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  1. anybody been reloading for thier 3" 410 guns? care to share recipes? anybody tried the surplus powder wc820 in the 3" 410 shells? any help is apprec.thanks
  2. ok guys its been awhile since i played with my saiga 410.i have 1 of the first ones too come into the country,its a 3" model with no gas adjustment.can i convert this gun to shoot the standard 2.5" shells?what would be envolved? will my gun in its original config shoot the steel case slugs and 00b loads from russia? thanks don
  3. i knew you would see it before i did lol!don
  4. if you buy surplus powder and bullets you can cut your cost way down.pats reloading and hi-tech ammo are 2 places too check for surplus.i have done buisness with both and they are great people.i am using wc-844 and wc-846 powder for my .223 and 308.this is the actual military powder used by the army.you can get 500 150gr 30cal bullets for $35.the powder runs about $100 for 8lbs.hope this helps don
  5. i am going too have it sent too otto so you will see it before i do probrably lol.thanks again don
  6. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=69103676 well?how did i do?honestly,i was a little hesitant because of the hesse conversion.i have heard horror stories about some of his work.but i thought i would chance it.oh thanks doc,i will let you know when it gets in.
  7. has anybody tried these in the 410 saiga? i have the older 3" gun,will these work in it? he advertises them too be 3" but so were the rio shells and they are short and wont work the gun.can i get a different mag too shoot the 2 3/4 shells?thanks for the help don
  8. mine are the ones made by rottweil.the first one fires but it doesnt have enough recoil too eject the shell and pick up the next 1.i have the older 3" saiga 410 with only a fixed gas port.these may work in the 2 1/2" guns.now i got 25 boxes of slugs too shoot out of my old mossberg bolt 410 lol.thanks don
  9. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=54777844 i recently bought 25 boxes of these from this guy.they are 3" 73mm 1/4 oz rottweil brenneke slugs made in germany.5 too a box for 2.50 plus $8 shipping no matter how many boxes you order.great deal! only problem is they dont cycle my 3" saiga 410.any suggestions?thanks don
  10. thanks indy! my gun doesnt match your directions exactly though. i only have 1 setting for the gas knob and my firing pin feels as if its spring loaded. also my piston is hollow on one side and solid on the other.i have had this 410 for about 6 or 7 years if that makes a difference.anyway i think i figured it out with help from your instructions.don
  11. I am looking for some instructions on how to tear down my .410 for a good cleaning. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Don
  12. title says it all.looking for the best price on a .308 saiga.thanks don
  13. i have 2 10rd mags for the saiga 410 for sale.i bought these from the guy in russia who sells off ebay.they havnt been used much maybe 25rds each if that.i am just leary of the laws and dont really need them.i will take $60 ea shipped inside cont usa.please email me with any questions or too let me know you want them.thanks don ddhotbot@hotmail.com both mags sold thanks don
  14. help me out here guys! i have been told it is illegal too have a 10rd mag on your 410.this makes it a semi auto assault weapon.i have no other mods done too the gun.is it illegal too use 10rd mags on my saiga 410?thanks
  15. brass plated steel case.if you look close at the box on your link its written on front of the box.hope this helps don
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