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  1. I have one living very close to my house. I've been seeing it out in the soy bean field about 100yds from my house now for a couple of years. The deer are plentiful around my yard when the farmer alternates to soy beans. You don't see quite as many deer around when they're growing cotton. During the drought we had the other year, the only patch of green grass in the area was along the leach line of my septic system. I ended up with piles and piles of deer shit along that green stretch of grass. My dog also decided that those were tasty snacks, they looked a lot like her dog food.
  2. danklab

    Lone Star Arms V30 RH

    I want that
  3. Pretty cool... I actually just saw a friends post on FB about the comminuty just a few minutes ago and checked it out. Gave it a "like".
  4. danklab

    Chaos or Kvar??

    I had a Chaos extended... it was nice. But ultimately I ended up going with Kvar and wouldn't switch back at this point.
  5. That tannerite comment really clicked for me just now! I hadn't thought about that possiblility until you said it. I don't know the exact details of this story and just found out here that it was the GSG .22lr. I'm betting the details of the "explosives" will never be clarified, and that the kid had some damn tannerite containers sitting around. They will make it sound like he's been building bombs in his fucking dorm that could've leveled whole city blocks though.
  6. danklab

    Carrier Rails

    There's a drop test you can do to see how slick your action is. With the bolt in the carrier installed and just the recoil spring removed, rest the gun straight up on the buttstock. Pull the carrier back, just out of battery so it's not locked up. Let it go and if it slides down past your hammer then you're as smooth as it can get without taking off too much material somewhere. Can't remember where I saw that... there's a video somewhere though.
  7. danklab


    Welcome. I don't run a magwell, but IIRC you remove material from the sides and the front lug. You'll need to keep the rear lug b/c your mag latch will still need to function normally. You're just removing the need to set the front lug and rock the mag into place.
  8. danklab


    Bad batch, noooooo! Kevin, or whatever the douche nozzle that owns the company name is, told me so himself. Tried to bullshit me and say they were superior in their coatin (ahhh, they're coated in rust) than stainless springs. He said all they needed was a bit of lube. I had purchased 12 mags, ten of which exhibited rust. I was nice and curtious when i called and expressed my concern. Instead of owning up to it, he tried to bullshit me and claim nothing was wrong. Other folks got a different story and had theirs replaced, before and after I called. Not me. I was told the only way I could get a refund on the springs was if they broke. Well, four years later, guess what...they're beginning to break. Shocking, I know. Guess what else, I'll buy SGM springs to replace them with. Fuck him and his products. Yeah man. That's where I'm at with it. I'd rather spend $12 on a SGM rebuild kit if I can find one, and support them instead. I have no use for a company that won't own up to it's mistakes 100%. I mean damn... it's pretty much exploiting something they fucked up in order to make more money cause their customer's shit is rusting and breaking. Springs went out bad, and to charge people to replace a manufacturor's defect is pure crap. If I'm going to invest $30 or more in a single mag... it better not have any faulty components. I was also noticing that R&R Targets had some mag springs listed on their website the other day as well. They appear to be in stock... so that might be my solution.
  9. danklab

    Some luck with Autoplug but stock plug worked better

    Not trying to hijack this thread. I'm considering swithing to the autoplug for my s-12. I was just wondering how often you guys who were running them had to break them down and clean them.. or if this wasn't a concern. Basically just wanted to know what kind of maintenence schedule you're looking at if you're running one.
  10. Yeah.. too little too late. Shit... 100k is a drop in the bucket to all the profit they've made fucking the shit out of people and price gouging.
  11. danklab

    AK peace art exhibition London

    I'd like one with just furniture covered in dollar bills, then laquored over.
  12. danklab

    magazine question

    I've got 4 of those from back when I got my first AK. To my recollection I've never had a failure from any of them, and they seemed to feed fine. They aren't the sturdiest mags in the world, and they have a bit of flex to them. But as far as a range mag, you should be ok... Just wouldn't stake my life on a thermold. However... I would say the price point would influence my decision to purchase. I wouldn't spend over $20 on them even right now, but I'm also no in the market for mags. I might go with Bulgies over the thermolds or get a couple of each if you really need mags. It is kinda cool to have a stick mag that holds 48 rounds though, which was the selling point for me when I got mine. The Bulgarian mags you're looking at have steel reinforcement in the feed lips only. Your front and rear locking lugs are still only plastic, and have a greater chance of breaking and failing. K-var was selling a new batch of freshly imported Bulgy slabsides a few months back that had metal lining through the feed lips and front and back lugs... still not as thoroughly lined as Circle 10's... which goes all the way around and down the front and back spines as well... if i'm not mistaken. I'd say if you have no mags go ahead and get a couple just to have some and save up some cash for when some steel surplus or Circle 10's, or even US Palms come back around... they should eventually. Then pick up as many of those as you can.
  13. danklab


    I was on board with AGP until I recently discovered that a couple of my mags were from the bad batch back in 08 or 09 and the springs were completely rusted (not broken to pieces yet). All I got when I emailed them was an offer to sell me springs for $5 /ea. 3 bucks off and I figure I'll still have to pay to ship them. I'll be buying SGM springs to put in those at this point.
  14. danklab

    tac 47 auto plug

    I've been wanting a damn autoplug for such a long time. I'm thinking I might go ahead and get one now, since I can't find ammo/mags.