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  1. Saigas have been imported since 03 or so, about when I bought my first one. That's 10 years and no 308 bolts , so I'm losing hope. I'm just not sure I want to put any more money in to a gun that might not have a bolt group. On the other hand, I have an HK93 and a Virgin FMP 91 parts kit w/ FMP receiver build that I need to finish, that still need a couple of parts and my tig welder is acting up. So I'm not so sure about dumping more money in this Saiga if it's just gunna sit. gus7's situation is a little different.
  2. Maybe it's time I get rid of it then.
  3. Will a Saiga 7.62x39 bolt assembly fit and work? From what I understand, the 308 bolt has more locking lugs but was only added to meet U.S pressure standards or something. I just talked to a guy on AKFILES that used 74 bolt by opening the bolt face up some. I really don't want to do that even though he says it works good.. A 7.62 should be closer in specs and same bolt face dimensions. Thoughts?
  4. No doubt. If RWC doesn't ever get them like they said they would, it would nice if we could find someone to make a couple for us. The problem is that I traded my old Saiga 308 and don't have a bolt to take any where to get a price.
  5. You and me both, except I'm missing my whole bolt. RWC are the only ones that can get them. Email them and ask for one. If we can get enough requests, then they might do it. KVAR has in the past had factory 7.62x39 & 5.45, .223 bolts to sell , so the Russians will sell them. Here's the website...bugem, I've asked twice with the first responce being that they're getting some and the 2nd being they don't have any and don't know if they will get them. http://www.rwcgroupllc.com/
  6. I need an OD green butsttock with sling attachment. I can't find one any where. I need a Saiga .308 bolt head too. Thanks
  7. Just like the title says. I'm looking for a bolt head or bolt group for my Saiga 308. This is just to get me operational, not for extra parts. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks
  8. Well I talked with RWC again they still have no ETA on parts replacements. I'm losing my confidence at this point. I'm stuck like chuck because I have a barreled .308 receiver that I bought without a bolt group. I had been out of the Saiga game for a while was hoping it would be easier to find one. It's just collecting dust in my closet. I really wish I could find a bolt head. Sucks.
  9. I've been talking with RWC about parts replacements and he told me this is a top priority to them. I'll keep bugging him to stay on top of it. He claims this is something they've been working on for some time and told me to keep an eye on the site. There doesn't seem to be many updates on there though and I won't hold my breath. Who knows , maybe they'll come through now that IZHMASH seems to be rebounding some. New IZHMASH products. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2012/12/13/big-news-izhmash-announces-saiga-9-9mm-and-civilian-ak-107-with-balanced-recoil/
  10. HK for Heckler und Koch and a tribute to my Opa, Heinrich Kaltwasser.
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