinding the hammer. I have lost interest lately and haven't ordered the RedStar FCG yet. I feel that the adjustable RS will cure the problem as there really isn't much to the FCG as far as function. When I get back to this I will post the results or even e-mail you directly. I hope you will do the same. Good luck. RSH
  22. OH great! First the fcg problem and now I have 680 rounds of crap! Good thing my Saiga is a POS and won't fire! I bought this from northwest loading supply via gunbroker. RSH
  23. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the Indian and SouthAfrican ect. I have a bunch if fmj that says: OFV 98 7.62 M80 RSH
  24. Well the problem is definately in the FCG from Tapco. I am going to buy one of the Redstar adjustable FCG's and go from there. jtoddellis- I do appreciate the spring offer but I feel the problem is behind the whole FCG. I hope to be able to return the favor in the future. Will let everyone know what happans just as soon as I figure it out myself. RSH
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