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  1. My Lt caught sight of mine and said "jesus that thing is a massacre maker"
  2. Yes, you CAN if you have a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. It's a WEAPONS permit, not a HANDGUN permit like some states have. Darn right, also in AZ can conceal "any legal weapon"
  3. I am gearing up to do some reloading of buck and slugs for my Saiga, I am thinking about the Lyman 525 sabot mold, is this the one that you used?
  4. Good going with that Saiga. Know that mine is hell on dove and pigeons here in AZ.
  5. Molefortress

    S06 OAL

    Anyone know the OAL of an S06 with the limbsaver and a sharkbreak installed? Just trying to make up my mind on barrel lengths etc. Has anyone had experience with the 16.5 in barrel and reliability? On the Tromix site, Tony says "Some 16.5" guns my not cycle light target ammunition." Anyone know what he defines as light target? 2 3/4 dram or lighter? Thanks for the help Chris
  6. Thats right it was VA! Glad to see that someone else was able to share in the great find. I was thinking about having Tony work his magic on this one when he gets the time. I would like to see it set up like the IPSC gun on his page.
  7. Thanks, I was not aware there was such a market for the 12C. I had been considering making modifications to it to make it a little more user friendly. Would these mods decrease the collector value? I do not remember the name of the person that had it, but it was a private sale. He lived in KY or VA I think. I am not sure. This was the last one he had and just wanted to get rid of it. I think I remember him stating that he bought several of them from a dealer that was going under, and he was just interested in unloading them. Chris
  8. Am I reading this correctly? 1500-2500 for a 12C? I think that mine is all original. Bought it a few years ago for 450. Barrel is 19in and it came with one five round mag cleaing kit manual etc... Here are a few pics
  9. Here are some pics of the one that I have. It is a 19in 12C imported in 99 from Kalashnikov USA.
  10. Sorry I don't mean to be nosey, but what would a 12C go for? Reason I ask is that I have been thinking about selling mine for a while. I want to get a conversion that can be used for three gun, and as a good solid duty shotgun.
  11. Was the $900 12c online? I'm about to cut one down to SBS. ...sounds like the perfect candidate. Did you know that the 12c is set up not to fire with the stock folded. I'm sure it could be disabled though. I may have a different one, but my 12C fires just fine with the stock folded. If I remember there was a model made for Russian domestic consumers that had this function in it, I think it was called the 12K.
  12. You might want to look at this man's work. I have shot several of his rifles and own three .223 cal ARs that he has built from the ground up. Two of them are national match service rifles and the other is a custom 16in tactical rifle that he also built using a pre-ban bushmaster XM15E2 lower. I have also recently had him start on a brand new upper for my registered machinegun. I use these rifles in matches and also for work. They must be absolutely reliable and dead accurate. In my mind there is no other person that I would look to for an AR build then Phil Arrington. Here is a link to his website and a phone number. He will talk to you about your rifle and help you to build your perfect rifle. http://arringtonaccuracy.com/ 623-582-5066
  13. I got my 12C out of the classified ads on this forum.
  14. What exactly will these magwells do for a Saiga 12? Will I be able to use the new AGP mags with it and how hard will they be to install?
  15. I agree with Cobra, if the sight is secure to the mount and you place the rail back in the same place, there should be almost no change in the point of impact. BTW what stock and cheek pad are you using on your S12? I have a 12C and would like to change the folding stock to the longer Tromix or Ace stock.
  16. I went to the range today and fired rounds from all four mags. I have two that worked great, and two that had some feeding problems on the first two rounds. I took some of Cobra's words of wisdom and applied it to one of the mags that I was having trouble with last night. After taking the mag apart and using a #2 pencil to color the surfaces of the mag that made contact with the follower, this mag worked fine at the range. I must say that I am partly relieved that these mags seem to work, but I hope that the new followers will fix the rest of the feeding problems. On a side note, I am a firearms instructor for a security firm, and I had a class out on the range today with a guest instructor from Nevada. Most of the students had never seen a Saiga 12C or seen what 10rnds of 2 3/4 in #6 can do to a target standing at 15 yards. I cut the entire target and the stand in half with just 10rnds in about 5-6 seconds. Needless to say the students were motivated and the guest instructor was laughing and asking to try it out.
  17. I am having some problems with the new APG mags. The first two-three rounds do not want to feed. The rounds do not seem to be getting all the way up out of feed lips and into the chamber. Consequently, the bolt will slam them into the bottom of the chamber. I can pull back on the bolt handle and this will allow the round to pop up into position, I then have to slap the bolt handle home to get the round in the chamber. As the bolt rides over the top of the mag it seems to slow down, has anyone else had these problems? Thanks
  18. I would think that the ventilation in the handguards would assist the barrel in cooling down. The heat waves that people have seen in rifles with these types of handguards would most likely not be an issue to a shotgun. The heat waves might distort vision if there is no air movement to shift the rising heat away from the sight plane. In my opinion these waves would be most troublesome when using a telescopic sight of some kind. The magnificaion would cause the waves to be more noticable. I would not think that high powered optics would have much of a place on a shotgun. So I would say I am in favor of ventilated handguards.
  19. Hey I live like 10 min away from you guys! Would it be possible to order and have someone from the company call me when they are ready? This way I could save you some time, and me some money on the shipping. Also, do you think that the mags will be ready before the Mystery Mountain 3 Gun match? Thanks for all the great work. Chris
  20. Sorry, did not mean to offend with my "baitless lure." I was thinking that I would let it go for about 1500. I might be a little off on this price, but they have been listed for more than this.
  21. I have an original Saiga 12C with all Russian parts. Just trying to see if there are people that are interested in these.
  22. Thanks for the help on this one. Don't think that I will be selling my 12C, but I am interested in having it converted to an SBS by Tony.
  23. How can you tell if your shotgun is a "real" 12 C? Mine is marked in this manner. On the right of the reciever SAIGA-12-C KALASHNIKOV-USA Pt St. Lucie, FL. USA On the left of the reciever FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY (Russian word for SAIGA)-12C Further down the reciever is stamped MADE IN RUSSIA BY IZHMASH There are some symbols stamped into the reciever and the number 99 Is this a "true" SAIGA 12C? If so is it really worth $1,200? Thanks for the help
  24. The man you need to speak to is Tony Rumore. He's made several SBS S12's. A full auto one as well. He is an S12 god. Here check it out: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=7614&hl= <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for the information. I think I just might give this fellow I call.
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